DKC – Chapter 839

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Chapter 839 – Diamond Ape King (5)

If only time could flow backwards, how great would it be.

If there was medicine to cure regret in this world, Luo Dieyi really wanted to buy half a kilogram!

She opened her mouth like this, momentarily attracting the Diamond Ape King’s attention.

Before, it was Luo Dieyi’s voice that had woken up the Diamond Ape King from its sleep.

Therefore, the Diamond Ape King remembered this voice very well.

Immediately, its cold and detached gaze shot towards Luo Dieyi!

“Ahhh!!!!” Having received the ruthless and vengeful stare from the Diamond Ape King, Luo Dieyi’s entire body didn’t feel good! She covered her head, her entire body thrusting about like a madman as she loudly shouted!

“Thump, thump, thump——“ Diamond Ape King took a stride marching its enormous body towards Luo Dieyi.

Its pair of thick legs wasn’t fast, but every step it took made a violent hitting sound.

Every step ruthlessly lashed into the deepest part of everyone’s hearts.

Ba-thump, ba-thump——

Everyone could hear their own heart beating violently.

Even Su Luo and Zi Yan were no exception.

At this moment, Su Luo and Zi Yan both stood, pressed to the wall. They held their breaths with rapt attention, their hearts pounding violently.

The Diamond Ape King walked towards Luo Dieyi step by step, actually exposing an opening to the inside of the cave.

The path behind had been sealed, they only had one way, and that was to go forward.

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a look, and uniformly, they secretly nodded their heads towards each other.

And now, along with the Diamond Ape King drawing near, Luo Dieyi was so scared that her face was drained of all color, her whole body trembling.

She could feel the Diamond Ape King’s murderous aura.

“Diamond Ape King’s anger is strongest when he wakes up, Luo Dieyi is finished.” Zi Yan’s tone was like a faint thread, in a very low voice, she said, “Once the Diamond Ape King’s vicious temperament is stirred up, all the people present here would die…”

Su Luo: “….”

Just when the Diamond Ape King was about three meter’s distance away from Luo Dieyi….

Something unexpected suddenly happened at this moment!

One could only see Luo Haochen reach out his hand in a strange manner, and with one move, he pulled the family’s bodyguard that was behind him and fiercely tossed him towards the Diamond Ape King.

The Diamond Ape King became enraged!

Its hand rose and tore the so-called expert into shreds, immediately, his internal organs were dropped on the floor, drenching the ground with blood.

And this action further aroused the Diamond Ape King’s murderous instincts!

Su Luo and Zi Yan glanced at each other, the two people’s figure were like electricity as they shot towards the only cave exit.

And when Luo Haochen tossed the person towards the Diamond Ape King, he had already pulled Luo Dieyi away earlier. The pair of figures, at the same time and with very quick speed, rushed towards that cave opening.

Run, run, run!

Four people ran forward at full speed.

Those Luo family’s bodyguards weren’t stupid either, once they saw that the situation wasn’t good, they also ran headlong towards that pitch-black cave entrance.

No matter what kind of path lay ahead, first run away, then see!

In a split second, the Diamond Ape King realized that everyone had run away until the place was empty.

A bloodthirsty cold expression flashed through its eyes.

Stupid human race!

Dared to wake it up!

And still dared to run!

Turning around, the Diamond Ape King’s enormous body also moved towards the only cave mouth to give chase!

“Boom boom boom—— “

Every step of the Diamond Ape King was very heavy, nearly forcing the ground to collapse.

It roared angrily, the sound of its footsteps was deafening, like a tsunami containing endless power!

Although its body was heavy, it wasn’t slow. It was faster than Su Luo and the others.

“Boom boom boom——“

The sound of the footsteps was getting closer and closer.

Su Luo and Zi Yan kept looking back while running, and watched that Diamond Ape King pursue closely, not letting go, and getting closer and closer.

Both of their faces changed on the spot.

They ran with flying speed, steadily running ahead of Luo Haochen.

Even though they ran ahead of Luo Haochen and the others, Su Luo also didn’t have much sense of security. Because——

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