DKC – Chapter 808

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Chapter 808 – Dark Forest (7)

Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea, all kinds of daily necessities, not lacking a thing. Pots, bowls, ladles, basins of every variety, and an entire set consisting of tables, chairs and low stools… This split second, it gave him a sudden feeling.

In this extremely dangerous Dark Forest, she was actually comfortable and content, as if she was on vacation. Presumably, only the person in front of him would be like this.

Zi Yu silently and noiselessly accepted the bowl and drank the entire bowl down with one toss of his head.

After drinking a bowlful, it seemed as though his entire stomach felt very comfortable.

The so-called after eating a person would be soft-spoken. Zi Yu had originally wanted to be strictly impartial and incorruptible as he demanded Su Luo maintain night vigil. But, when he was about to say the words, it became: “The first half before midnight, you keep vigil.”

Very clearly, what he didn’t say was that after midnight, he would take over and keep vigil.

As everyone knew, keeping vigil before midnight was the most relaxing shift.

After midnight, because of the oppressive pressure Zi Yu gave off from his entire body as a strong expert, as a result, all the magical beasts automatically made a strategic withdrawal.

Su Luo’s first night after arriving the Dark Forest passed by safely like this.

On the morning of the second day, Su Luo had woken up early to hastened on her journey.

However, what made her depressed was-

After only rushing along a short distance, she didn’t see magical beasts but she again saw two corpses lying on the side of the road.

These two corpses were the same as that corpse from before.

They were also dressed completely in black clothing with a black headscarf. Their entire bodies were shrouded in the sinister darkness of black-clothed assassins.

Compared to the one before, the states of death of these two were even more bitter.

One of them had been sliced across the waist and cut into two sections. The upper body was separated from the lower half by five metres.

The other one had its head separated from the neck, the same with the body and head in separate places.

The ground was sprinkled full of blood and the fishy smell was very strong.

And at this time, magical beasts, having smelled the fishy scent, were continuously coming from the surroundings.

Su Luo frowned slightly.

This place was about to become a purgatory where magical beasts fought over food. It’s better that she avoid it and leave.

Just when she wanted to leave, she discovered that from the back of a boulder, was exposed a small deerskin boot.

A woman?

Su Luo’s thoughts moved, and she cautiously walked over.

Now, appearing before her was a young woman wearing a goose yellow silk dress with a very pretty face.

But now, her complexion was pale as paper, her forehead coated with dripping sweat.

Su Luo followed it and looked down and discovered that her goose yellow silk dress was covered in bloodstains. Almost no place was clean, like an Asura that had crawled out from hell.

Su Luo slightly inspected her then her thin eyebrows knitted somewhat.

Because she unexpectedly found thirteen sword wounds of varying sizes on the young woman’s body.

Quite clearly, the deaths of those two black-clothed people from before were bestowed by her.

And the wounds on her body were also caused by the black-clothed people.

Su Luo wasn’t the kind of person who liked to meddle in other people’s business, because she knew, meddling in other people’s business meant trouble.

However, Zi Yu’s one sentence made her stop in her tracks.

“Save her.”

Zi Yu’s voice was still as indifferent as before, without a trace of being moved.

“Senior Brother wants to play the hero that saves the beauty to create a story?” Su Luo looked at him, smiling happily.

The magical beasts from the area had already arrived to surrounded them. If she rushed out, carrying fresh food that was dripping with blood, she would definitely become the target of their attack.

Senior Brother’s aim couldn’t be this, right? Su Luo suspiciously sized up Zi Yu with several glances.

Zi Yu’s eyes were still tranquil and without a ripple. He only faintly said a few words: “She comes from Purgatory City.”

Purgatory City, with regards to Su Luo, this Purgatory City was a mysterious place.

One city, two palace halls, three palaces and four holy lands’ people. She also knew a few, but everyone treated Purgatory City as an important matter that must be kept secret. So, they avoided it and did not speak about it.

So much so that Su Luo discovered that Purgatory City, these two words, could still stop young children from crying at night.

As a result, Su Luo’s heart grew curious about Purgatory City, but all along, she had no chance to uncover its veil of mystery.

Did the young woman before her eyes come from Purgatory City?

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