DKC – Chapter 825

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Chapter 825 – Variant Red Acacia Tree (1)

She suddenly discovered that Su Luo’s speed had rapidly soared within such a short while.

Zi Yan didn’t believe it, to increase one’s speed so fully was a shock.

However, before, she had used all her strength and was able to beat Su Luo steadily. But now, she had soared to one hundred percent of her speed yet could only helplessly look on as Su Luo was up ahead by an arm’s length. No matter what, she could not catch up to her!

This was simply too strange!

This was merely the effort of a meal’s time, how could her speed have risen so dramatically?

If it was to say that in this two hour period, Su Luo had successfully learned the martial arts, making her speed increased dramatically, she absolutely would not believe it.

Then, there was only one explanation for this matter.

Su Luo, since the beginning, was hiding it!

Before, it wasn’t because she couldn’t chase and catch up to her, rather, she had deliberately slowed her speed.

Yes, it was definitely like this.

But another problem once again came tightly following this one.

On the surface, this girl seemed to be fifth rank, but in fact oh? Her speed differed very little compared to hers.

Zi Yan was immediately speechless.

In Purgatory City, her talent was also considered first class, but in this lifetime, she hadn’t seen a girl that was as full of mystery as this one.

Along the way, several times, Zi Yan wanted to test her with challenging speed, but all of it ended in failure. In the end, she could only accept her fate.

Didn’t know after how much time had passed, under the guidance of the paper crane, the two people finally arrived at the South-eastern Great Valley.


A loud sound echoed.

The paper crane that was leading the way fell to the ground, its whole body bursting into flames. Finally, it turned into a puff of smoke that faded away into the air.

“The final paper crane is used up.” Zi Yan carelessly shrugged her shoulders, afterwards, it would all depend on Su Luo: “From now on, it will depend on you. You ought to be able to bring me out of here.”

Originally, Zi Yan had wanted to use that paper crane to bring her out of the Dark Forest. Now, it was used to find the path for Su Luo.

“Are you sure you want me to lead the way?” Su Luo was all smiles as she raised an eyebrow.

Her only weakness was that her sense of direction was no good. If you ask her to lead the way, she highly doubted that she would walk out of this Dark Forest within ten years.

Zi Yan’s face was full of astonishment as she foolishly stared at Su Luo.

Su Luo suddenly smiled: “Fine, in any case, I will take you out of here. Now, take me to find the Red Acacia seeds.”

Anyway, with Senior Brother Ice Cube here, what was she afraid of?

Su Luo thought about it and finally still let the little divine dragon out. At the same time, she murmured a few sentences in his ear.

After the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods’ map’s matter, Su Luo had complete confidence in the little divine dragon’s treasure hunting ability.

The Red Acacia seeds…The little divine dragon dug up his encyclopedia-sized inherited memories. He searched the endless ocean of knowledge for any information on the Red Acacia Seeds.

The Dragon race had always had this saying of inherited knowledge.

Inherited knowledge, as the name implied, was the knowledge passed on from the previous generation to the next one.

After the little divine dragon had grown out of infancy, his inherited memories followed along and was awakened. Only, this child was too lazy to flip through the inherited knowledge.

Suddenly, the little divine dragon’s eyes brightened.

“Awoo, awoo——” The little divine dragon raised his head and howled excitedly towards Su Luo.

Su Luo patted his little head: “Don’t forget, you are the most precious little divine dragon from the Dragon race. All day long, if you are learning how to howl like a dog or learning to howl like a wolf, in the future, how can I, as your owner, face your old man that has such high expectations?”

The little divine dragon gave an ‘awoo, awoo’ and adorably licked Su Luo’s palm, looking especially cute.

Only after this did he scatter all four limbs, and with flying speed, went deep into the jungle on the left side.

“Let’s go, quickly follow.” Su Luo tugged at Zi Yan who was lost in thought.

“It’s not something I want to say, your family’s dragon….” Before Zi Yan finished speaking, Su Luo’s figure had already disappeared from the place she was standing.

“Alas.” Zi Yan sighed in secret. She condensed her spirit strength, and quickly followed behind Su Luo.

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