DKC – Chapter 799

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Chapter 799 – On the road down the mountain (6)

Zi Yu coldly and detachedly stared at him, then his serious mouth slowly opened: “You want to kill her?”

‘Her’, naturally pointed to Su Luo.

Li Yaoxiang’s eyes flashed slightly.

Just now, when he briefly exchanged blows with the opponent, he could feel that the opponent’s strength was extremely strong.

But then, so what?

When did the Jade Lake’s family ever fear anyone?

Moreover, even though Grandmaster Rong Yun had accepted Yaoyao as a disciple, he readily surrendered her to Fairy Yan Xia.

Now, this had already incited the entire Jade Lake’s Li Family’s resentment to soar.

So, the moment Li Yaoxiang had recognized Zi Yu, a murderous intent flashed through his eyes.

They dared not attack Grandmaster Rong Yun. However, to kill one or two outer court disciples to vent their anger, why would anyone care?

Thinking to this point, an ice-cold smirk appeared at the corner of Li Yaoxiang’s mouth: “I not only want to kill her, but I also want to kill you!”

However, before he finished speaking, Zi Yu had already taken the initiative to attack.

Zi Yu was a truly qualified hitman.

His movements were efficient with quick and violent speed.

He did not emphasize gaudy movement styles.

In his eyes, there was only one word, KILL!


The two people came together to battle fiercely.

Li Yaoxiang’s black palm, with earth-shattering might, chopped down.

Zi Yu’s arms, shining with golden light, seemed to contain the strength of heaven and earth.

The two people battled fiercely in mid-air, occasionally travelling back and forth behind the layer of clouds. Their style and speed were so quick as to make people’s eyes dizzy.

Fast, it was simply too fast.

Standing below, Su Luo watched the afterimages of their battle. An appreciative feeling came faintly from her heart.

In the end, the black palm strike and the golden palm strike met each other in mid-air. It let out a fierce buzzing and colliding sound.

After that one hit, the two people quickly separated.

Zi Yu steadily landed on the ground.

However, Li Yaoxiang’s body kept retreating backwards, continuously retreating.

Countless ancient trees were split apart into fine dust by his powerful force.

In the end, with a ‘bang’ sound, Li Yaoxiang slammed into a thousand years old ancient tree. Only now did his retreating footsteps halt.

“Cough!” Li Yaoxiang’s chest had been hit by Zi Yu’s palm. For a moment, he only felt his qi and blood rolling back and forth, and it was incredibly painful.

Su Luo silently took a glance at Zi Yu.

Li Yaoxiang’s current bitter experience was exactly the same as hers from before.

It could be said that being forced like this, and was still granted another life.

She didn’t expect that Senior Brother Ice Cube would vent her anger for her and still use this kind of method.

Just when Su Luo felt faintly moved, Zi Yu’s pair of eyes like millennium-old-ice, burst out with a cold light.

He indifferently stared at Su Luo and snorted: “Go up and kill!”

Three black lines appeared on Su Luo’s forehead.

Just as she had expected, how could Senior Brother Ice Cube be kind-hearted enough to avenge her.

He clearly only weakened Li Yaoxiang’s strength. Afterwards, she still needed to go up and exert herself.

“Senior Brother, just now you went too much overboard, disappearing without saying anything to me.” Su Luo grumbled.

“When I disappeared, I have to inform you?” Zi Yu cast a glance at Su Luo, as if looking at an idiot.

Su Luo scratched her head.

OK, she was truly an idiot. She actually asked such an idiotic question.

“But I’m injured.” Su Luo pointed to the bloodstain on her body.

Even though Li Yaoxiang was jolted by Senior Brother Ice Cube to the point that he was vomiting blood, but his strength was still pretty strong.

The corner of Zi Yu’s mouth moved slightly and showed an ignoring expression. Afterwards, without even seeing how he moved, Li Yaoxiang, who was far away, gave a blood-curdling scream, as if he was a pig being slaughtered.

“AAAAAAA——” Li Yaoxiang stared helplessly as his right arm flew away. For a moment, his face became pale.

Su Luo’s eyes flashed slightly.

In a flash, Li Yaoxiang’s arm had been torn off.

Without using any lethal weapons and only using two fingers, he was able to tear away Li Yaoxiang’s arm.

Immediately, fresh blood exploded all over the ground.

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