DKC – Chapter 885

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Chapter 885 – Cooking Su Luo in warm water (1)

This was the time when humans were most fatigued. So, Su Luo walked the entire journey without any obstruction, and didn’t see a single person’s shadow.

All of a sudden, on this very long corridor, a person’s shadow headed directly towards Su Luo——

Front, back, left, and right were all walls, Su Luo couldn’t avoid nor hide!

Su Luo, in a flash, pressed against the wall. With the help of the light and shadows, she hid her own figure.

She lowered the feeling of her presence to the lowest.

Su Luo, through the dim light, her eyes narrowed into a line, and watched that graceful, slim figure slowly approach.

In the palace under the lake, the people Su Luo recognized wasn’t many. When all was said and done, it was only Fairy Yan Xia and Li Yaoyao who were the two people she knew.

But the person in front of her, Su Luo had the karma to have seen once before.

This person wasn’t a stranger, it was the maid that followed along the old witch into the stone prison from before.

This maid’s cultivation clearly wasn’t very high, therefore, only when she was very close did she sense something was different.

However, no sooner said than done.

Su Luo had already condensed out the Great Dimensional Imprint above this miss’s head.

Just when she opened both eyes wide in surprise, the light in Su Luo’s eyes flashed, and the Great Dimensional Imprint immediately smashed down!

A soft hitting noise.

This gorgeous maid’s head was momentarily smashed dizzy, both eyes forming the shape of a hypnotic spiral. Afterwards, her body slowly started to fall down….

If she fell to the ground, certainly, the sound of hitting the ground would be produced.

Therefore, without waiting for her to fall to the ground, Su Luo’s long arm had reached out and was already supporting her soft figure.

However, just at this moment, an icily cold dagger suddenly stabbed towards Su Luo’s chest!

This maid was actually not smashed dizzy!

Because she wanted to assassinate Su Luo, so she didn’t scream out loud!

Now, the two people were very close together, Su Luo’s right hand was supporting her, as a result, she exposed the position of her chest.

The dagger was like an ice-cold fierce viper, directly stabbing towards Su Luo’s heart!

This dagger was elite and accurate, not a bit sloppy, was an absolute consummated skill of this maid that would kill!

Such a close distance, on top of that, she was completely unguarded. Practically the majority of the people wouldn’t be able to escape this assassination!


Just when the maid’s dagger was about a finger’s width from Su Luo’s heart——

That dagger was halted momentarily, just fixed in place like that in the air.

The maid didn’t believe it, abruptly, she increased her power again. However, that dagger still didn’t move the slightest bit!

In the end, what was the matter?

Could there still be a ghost?

Just when the maid was puzzled, a dagger appeared from Su Luo’s sleeves. Quick and accurately cutting towards the maid’s throat.

Originally, Su Luo was also more restrained.

This flower-like young girl, she had no intention to kill.

However, since she made the move that was very fierce and ruthless, then don’t blame Su Luo for being impolite.

A line of blood burst out.

This maid’s pair of eyes was opened wide until they were perfectly round. Her heart was unwilling as she stared at Su Luo——

She mounted a sneak attack on someone else, but was killed by the opponent?

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a taunting, cold smile: “You had greatly overestimated yourself.”

If this maid had shouted loudly immediately after it happened, and not showed off to come and assassinate Su Luo, then Su Luo would have been inconvenienced.

The maid slowly closed her eyes…

Su Luo shook her head.

Due to her instincts as an assassin, she instinctively resisted the nearness of a stranger. Therefore, she was already guarded against this maid.

So, she had already covered her body with Nothingness of Space as defense since earlier.

After placing the maid’s body in a shadowy corner, then, she carefully thought some more.

This was the old witch’s personally maid, a moment ago, she was holding a cup of liquid soup.

Seeing that tray made of redwood that was placed on the ground, Su Luo urgently communicated with the little divine dragon again. Very quickly, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up into an enigmatic smile.

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  1. Hime-sama says:

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