DKC – Chapter 792

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Chapter 792 – Beautiful Teacher (1)

In fact, Su Luo was just probing, probing if Grandmaster Rong Yun had something to do with her origins.

Because she faintly felt, this profoundly mysterious Beautiful Teacher, seemed to be well aware of everything. Everything was within his control.

He brought along Li Yaoyao at his side and went to Eastern Ling to accept a disciple. Fairy Yan Xia then appeared to snatch away his disciple…it seemed as if everything was within his expectations.

If the first time was a coincidence, then the second time, the third time?

As a result, Su Luo unblinkingly stared fixedly at Rong Yun, her eyes flashing with the light of hope and expectation.

“Your background? What background do you have? Just letting your imagination run wild.” Rong Yun did not even look at her, lifted the cup in a toast, tossed back his head to drink down a cup of wine.

Su Luo’s heart was tangled.

Beautiful Teacher was obviously telling a lie!

Did he really take her as a three-year-old child that didn’t understand anything?

Su Luo made a fist and snorted twice: “You are right, I don’t have any background. I don’t know who my father and mother are. Maybe I just popped out from the crack in a piece of boulder!”

While Su Luo was saying nonsense, she was also taking furtive glances at Beautiful Teacher.

Seeing that he still remained unmoved, that pair of deep, beautiful pupils that was as tranquil as the surface of the sea that lacked a ripple or a wave.

Very good, being aloof huh?

The light in Su Luo’s mind returned: “Maybe my dad is a major pirate on the seas, a bandit on a dark mountain, a heartless and fickle person….”

All kind of slanderous words flowed from Su Luo as she recited it all once through in a row.

Fine, Beautiful Teacher was still drinking wine as before, otherwise, he either didn’t know her biological father or his heart had some blame for her father.

Her biological father wouldn’t work, then she should start from her mother.

Su Luo shot a glance at the painting on the wall, clenched her teeth and snorted once: “Also, don’t know who is my mother? Maybe I’m so ugly as to be a total mess, maybe my style is no good, maybe I’m a bastard child. I’m the daughter from my mother’s illicit affair….”

“Bang!” A heavy sound of a palm slamming onto the table.

A deep palm imprint immediately appeared on that sturdy table made of crow black wood, it was a shocking sight to see.

This murderous-looking palm print, even though it scared Su Luo until her heart jumped, but it allowed her to be certain of some things.

Sure enough, Rong Yun lifted up a pair of scarlet eyes, he ruthlessly, fiercely and darkly glared at Su Luo.

The always-indifferent-as-a-god Grandmaster Rong Yun, how could he gIve off such a fierce and strict expression?

It could clearly be seen that he was truly angry.

“Shut up!” Rong Yun’s white and slender hand gripped Su Luo’s delicate neck, his voice was like an Asura from hell, each word dripping with blood, “If you dare to say one more word, do you believe or not that this master will directly choke you to death!”

Meeting that heartless, blood-thirsty pair of icy eyes, even though Su Luo had already made preparations, a trace of overwhelming shock and horror flashed through her heart.

In the end, what kind of person was her mother? She was actually able to emotionally stir up the legendary, indifferent, Buddha-like Beautiful Teacher to this degree?

“Mas, Master….” That pair of hands was like iron clamps, the strength was as heavy as a mountain range. Su Luo was choked until her complexion became reddish-purple.

Rong Yun swept an indifferent glance at her. His hand loosened as he abandoned her. Afterwards, he returned to his original seat and strongly tossed down another mouthful of wine!

Following the release of his hand, Su Luo was finally able to gasp for breath.

She dropped back into her seat and took huge mouthfuls of air.

It took a long time for her original reddish-purple little face to be restored to its former color. Only, she still looked somewhat pale.

Even though she nearly lost her little life, but Su Luo did not completely reap no harvest.

Very clearly, there was still no clue to her biological father’s story, but on her mother’s side, the relationship was linked in countless ways to Master.

In this stiff atmosphere, Su Luo licked her lips but didn’t start to talk first.

Since Master didn’t yell at her to get lost, then he must have something to tell her.

“Your biological mother…is the most beautiful woman under the heavens.”

Sure enough, after quite a long while later, Beautiful Teacher lifted up his wine cup, looking at the bright moon outside the window. He said this sentence faintly when his face seemed distracted.

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  1. Leafyeyes417 says:

    Hey, she had all rights to say what she did. >:[ She doesn’t know anything at all, so her mother & father could have been any of those things unless someone tells her. Which you obviously don’t want to tell her. You have no right to get angry unless you tell her exactly who they are. At least you started with the mother.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Som says:

    Sure she has reasons, and even ought to have the right, but you must remember in their world might is right; Rong Yun is way more powerful at the moment than Su Luo, and so anything that irritates him, is wrong, full stop.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  3. Luna says:

    Why ain’t she beautiful too?? Is there some spell on her that changed her looks….?

    • Blauwfire says:

      Yea i was like thinking the same thing! maybe there is some kind of spell like the one the little dragon had and when su luo gets strong enough it might break?

  4. yatperz says:

    y que tal si esta bajo una maldición y aun ella no lo sabe se podría decir que el maleficio es como el cuento del patito feo que después de que se lo quite se convertirá en un hermoso sisne

    y que tal si el odia al verdadero padre de la mama por que no pudo atinar el primer gol (que ella fuera su hija y no de otro hombre)

  5. midori says:

    thanks a lot—-!
    sharp, su luo! you’ve got it right, there was indeed manioulation by rong yun! well, she used a different strategy, eh? hmph, he won’t tell her her past, booo!

  6. karinaayacocho says:

    Maybe the woman in the painting is somehow related to her that’s why she felt a bit of deja Vu 🤔

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