DKC – Chapter 877

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Chapter 877 – Fairy Yan Xia (9)

If she did not guess wrong, then the person coming ought to be——

Brightly-colored phoenix-with-fluttering-butterfly design moccasin, step by step, walked down the stairs.

As expected, it was her.

This time, Fairy Yan Xia did not show up alone. At her side, her personal maid that attended to her also followed.

This maid’s appearance was delicate and not lacking much when compared to Li Yaoyao.

If she was placed in the world outside, this lady’s name would spread far and wide. However, she was only a minor maid at Fairy Yan Xia’s side here.

When she saw that this maid was holding something in her hand, Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

It was a small dish made of White Jade.

The small dish was filled to the brim with a black, ink-like liquid substance.

Standing from far away, she was able to smell a strange scent.

Su Luo really disliked this kind of smell.

Seeing Fairy Yan Xia, Li Yaoyao’s eyes turned, and suddenly, a calculating plan appeared from her heart.

She did not get up and moved towards Fairy Yan Xia while kneeling.

“Master, save me, Su Luo nearly beat your disciple to death!” Li Yaoyao’s eyes wept and sobbed. She cried like raindrops on a pear blossom, so lovely and pitiful.

Adding to that the clothes on her body, and also her face that had been knocked purple and swollen unevenly… simply too pitiful.

If a guy saw it, he would surely rush up in fury to protect the young beauty.

Fairy Yan Xia looked indifferently at Li Yaoyao and frowned: “What happened?”

Master, she wanted to kill this disciple…” Li Yaoyao’s tears fell like a flood, weeping practically beside herself.

This kind of her was truly too lovely and pitiful, inciting others’ tender affections.

“You are saying that she wants to kill you?” Fairy Yan Xia’s tone was indifferent as she said, unable to determine her mood.

Li Yaoyao thought that she succeeded and immediately, her acting was full of even more zeal.

“Master, the injury on this disciple’s face was made by hits from her!” Li Yaoyao lifted the hand covering the injury on her face and pointed to it for Fairy Yan Xia to see.

Sure enough, Fairy Yan Xia’s complexion gradually sunk down.

“The injury on your face was made by hits from that girl?” Fairy Yan Xia asked clearly, word by word.

“Yes, absolutely true, I ask Master to call the shots for this disciple!” Li Yaoyao beseeched while weeping. However, she still did not forget to use the corner of her eyes to sweep Su Luo a pleased-with-herself glance.

She wanted Su Luo to know that she did not need any sympathy.

Fairy Yan Xia treated her very well, better than anyone else.

As if, only this way, she was able to satisfy her vanity.

Just when she was secretly pleased, a clear, crisp slapping sound could be heard——


A heavy palm fiercely slapped onto Li Yaoyao’s face, immediately slapping Li Yaoyao stupid.

“Master?!” Li Yaoyao covered her red and swollen cheek that was slapped, lifting her eyes in disbelief, staring at Fairy Yan Xia!

Master not only didn’t help call the shots for her, she actually hit her with – a – slap!

Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes were filled with a sinister cold light. Not only didn’t she exercised restraint, instead, she directly kicked towards Li Yaoyao’s chest!

How great was Fairy Yan Xia’s strength?

This kick of hers, how could Li Yaoyao possibly bear it?

One could only hear a violent striking sound echo.

It seemed as if Li Yaoyao’s entire person was nearly hung from the iron cage, afterwards, she slid to the floor, following down the bars of the iron cage.

“Cough cough cough——” Li Yaoyao covered her chest and continuously coughed violently.

Fresh blood flowed down along the corner of her mouth.

It seemed really too shocking of a sight.

However, Fairy Yan Xia’s anger was still unresolved. She pointed at Li Yaoyao’s head and cursed, roaring in a furious tone: “Slut! You are a sixth rank and was no match for her a fifth rank, and you still have the face to complain? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? How could I, Yan Xia’s, disciple lose to Rong Yun’s? You idiot, moron!!!”

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