DKC – Chapter 794

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Chapter 794 – On the road down the mountain (1)

Maybe on that day, he still couldn’t understand why Master would abandon Li Yaoyao and then choose Su Luo, who was merely an Elementary Apothecary at the time.

But after more than half a year’s worth of miracles, it made Zi Ran realize how far-sighted Master was.

At last, he finally saw clearly, with regards to her talent, perhaps even when Master was young, he might not necessarily be better than this girl.

Zi Ran was looking at Su Luo with a complicated gaze, then he waved his hand and dispiritedly said “Go look for Master ok, go, go.”

“Oh.” Su Luo cheerfully ran out to find Beautiful Teacher.

Rong Yun looked at the Spirit Restoration Pills Su Luo had refined, and his temples moved slightly.

“Master, could there be a problem with this medical pill?” Su Luo saw Beautiful Teacher’s pair of eyes staring fixedly at the medical pill and doubtfully asked.

“It’s barely satisfactory.” Rong Yun said in a non-committal tone.

Su Luo wrung her hands!

Senior brother Zi Ran was stunned to such a degree, but in Beautiful Teacher’s words, it got a barely satisfactory evaluation.

Alas, Master’s requirements were really too harsh.

“Put things in order, tomorrow, you will go down the mountain.” Rong Yun’s gaze was looking outside the window.

“Eh?” Su Luo pointed at her own nose, “Are you talking to me?”

“Here, apart from you, is there a third person?”

“Hiccup, but going down the mountain……” Wasn’t she at the most critical moment of attacking the Advance Apothecary barrier, why was Master ordering her to go down the mountain?

“Your strength is too lacking.” Rong Yun slanted a disdainful gaze to size Su Luo up.

Alright, Su Luo admitted, with her strength of fifth rank, she could still run amuck a little bit in the Western Ling Empire, but in Master’s eyes, it was really unworthy.

“Although you are at the fifth rank, you still lack real combat experience, if an experienced individual with the same rank came, could you beat them?”

Rong Yun’s words were so sharp as to show no quarter, but it pointed directly to the core of the problem.

Su Luo conceded that these words were quite correct.

Although she had advanced in rank time and time again, but in the end, she lacked the battle experience. If the opponent was to fight with their life at risk, she could very well come to grief.

“The magic beasts surrounding the dark forest are neither strong nor weak, they are just right for you to practice with.” Rong Yun words allowed no rebuttal.

“Oh.” Su Luo only had the option of complying.

“This past year, you have been busy with refining medicine.”

“This time, when you go, you must gather three Red Acacia Seeds, this will be very helpful for when you try to break through to Advance Apothecary.”

Red Acacia Seeds were a top grade herbal medicine, they grew in the southeastern great valley of the dark forest. This herbal medicine was essential for promotion to Advance Apothecary.

“Ok.” Su Luo obediently accepted the order.

Master’s words closely aligned with her intentions.

Originally, she had wanted to take a trip to the dark forest earlier, because she had very little herbal medicine on hand, while she held the Primeval Pill Recipes that made people drool in her hands.

If she wanted to refine the medical pills in the Primeval Pill Recipes, the necessary medicinal herbs were absolutely not the simple ones that could be purchased.

Before, she had taken these Primeval Pill Recipes for Master to see, if they were useful to Master, naturally, she was willing to offer them to him.

However, Master had only glanced at it slightly before returning it to her again.

Therefore, afterwards, Su Luo didn’t mention it again.

It seemed to her, the Primeval Pill Recipes Master had in his hands certainly wouldn’t be a few.

This time, Rong Yun didn’t accompany Su Luo, rather, he dispatched Zi Yu to protect her.

Zi Yu and Zi Ran were twins, their appearances were nearly identical.

However, Su Luo could differentiate them with just one glance, because their temperament were truly too obvious.

Zi Ran was gentle and graceful, very easy to get close to.

However, Zi Yu was cold as icy frost, and wouldn’t say a word for a long time.

Zi Ran’s direction of cultivation was apothecary studies, but Zi Yu’s was completely the opposite.

He was utterly ignorant about refining medicines, but his martial arts cultivation was unfathomably deep.

Even now, Su Luo still didn’t know, to how high a degree was his strength.

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  1. admiralen says:

    Seems the author forget Su Luos background lol
    She is incredibly experienced in combat, she was a top assassin in her previous life
    Also, shes improving in rank rather slowly for being Su Luo

  2. SnowyFeffe says:

    I agree with the previous speaker. If there is anything SL should have in abundance, it’s fighting experience… She might perhaps not be accustomed to her strength being so high, but it shouldn’t hamper her abilities.

    Also, until now she had had a smashing record of defeating opponents with higher cultivation than her own!

    Thanks for the chapter though ^.^

    • June says:

      I think there is a difference between martial arts fighting (as an assassin) and using magic…. Su Luo can fight hand to hand but she is very limited in what kind of magic strikes she uses in a fight… Remember Liu siblings? She keep using one magic move the fireballs… That’s what Rong Yun wanted her to improve on. Also remember assassins work in the dark…they suck when confronted head on.

  3. midori says:

    thanks a lot—-!
    i certainly had the opinion that su luo has experience fighting as an assassin, but yeah, her elemental stuff is certainly not her forte or ability. from a modern world to a fantasy magic world, after all…
    lol, zi yu the ice cube, huh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Typo/consistency report: this and later chapters the text mentions Acacia tree, but further on it’s Acadia, including chapter titles. (I know only of Acacia tree IRL.)

    • June says:

      fixed… the miss spelling got into the glossary so the variety in spelling you see. Now its back to Acacia. Thanks for letting me know

  5. Purpleee says:

    Didnt SL get a wood element book from the treasury earlier on? Why the hell hasnt she even practised from it when clearly wood has been used on her by her enemies before

  6. Gilson says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

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