DKC – Chapter 809

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Chapter 809 – Dark Forest (8)

Senior Brother Ice Cube rarely talked, since he demanded that she save, then she might as well save this person.

As a result, Su Luo lifted this young woman drenched in blood onto her shoulder and turned around to rush madly forward. Her speed soared to the peak.

Just now, the two black-dressed person’s corpses were gnawed away by magical beasts until not even the bones were left. If she was late by one step, even though this young woman who hadn’t breathed her last, she certainly would also be torn into pieces by magical beasts.

Following behind Su Luo was a row of magical beasts, in addition, they were the fourth and fifth rank kind.

Fortunately, Su Luo’s speed was extremely fast. After dashing for four hours, she was finally able to throw off those magical beasts.

The place where Su Luo stopped was a meadow, all around was mattress-like green grass. They were soft, as if a thick layer of blankets was covering the ground.

She placed the injured young woman on the ground, only after that did she start to diagnose and treat her wounds.

Having gone through the mad rush just a moment ago, the many wounds on this young woman’s body had burst open again. The internal injuries were even more serious, if she was not hanging on for the last breath, she would have already died.

Su Luo took out two bottles from her space.

She gave it to take internally and applied some externally.

This young woman’s thirteen sword wounds. The shallow ones were merely superficial flesh wounds. But the more serious ones exposed her thick bones, it looked extremely shocking.

At this moment, Zi Yu had already disappeared from where he stood.

With regards to this enigmatic and faintly discernable Senior Brother Ice Cube, Su Luo was already used to it.

She tore off the goose yellow-colored silk dress that this young woman was wearing that was covered in bloodstains. In passing, she burned this silk dress, then it turned into ashes.

Before, Apothecary Leng had gifted Su Luo with a bottle of Rebirth of Flesh pill, this just so happened to be useful right now.

Rebirth of Flesh pill could even regenerate a broken-off limb, to say nothing of sword wounds.

The Rebirth of Flesh pill was divided into two pieces, one big, one small.

The small one was taken orally.

And that big piece needed to be crushed into powder then mixed with Celestial Spirit Water to make an ointment and smeared onto the wounds.

Su Luo had a lot of spare dresses in her space, and this young woman’s figure was about the same as her. Consequently, Su Luo retrieved a brand new, never worn dress and changed her clothing with it.

Without that pungent bloody smell and also with the pressure Zi Yu gave off as a strong expert, as a result, there weren’t any magical beasts that didn’t have eyes that would gather here.

Now, it was inadvisable to move this young woman, and Su Luo was also in no hurry to be on her way. Therefore, she crossed her legs and sat on the side, entering the cultivation state.

Ever since the last time when she had fused one thousand and twenty-four silver threads, one by one, into five hundred and twelve threads, the Nothingness of Space had increased by a lot.

Afterwards, Su Luo tried countless times to cultivate the space laws, attempting to fuse these five hundred and twelve threads to fuse again.

But what made her depressed was that these silver threads were like naughty kids, ignoring her commands.

To cultivate space laws required opportunity, and now, clearly, she hadn’t found this opportunity.

Su Luo retreated without any results, and slowly opened her eyes.

Now, the sun had set behind a mountain, the line of sight was somewhat dim.

All of a sudden, the girl lying on the ground suddenly sat up!

“Who are you?” She looked left and right, but only saw Su Luo alone. Her cold eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo.

“Is this the way to treat a benefactor who saved your life?” Su Luo, from up high, looked down at her, the brilliant rays of light from her eyes were like electricity.

Sure enough, she had come from Purgatory City, her entire body had an innate air of arrogance.

Through Su Luo’s reminder, only then did this young woman discover that something was fishy with her body.

She remembered that before she lost consciousness, her body had suffered serious injuries. The blood rushed out of the wounds like water, no matter what, she couldn’t stop it.

At the time, she had smiled in disappointment and thought that she was done for.

To bleed and lose consciousness in the forest of magical beasts, wasn’t that the tempo of waiting for death?

However, this time, waking up from sleep, she discovered that almost all of the wounds on her body was healed.

A very thick layer of scab had formed over the wounds, once the scab came off, then that wound would be completely healed.

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