DKC – Chapter 798

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Chapter 798 – On the road down the mountain (5)

One was to turn around and escape, and the second was to continue attacking.

Now, only these two paths lay in front of Li Yaoxiang.

Li Yaoxiang’s arrogant and cold eyes glared at Su Luo. Remote and frosty light flickered in the depths of his eyes.

Suddenly, the corner of his mouth slowly lifted into a sinister sneer. His pace was firm as he walked towards Su Luo step by step.

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

The atmosphere froze for a split second.

“Spirit pinball? Since you have a spirit pinball, then give it to me!” Li Yaoxiang sneered, darkly and fiercely. Immediately, he strengthened his hand and grabbed towards Su Luo’s wrists.

He did not believe that with this loathsome girl’s good luck, that after she used one, she would still have another.

“Then I’ll just give it to you!” Su Luo glared at Li Yaoxiang and coldly laughed. The object in her hand suddenly smashed towards the opponent’s chest.

Even though Li Yaoxiang suspected that Su Luo’s spirit pinball was a fake, but he was not one hundred percent certain.

As a result, when Su Luo suddenly threw the ball-shaped object towards Li Yaoxiang, he subconsciously retreated backwards. His entire body dropped to lie on the ground and he covered his ears.

Just at this moment of imminent peril, Su Luo moved her feet and broke into a run.

The spirit pinball was a fake and simply could not explode. If she didn’t run now, then until when would she wait to run?

Su Luo’s body was like lightning and explosively shot out.

That ‘spirit pinball’ dropped to the ground and did not move for quite a while.

Li Yaoxiang, who was lying on the ground with both hands covering his head, cautiously raised his head and looked towards the ‘spirit pinball’.

Merely in a split second, his old face was very red from choking back rage.

Loathsome girl!

She actually used a pebblestone as a fake spirit pinball to scare him!

Li Yaoxiang’s complexion was ashen. His eyes were ignited into two raging infernos.

Because of his violent fury, the veins on his forehead throbbed faintly.

“Loathsome girl, do you really think you can escape?!” Li Yaoxiang coldly snorted. His figure quickly shot forward.

Su Luo was jolted by Li Yaoxiang’s palm attack, to the point that her blood circulation was in disorder and her five viscera and six bowels had nearly shifted positions.

Her internal injuries were so severe that she simply could not run fast.

Very quickly, Li Yaoxiang’s furious figure appeared close to her side.

“Loathsome girl, looking for death!” Li Yaoxiang dove down from the skies like a falcon. His hands struck out like lightning and attacked towards Su Luo with a strength that could topple mountains and overturn seas.

This time, he used one hundred percent of his strength!

In an instant, black clouds appeared above Su Luo’s head to envelop her.

With the power of one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms, the thunderous palm strike fiercely smashed down!

If Su Luo was smashed by it, her body would be torn and her bones crushed to pieces.

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at the black, wind palm force. A resolute expression streaked through her eyes.

Just when the black, wind palm strike was about to smash Su Luo into a meat patty, suddenly, a strange figure appeared in front of Su Luo.

Zi Yu, who had previously disappeared, suddenly appeared in front of Su Luo.

He raised his right arm.

That was an arm glowing with a golden light, as if containing the endless strength of heaven and earth.


Li Yaoxiang’s wind palm strike collided with Zi Yu’s right arm, producing a violent sound of collision.

“It’s you?! Why are you here?” Li Yaoxiang’s face became stiff and his expression was hard.

Originally, this loathsome girl was about to die beneath his palm strike, but now, another issue had popped up. Her lifeline was truly too great.

Zi Yu had always followed beside Grandmaster Rong Yun as his bodyguard, so naturally, Li Yaoxiang had seen him before.

Zi Yu looked at him indifferently.

His tall body stood in front of Su Luo, unmoving and not relaxed. He was like a towering, motionless, majestic mountain that gave people a sense of security.

Su Luo stretched her head out from behind him and happily yelled: “Senior Brother.”

Zi Yu’s cold eyes swept a glance over her and then narrowed slightly as he looked towards Li Yaoxiang.

“Why would you be here?” The moment Li Yaoxiang saw Zi Yu, a bad feeling suddenly appeared in his heart.

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