DKC – Chapter 818

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Chapter 818 – Assassination in the forest (8)

Where was the real Spirit Dance Steps?

Little Sky tilted his head and pulled out a bit of information from amidst his old memories.

“Western Jin’s imperial family.”

It was in the Western Jin’s imperial family?

In the present time, there were four nations, with four super powerful families in control.

Eastern Ling’s Nangong family.

Southern Wind’s Anye family.

Western Jin’s Ouyang family.

Northern Desert’s Xuanyuan family.

These four countries, every one of them had a super strong person keeping watch, and also had super influential families to assist.

For example, Eastern Ling nation’s Nangong family had Jade Lake’s Li family to assist. Under their joint powerful alliance, the foundation was firm.

Consequently, the strength between the four nations was equal. It was in a balanced state. So normally, they lived together in harmony.

However, there were also bad relations between certain nations. For example, Eastern Ling and Western Jin, due to territorial disputes, their relationship had always been strained. Furthermore, their borders were in continuous conflict.

“Western Jin ah…” It seemed that if she had time, she ought to take a walk to Western Jin.

“This speed of yours is seriously too slow. Look at her, she has run and now has long since vanished.” Little Sky reproached Su Luo.

“But I’m only at the fifth rank.”

“Fifth rank, so what? When I, Little Grandpa, was of the fifth rank… Forget it, a real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements. Just remember these few lines well.”

Sky delivered a section of a script into Su Luo’s mind.

“This is…”

“The first form of Spirit Dance Steps.” Little Sky said coldly.

Su Luo suspiciously cast that chunk of spirit stone a glance.

Little Sky guessed what she was thinking and said coldly,”In those days, Little Grandpa and Western Jin’s ancestor walked together to the other end of the world. I more or less know a bit about it. What’s so strange about it?”

Hearing him talk about it like that, Su Luo found it even more strange.

Western Jin’s ancestor, that was a matter from many, many years ago… Really didn’t know just what sort of unforeseen events had happened to the body of the rotten child inside this stone.

Based on Little Sky’s mnemonic chant, Su Luo ran while also practicing it.

Because at the start, Su Luo had already learned the introductory method to Spirit Dance Steps, so learning this first form was as natural as the flow of water.

In the beginning, admittedly, there was a lot of knocking and bumping about. Su Luo also nearly tripped, but very quickly, she gradually entered into a most pleasant stage.

After an incense stick’s worth of time passed, Su Luo finally saw Zi Yan’s figure.

This girl was free and easy, sitting up on the branch of a tree with one leg over the other, full of interest as she watched Su Luo come running while staggering along. Her mouth was hooked up with a touch of interest.

“Even slower than a snail. I’ve been waiting until I nearly fell asleep.”

Su Luo cast her a glare: “Then go ahead and sleep.”

As she talked, she wiped away that layer of fine sweat on her forehead, and found a shadowy spot to sit down.

Then, with a wave of her hand, the tables and chairs were all arranged properly.

With another wave of her sleeve, a pot of still steaming hot snake soup appeared in front of her.

Because the time inside the space was slowed down by tenfold, the snake soup she made before was still giving off hot steam.

The moment she smelled it, Zi Yan, who was originally pretending to doze off, suddenly could not stay still. Like a wisp of smoke, she came down from the tree, excitedly moving closer to it.

“Aiya, every kind of pot, bowl, ladle, basin, and furthermore, such piping hot snake soup. Delicious oh, delicious.” She rubbed her hands somewhat excitedly.

Su Luo unhappily handed her a clean porcelain bowl.

“Do you have a space bag? That’s truly great.” Zi Yan scooped out a bowlful of snake soup for herself and drank it down with gulping sounds in a single breath.

These few days of being chased to be killed made her quite pitiful. Where did she have the time to find something to eat. The pitiful her was so hungry, she nearly dug out tree roots to gnaw on.

“Space bag, uh…” Su Luo said non-committally.

Actually, she really did not know what a space bag was … Sweat.

“It’s said that this year, the continent had space bags that appeared. It appeared in the biggest auction house of the four nations. Unfortunately, I got there too late and did not get to see it.”

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  1. pieceofsummer says:

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