DKC – Chapter 888

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Chapter 888 – Cooking Su Luo in Warm Water (4)

She deliberately made a tiny sound just to tell Fairy Yan Xia that this young woman, I, was handling matters according to your commands.


After Su Luo arranged the medicine chest back to its original position, the corner of her mouth hooked into a self-satisfied smile.

Because her hand was pressing down on the medicine chest, in the next second, the entire medicine chest entered into Su Luo’s space.

The place where it had been was completely empty, with nothing there at all.

Right now, Su Luo, who had completed her mission and reaped an unexpected bonus, her mood was really good. She cast a glance at Fairy Yan Xia who was lying on the soft couch with eyes closed as if fast asleep. Afterwards, she turned around and left.

When she passed by in front of Fairy Yan Xia, Su Luo’s heart rose up to her throat.

If at this time, Fairy Yan Xia opened her eyes, she would definitely be able to see Su Luo head-on.

At this time, she could not panic, nor get anxious.

Su Luo kept her heartbeat at a normal level, her footsteps also maintaining the previous standard. Step by step, she walked towards the door.

Such a short distance. Walking it, Su Luo’s brow was beaded with sweat. It was very hair-raising to her.

However, up until Su Luo went out through the resting residence’s doorway, Fairy Yan Xia still did not open her eyes.

It was truly a great fortune in the midst of misfortune.

Until she left the resting residence and stood outside the door, only then did Su Luo slowly breathe out in relief.

Only after she came out, did a touch of lingering fear slowly appear inside Su Luo’s heart.

Her actions just now was like snatching food from a tiger mouth. It was extremely dangerous.

However, luckily, the mission was completed and got an unexpected bonus.

Su Luo’s mood became really good.

However, when she touched her own face, her mood immediately fell back down again.

Right now, who knows what thing was painted on her face. It was just like a black mud facial mask. If she could wash it off like a facial mask, it would be good, if she couldn’t wash it off…

Su Luo gloomily patted her head, deciding to leave this place first, then deal with it.

This place outside of the resting residence was very big.

Because Su Luo didn’t have the map for this place, so she could only depend on her own pair of legs.

She went all around the entire the palace, up and down, inside and out. East, west, south and north, she’d already searched in all four directions. However, what made her collapse was that there wasn’t even a way out.

This Qin Palace seemed to have been constructed in the shape of a sphere.

Standing in the courtyard, Su Luo was able to see the fishes, shrimps and other sea creatures swimming past and frolicking outside in the ocean. However, her extended hand could not reach outside.

There seemed to be a kind of invisible force in all directions that separated the lake water, to the extent that she could see but couldn’t go out.

What to do?

Watching the fishes and shrimps swimming freely past her eyes, Su Luo’s heart was somewhat fretful.

Before her eyes was the place of the sturdy boundary. What should she do to open it?

Don’t know if using spirit force would work.

Su Luo considered it carefully for a long time. She still decided to use spirit force to give it a try.

One could only see Su Luo with both eyes tightly closed, her hand turning over in a complicated manner, producing complex hand seals one after another. Finally, the hand seals converged into a ball of light, in a flash, it attacked toward the front–

The ball of light immediately charged towards the sturdy boundary!

Su Luo’s eyes revealed a smiling expression, however, in the next moment, she was unable to smile!

Su Luo never expected that that ball of light would actually bounce back!

That ball of light smashed against the sturdy boundary, and just like a tennis ball, bounced back from hitting the net. It actually bounced back in a straight line!

She had never heard that a ball of light that was smashed out would bounce back!

Su Luo’s complexion immediately changed fast, she subconsciously dodged it.

“Boom–” A loud sound rang out. The ball of light smashed directly towards the floor and let out a violent bursting sound of explosion.

Su Luo secretly said in her heart: Oh no…

In this quiet dead of the night, such a loud and clear sound, how could it not startle people?

Su Luo turned in the opposite direction, how would she dare to still delay. Immediately, she turned around to run.

In the distance, she saw Fairy Yan Xia’s room door open, her shadowy figure coming out in a flash.

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