DKC – Chapter 824

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Chapter 824 – Celestial Spirit Cup (5)

It’s just that back in those days, there was a war on the Secluded Continent among the strong experts. In the end, almost all of them staked it all and died together. Their corpses were buried in the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods.

Not just the corpses, but even their many weapons and the life-saving talismans that were on their bodies were all buried there.

Not even mentioning the talismans, if one could pull out a weapon and return to this continent, that person could definitely proclaim themselves as king.

Legend said that the map of the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods was divided into four parts.

And so, as chance would have it, two of the pieces were in Su Luo’s hands.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up slightly and the tip of her brow pulsed.

As if remembering that day when Nangong Liuyun had mockingly said to her, I really suspect that some day, with your eyes closed, the hidden treasure map will automatically fly to in front of you.

Previously, Su Luo had thought it was a joke and merely dismissed it with a laugh.

Now… looking at the hidden treasure map that had automatically flown into her hand and joined together as one, Su Luo’s smile grew increasingly splendid.

Just when Su Luo was joyfully satisfied, Zi Yan shook her body: “Hey, hey, wake up, wake up.”

Su Luo could only put away her feeling of excitement and her spirit floated out of her space.

She opened her somewhat dazed eyes: “What is it?”

Zi Yan glared at her unhappily.

This girl was also a careless person. Her body had many treasures, yet she was sleeping and snoring in front of a friend she’d only known for one day, completely unguarded.

Fortunately, she wasn’t a vile person, otherwise, they would have already swung a knife at this girl’s neck and snatched away the treasure to escape without a trace.

Zi Yan reminded her about her life: “I say, you should be a little bit guarded against other people, okay? It is dangerous around the whole country. Otherwise, in the future, you won’t even know how you died.”

Su Luo laughed, nodding to state yes.

Actually, in regards to being on guard, who could be more serious than her?

It’s just that Su Luo’s gaze when looking at people was very accurate. She knew Zi Yan wasn’t that kind of greedy person of low character.

“Eh, there’s a sound.” Su Luo suddenly stood up.

A burst of fragmented sounds of footsteps came closer from afar. They were walking towards their direction.

Zi Yan nodded her head.

One merely saw her nimbly climb up to the top of a tree and hide her body. With her right hand screening off her forehead, she held the pose of gazing into the distance.

Very quickly, she came down with a ‘whoosh’ sound.

“It’s people from the Luoyu Palace Hall. They are also going towards the South-eastern Great Valley.” Zi Yan’s eyes narrowed dangerously. A trace of cold intent flashed across her pitch-black pupils.

“Luoyu Palace Hall?” Su Luo muttered to herself.

In her memories, Luoyu Palace Hall was a symbolic alternative name.

She only knew that among the one city, two palace halls, three palaces and four sacred places, Luoyu Palace Hall, with Beichen Palace Hall, ranked as the number two palace hall.

Able to stand side by side with the Beichen family, it was clear that Luoyu Palace Hall’s strength was not lacking.

However, seeing Zi Yan’s expression, it seemed that she had some considerable dislike towards Luoyu Palace Hall?

Not waiting for Su Luo to ask, Zi Yan frowned: “Luoyu Palace Hall has always been in a snake and rat den with the Jade Lake’s Li family, acting in collusion. How good can they be?”

“To say it even more simply, Luoyu Palace Hall’s Madam Luo is Li Yaoyao’s biological aunt. The Luo family and the Li family have an in-laws relationship, usually forming a group together.”

Madam Luo is Li Yaoyao’s biological aunt? Su Luo’s impression of Madam Luo and Luoyu Palace Hall, in an instant, became bad.

Zi Yan’s brows creased even more tensely: “Furthermore, looking at their route, they also seem to be going towards the South-eastern Great Valley. This time, it’ll be troublesome for you.”

“The South-eastern Great Valley is so big. We won’t necessarily run into them, right?”

“That is not for certain. You have to know, they produce Apothecaries in the Luoyu Palace Hall, and they have also come prepared…” Zi Yan smiled happily as she looked at Su Luo.

“Then why waste time on senseless talk, let’s just hurry.” With a single wave of her hand, Su Luo put away all of those things.

She carried out the first form of Spirit Dance Steps and her speed immediately flew like a whirlwind.

At the start, Zi Yan was still able to smile, but after a while, her smile turned rigid at the corner of her mouth.


Author’s words:
Went out to eat food, came home and estimated that I could still count. Children, don’t forget to go see 《绝宠腹黑妃》《The Absolutely Pampered Two-faced Imperial Concubine》.

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