DKC – Chapter 879

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Chapter 879 – Fairy Yan Xia (11)

Fairy Yan Xia gracefully and unhurriedly sat down. Her face remained indifferent, but the expression in her eyes when looking at Su Luo was very complicated.

Seeing Su Luo ask, she did not hide anything.

“This medicinal juice is capable of restoring your true features.” When Fairy Yan Xia said this sentence, her eyes were unblinkingly staring at Su Luo, afraid of missing any information that flitted by her face.

However, she was disappointed. Other than shock, there was nothing else on Su Luo’s face.

Additionally, that shock didn’t seem to be pretense.

“True features? Could it be that this face of mine now is not my original face?” Su Luo’s heart was extremely shocked.

Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes turned slightly chilly and subconsciously shot a glance at Li Yaoyao.

If it was not for Li Yaoyao endlessly inciting disharmony by her ear, saying how, at that time, Rong Yun had planned to make her stand out while secretly protecting Su Luo, and in the end, he even accepted Su Luo as a disciple.

Li Yaoyao said that Su Luo was exchanged sixteen years ago and was raised in Su Manor. Nobody knew her antecedents.

And just by chance, sixteen years ago, that woman had given birth to a female infant. And at that time, the female infant’s death was too tragic of a sight. And Rong Yun had personally buried her.

After Li Yaoyao’s continuous instigation, Fairy Yan Xia gradually also started to believe it.

As a result, with her jealous heart and having been deceived, she directly went to find Su Luo.

Li Yaoyao coldly smiled: “Su Luo, you came from a great origin, hasn’t this face hid you? Therefore, you should first show your true face!”

Su Luo ignored her, rather, she turned her head towards Fairy Yan Xia: “Predecessor, if there is someone deliberately provoking you, intentionally conning you into obtaining your assistance in avenging their own private wrongs?”

Su Luo stared fixedly at her and again said: “Predecessor you are a smart person, if you ruined this face of mine, it is to publicly break off relationship with my master. Have you thought it through clearly?”

Mentioning Grandmaster Rong Yun, Fairy Yan Xia’s complexion paused slightly, in her fluid glance, it was full of being at a loss.

Li Yaoyao suddenly felt this wasn’t good, as a result, she quickly added oil and more details: “Master, Su Luo truly is the person you are looking for! On that day, in order to protect her, Grandmaster Rong Yun had sent this disciple to you. Could it be that you had forgotten the scene on that day? You had wanted to exchange me with Su Luo, but was Grandmaster Rong Yun willing?”

Fairy Yan Xia suddenly recalled the matter on that day.

On that day, she spoke without thinking and suggested this proposal. But at that time… at that time, Grandmaster Rong Yun had told her to not make trouble.

Fairy Yan Xia’s hands were clenched tightly into fists!

Just because of his words, she thought of their mutual affection from before. Her heart softened and did not continue to be stubborn. Nowadays, thinking more carefully about it… based on his impression of her, how could he have been so gentle?

Thinking up to now, Fairy Yan Xia’s sharp, sword-like eyes burst out with cold light, and in an instant, shot towards Su Luo.

That pair of eyes was like ice blades, malevolent and terrifying.

“Smear it! Immediately have it smeared on for me!” Fairy Yan Xia, in a furious tone, roared.

She wanted to see if the alter-the-appearance-to-change-the-reflection technique was used on this girl’s face .

Su Luo, seeing Fairy Yan Xia explode in fury, knew that she had already made the decision in her heart. Even if she were to say more, it would be useless.

Thinking of this, her faint gaze floated onto Li Yaoyao’s body and sighed: “You are truly completely unscrupulous ah, even dispatching you to here, you still won’t stop.”

Li Yaoyao coldly smiled, lowered her voice and whispered into Su Luo’s ear: “The accumulated pain that you had inflicted on my body, I will, brush by brush, return it all back to you! Now, this is only the interest.”

“Even if something truly happened to me, Nangong would still not want you.” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth held a sneer.

In fact, she had harbored suspicions about it in her own heart before.

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