DKC – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (7)

Good, very good, extremely good!

If she didn’t take advantage of this fortunate timing, she wouldn’t get another chance.

Su Luo’s heart rejoiced. Using one hand, she brought out the adorable little dragon from within her embrace while the other hand searched within her bosom for the jade box that she had prepared.

The Celestial Spirit water she stole from Su Manor and the Spatial Grass she received from Nangong Liuyun were both stored in the jade box.

The jade box had the ability to keep things fresh that resembled refrigeration. Even if the Spatial Grass was stored for a few decades, when it’s taken out later, it would be as tender and fresh as if it had just been picked.

However, at this moment, a look of astonishment flashed through Su Luo’s eyes!

Where was the jade box? Where was her jade box? Su Luo’s face immediately become puzzled and unconvinced.

She remembered very clearly that when she was alone in the small wooden house before, she had personally taken out the jade box to check. How could it have disappeared?

Did she lose it when she fell down the ancient tree?

Not possible. She clearly remembered the jade box was in her arms when she tucked the adorable little dragon in there, too. How could it have suddenly disappeared between that time and now?

Could it be that she had dropped it on top of the overhanging cliff? Su Luo looked down and began to search everywhere from left to right and in all directions. Ultimately, she ended up laying on the ground and rummaging through the soil, but she still could not find a trace of the jade box.

This could truly be called…having picked up a sesame seed while losing a watermelon!

Su Luo just wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

Undoubtedly the dragon’s blood is right in front of her, but the Spatial grass and the Celestial Spirit water had actually disappeared. What could be worse?

While Su Luo was in the midst of dismay and going around in circles, the adorable little dragon from the beginning had been looking up at Su Luo with a pair of eyes which contained a bewildered and foolishly stupid expression. Its thin and delicate little paws grabbed onto Su Luo’s trouser leg and a pair of small, short legs followed Su Luo in continuously circling around. Furthermore, it seemed as if it was chewing something in its mouth.

A flash of insight appeared in Su Luo’s mind; she suddenly remembered the scene of the adorable little dragon eating the eggshells from before…..

She couldn’t be that unlucky right?

A kind of ominous premonition emerged from within Su Luo’s heart. She picked up the adorable little dragon and with slender fingers pried open its tiny dragon mouth.

Following a close examination, three lines of bursting veins formed on Su Luo’s forehead. For a split second she even had the desire to strangle the adorable little dragon.

What did she see? She actually found pieces of the jade box in the adorable little dragon’s mouth that had yet to be swallowed.

She absolutely could not have mistaken that bright green characteristic of the jade.

This little thing! It…it actually ate the small jade box!

Su Luo had a strong urge to flip the little dragon on its stomach in her lap and spank its butt.

After a while of being mad at herself, Su Luo unhappily fixed her gaze on the adorable little dragon, as if attempting to kill it with her meaningful glare.

However, the adorable little dragon seemed to be completely unaware of her glare. Instead, its head weaved to and fro, its sleepy eyes were drowsy from dozing off, the corner of its mouth was even splitting out tiny blue bubbles…

Su Luo was so infuriated that with a swish, she took out her personal dagger. She threateningly gestured everywhere along the small body of the adorable little dragon with the dagger and very fiercely said. “Celestial Spirit water and the Spatial grass were swallowed but it shouldn’t have been digested yet, right?”

The adorable little dragon opened its misty eyes. Its face had a sluggish look of having just woken up. She only saw its little mouth move closer and then afterwards ——

A crisp chomp sound rang out.

Su Luo was once again dumbfounded.

She rigidly fixed her eyes on the dagger handle used for self-protection and once again had a feeling of being driven irascibly mad!

Damn it! Nangong Liuyun had said this dagger was made from top grade iron and also bragged about how exceptionally sharp it was. Unexpectedly…unexpectedly it had become lunch for this little guy who in one bite chewed it apart.

The adorable little dragon was munching away as if eating something very delicious like a cookie, with crisp crunching noises that gave off a sweet and flavorful impression.

Su Luo was about to hit her forehead again.

She felt that if she was to continue to stay together with the adorable little dragon, either she will be driven mad by this silly little dragon, or she will cut this silly little dragon into pieces. These were the only two possible roads she could take.

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