DKC – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – The Hot Lingering Breath

Su Jingyu sensed a feeling of wrongness in his heart. This matter was too strange. He had a hunch that if he stayed here any longer, something he wouldn’t want to see would occur.

The crown prince and him both studied at the imperial captial’s Advanced Institute and were even in the same department. The two were in the wind element department. With that added to Su Jingyu’s painstakingly ass-kissing, he and the crown prince had become close as a result and was already in the crown prince’s clique.

The crown prince laughed bleakly: “To have the impertinence to play this kind of prank in the Great General’s Manor, they truly have a heavens amount of nerve to do so. Jingyu, you must investigate this closely.”

The five surrounded the highest tree’s forking branch as the lush vegetation hid Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun’s figures. The two’s breathing were extremely light, so they had not discovered them yet.

Suddenly, Su Luo felt warmth at her nape. A hot lingering breath near the edge of her earlobe.

Before she had time to react, Nangong Liuyun’s low voice playfully asked: “Do you want to see an even more marvelous scene?”

“Oh?” Su Luo shifted her body forward and looked up at him from a distance as she turned her head around to look at his shiny glittering eyes that glinted with resplendent starlight.

His phoenix-like eyes now resembled the luster of seawater, calm and serene. The delicate skin on his face was as beautiful as porcelain china. It was as if he was one of Shangri-la’s exiled immortals; allowed to look at, but not allowed to be trifled with.

Nangong Liuyun sized up the girl before his eyes at a close range.

Bright eyes white teeth, creamy white skin, a small face without any makeup that could defeat one that wore it, looks as if she was the morning dew of spring’s sunshine and was a refreshing person. Especially those eyes that contained a stream of sparkling water; when her beautiful eyes wandered, they brimmed with a touching vividness.

Her eyes were clear and indifferent while her expression had an even more prominent apathy to it. The corner of her mouth was curled into a cold arc like a white cloud that had transformed into misty nothingness. She was like the calm tide without the slightest ripple or wave.

A thought suddenly flashed in Nangong Liuyun’s mind. If I smash this deep tranquility in her eyes, wouldn’t that be quite amusing?

All of a sudden, he raised his strong and powerful slender arm, and used the other white and smooth finger to lift Su Luo’s pointy chin as the thick shadow of vegetation covered Su Luo.

And it was at this critical moment that Su Luo used a mere palm to separate his and her lips.

“The game’s outcome has not been decided yet, why are you so anxious?” With a smile that was not yet a smile, Su Luo took a sidelong glance before asking that in a low voice.

“Outcome? That would only take a thought.” The edge of Nangong Liuyun’s pink lips perked up into a playful smiling expression. He slightly raised his dense sword-like eyebrows and stopped moving. Suddenly, a screech came from not too far away.

At this moment, the crown prince and Su Jingyu had already turned around. But they had only walked a few steps before hearing a sharp painful shout from the lotus pond area that momentarily stopped every one of their footsteps.

Su Luo was puzzled. She looked into the distance and saw a clear vision of fresh blood on Su Wan’s forehead. She couldn’t help but be stupefied in place for a moment. Afterwards, she turned to glare at Nangong Liuyun as she gritted her teeth in extreme anger with a pause in each word: “You. Cheat. Ted!”

“Was there a rule that said we can’t cheat?” Nangong Liuyun started to shamelessly act dumb.

Su Luo helplessly rolled her eyes at Nangong Liuyun, but the guy actually let out a resplendent light laugh. The handsome face that was beautiful beyond compare was similar to a Queen of the Night in full bloom, an alluring rare sight.

The Su Wan who had been hit by a pebble subconsciously screamed out loud. She covered her bleeding head as her entire body almost jumped up from the shock.

She’s seriously a pig! And was the most stupid one too!

Su Xi was so angry that she wished she could slap this Third Elder Sister, who had attracted trouble after trouble to her, to death. She originally believed that today’s misfortunes had be enough, but never expected that the god of bad luck would still be so kind to her!

“Who’s there?!” Su Jingyu asked in a loud voice towards the empty lotus pond.

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