DKC – Chapter 875

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Chapter 875 – Fairy Yan Xia (7)

One could only see that Acacia Tree’s vine, with ‘swish’ sounds, coil around Li Yaoyao’s delicate body, encircling her and wrapping around her slender waist, and immediately after, it pulled!

As a result, the immortal-like Jade Lake’s fairy was immediately flung away like a kite in the sky. With a ‘swishing’ sound, she was flung to knock directly onto the iron cage Su Luo was in.

Li Yaoyao could be considered to have some brains left.

She returned to her senses when she was being dragged and protected her head. Thus, when she knocked against the iron cage, her skull was not smashed into pieces.

“Su Luo, what the hell are you doing!” Li Yaoyao shouted angrily!

Having remembered that time in the Demon Cave, when Su Luo still did not have a plant-type pet, this point, Li Yaoyao was certain of.

If she had a plant type pet at that time, Su Luo wouldn’t have been messed with by her until she cut such a sorry figure.

However, how long had it been, and she now had such an awesome plant type pet!

This was simply too… too excessive!

Su Luo smiled faintly: “Li Yaoyao, you want to deal with me? First, deal with my spirit pet, then we can talk.”

Not to mention, Su Luo’s spirit pets weren’t only this Variant Acacia Tree. She still had the little divine dragon, this trump card, that hadn’t come out.

As a result, when Li Yaoyao had to deal with Su Luo, she was only qualified to be bullied.

“Su Luo, I will kill you!!!”

At this moment, the cyan-colored vine had just hoisted Li Yaoyao up and used another cyan-colored vine to whip Li Yaoyao’s butt. That appearance was extremely comical.

Li Yaoyao felt that she was unprecedentedly being humiliated, as a result, she shouted at Su Luo!

“Want to kill me? Then come. Come kill me.” Su Luo was all smiles as she said to Li Yaoyao.

These words of hers were copying what Li Yaoyao had said before.

Li Yaoyao nearly vomited out a mouthful of blood from being infuriated by Su Luo, and she bellowed: “It’s only because you are lucky to collect such a good spirit pet. Based on real skills, based on fighting one on one, you are simply not my opponent!”

Li Yaoyao was trying to use psychology.

Unfortunately, this method might be useful against others, but with regards to Su Luo, it was completely useless.

Su Luo smiled indifferently: “Fight one on one with you? Li Yaoyao, do you think I’m stupid? I have spirit pets, why should I set it aside and not use it? Then for me to run over and fight you? You may be an idiot, but don’t grab me to become an idiot like you.”

“You!!!” Li Yaoyao was infuriated until she nearly vomited blood.

“You, what you. First, go beat my Variant Acacia Tree and then we can talk, why are you blindly yelling?” Su Luo rolled her eyes in annoyance at Li Yaoyao.

“Su Luo!!!” Li Yaoyao was about to go mad from rage.

However, Su Luo only smiled shallowly: “Li Yaoyao, just based on your ability and you dare strut around in front of me?”

The Acacia Tree hadn’t had an opportunity to show off for a long time, now, it had a rare chance to help share Master’s difficulties and worries. As a result, it performed very proactively.

Completely without Su Luo having to command it. It had completed all its actions by itself.

It swung the cyan-colored vine and dragged Li Yaoyao to swing her in mid-air.

One moment to the east, and another moment to the west, one moment knocking her against the wall, another time knocking her against the iron cage. It played with her without restraint until it was beside itself with joy.

Su Luo nearly wiped away some sweat.

“Su Luo, quickly let me down! Let me down!” The originally pure, cold and arrogant Li Yaoyao, now, was shaking her tail and begging for mercy from Su Luo.

“Now you are willing to say it?” Su Luo had her arms crossed and she unhurriedly shot her a glance.

At this moment, Su Luo, who was locked inside the iron cage with stained clothing, was unbridled and confidently at ease, as she steadily gained the upper hand.

The exquisite and gorgeously-dressed Li Yaoyao was toyed with until she was battered and exhausted. So weary that it was hard for her to cope…

It was completely the opposite to the situation from a while ago…

“Ah! Quickly let me down! Let me down quickly!” Another ‘bang’ sound echoed. Li Yaoyao was harshly thrown to the wall.

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  1. admiralen says:

    Im so tired of them always letting the bloodenemies that almost killed them time and time again get away..
    Getting serious red river flashbacks with that queen trying to kill her several dozens of times, literally skin her servant, cause her to be kidnapped several times and cause her to get a misscarriage

    • T says:

      I know right, enemies that don’t die keep on coming back like peaches 😥
      Red river was awesome but the deaths of the brothers 😢and miscarriage 😭 was from the pesky Empress keeps the story moving like Li Yaoyao😐
      Thx for the chapters 😁😸

      • admiralen says:

        The best part of Red River was the ending when their punishment of the queen was “you can leave our country UNHARMED! go back to being a princess of babylonia and live the rest of your life happily in luxury!”
        Bet her skinned servant and unborn child or the untold ridiculous numbers of people who died because of her feel really good that she got away with it

        • June says:

          I have the manga….it was very well woven into the real history. Sometimes evil don’t get punished in real life… that’s why I liked it so much….it has the happy ending (sort of) without making it seem like a fairy tale ending…

    • June says:

      I think like in red river the author need an enemy to extend the plot… also Su Luo isn’t powerful enough to take on the Jade Lake’s Li family right now…killing Li Yaoyao now would mean early death for her

      • Yuki says:

        Plus if she kills Yaoyao, who knows what that crazy Fairy woman would do. She may not like her disciple but pride, man… killing her disciple in her own home is not the way to go.

        • Dd says:

          Oh fck off, if weren’t for the author making the plot like that, su luo already died multiple times earlier so don’t pull that crazy flower bitch fairy here.

  2. Sued says:

    Does this novel have tentacles tag?

  3. LK says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Yzrahc (ง︡'-'︠)ง says:

    ^(#`∀´)_Ψ can she just kill her and be done with it. After which clean the evidence. Nevermind her master as she doesn’t truly accept LYy as a disciple. xD

    Thanks for the chapters ~(m~ー~)m

  5. Hime-sama says:

    Boss Su Luo!! 😂😂
    Wipes the floor with her captor even while being a prisoner in a cage!! 😂😂😂😂

  6. Gilson says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

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