DKC – Chapter 828

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Chapter 828 – Variant Red Acacia Tree (4)

A resentful expression flashed across Luo Dieyi’s face, and her finger furiously pointed at Zi Yan: “Zi Yan! It turned out to be you!”

“Your memory is not bad, looks like you still haven’t forgotten me oh.” Zi Yan, laughing happily, said, “What, now are you here to fight with me over territory?”

Luo Dieyi’s eyes narrowed, and gave a heavy humph. She turned around and directly walked to her brother’s side.

On this continent, there were ten powerful forces, the relationship among them was complicated and very tricky. Among the younger generation, there was much more interaction.

Ten years ago, when she was still five years old, she followed Father on a trip to Purgatory City.

That time was the darkest part of her history while growing up.

And the person that could touch this dark layer, naturally, was the bad Miss in front of her eyes that was smiling amiably but was vicious and merciless!

Luo Dieyi was admittedly arrogantly and despotic. But every time she recalled Zi Yan’s innumerable cruel methods, just thinking about it brought about some of her lingering fear.

“Who is she?” Luo Haochen saw his always brash younger sister wilting after recognizing the opponent and couldn’t help but frown.

Luo Dieyi leaned close to Luo Haochen and muttered something. Luo Haochen’s good-looking swordlike eyebrows knitted tightly.

It might be assumed that Zi Yan’s origin made his heart give birth to some restraining fear.

Luo Haochen thought about it, and decided on diplomacy over violence. As a result, he cupped his hand and said: “Miss Zi Yan, this Red Acacia tree was first discovered by our Luoyu Palace Hall. This is the so-called first come first served, I hope Miss Zi Yan would move back a step.”

Luo Haochen’s tone, although polite, but the meaning in his words was not at all polite.

Purgatory City’s strength was indeed tyrannical, but they still had to give a reasonable explanation right?

The corner of Zi Yan’s mouth hooked into a cold sneer: “You ask me to move back a step and I’ll move back, then wouldn’t I have lost some face? If I don’t have face, then wouldn’t that mean Purgatory City also doesn’t have any face?”

Lou Haochen’s eyes narrowed coldly.

He was usually arrogant, now, seeing him use a rarely-seen nice tone and manner to talk to someone, but the opponent was still this arrogant.

“What does Miss Zi Yan want to do?” Luo Haochen restrained his anger, arrogantly sweeping her a glance.

“One of the sentences you said is not wrong, it’s the so-called first come first served. This Red Acacia Tree, this miss had already seen two years ago, and calculated that at this time, the fruit would ripen, only then did I come to pick it. You guys arrived too late.” Zi Yan’s expression and tone carried an arrogance that came from deep within her body.

“You——” Simply to bully intolerably!

“You are saying nonsense! This Red Acacia Tree, clearly, I had discovered it first. How could it be first discovered by you?” Luo Dieyi’s face was full of resentment, and said in a towering rage.

“I discovered it earlier than you. You look here, this tree has already been marked with the sign for Purgatory City since long ago.” Zi Yan smiled happily as she pointed to the blood red skull imprint on the tree, “Where is your Luoyu Palace Hall’s sign? Swallowed by the tree?”

Luo Haochen’s expression condensed slightly.

He turned his head to look towards Luo Dieyi.

Luo Dieyi’s expression flushed red, momentarily, she hesitated, unable to say anything.

Before, when she discovered this Red Acacia tree, she wanted to immediately carve her family’s sign on it, but could not deal with it——

This tree was as nimble as a spirit.

She haven’t even neared it, before she was sent flying by a ruthless vine. How could she carve it under such circumstances?

Also because of this, she had discovered that this Red Acacia tree had a high probability of being a variant. So, she hurried to asked Second Brother to come and help her.

Consequently, Luo Dieyi, with embarrassment, shook her head at Luo Haochen.

Luo Haochen’s brows wrinkled even more tightly.

However, Luo Haochen was also not a fool, if Purgatory City had already discovered this Red Acacia Tree at an earlier time, they would have already sent people here earlier to guard it. How could they have allowed Luo Dieyi to get near it?

As a result, Luo Haochen was certain that Zi Yan was definitely lying.

However, even though he knew she was clearly lying, Luo Haochen didn’t have any means to deal with her.

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