DKC – Chapter 790

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Chapter 790 – Dumbstruck (5)

As a result, Su Luo could only stiffly stand there and look at the doorstep that was only one step away.

“Come back.” Rong Yun’s voice was hoarse, dark and overcast, as if from being drunk.

“Oh.” Su Luo once again obediently ran back to his side.

“Kneel down.” Rong Yun pointed to the floor.

Kneel down? Su Luo’s heart was immediately startled.

She, Su Luo, with regards to kneeling, would kneel to the ground for her parents, but she didn’t have a habit of casually kneeling before a person.

However, without waiting for Su Luo to ponder, Rong Yun’s eyes unprecedentedly exploded forth with coldness: “Kneel down!”

Such a frightening master… Su Luo’s heart trembled slightly.

“Oh.” A puzzled Su Luo obediently kneeled towards the beauty in the painting.

Was this beauty somehow related to her? Otherwise, why would Master demand that she kneel?

Su Luo wanted to ask. However, when she made contact with Beautiful Teacher’s unprecedentedly strict and cold eyes, her heart became slightly alarmed.

Now was not a good time to ask questions.

Rong Yun’s pair of deep eyes penetrated deep into Su Luo’s heart. However, he withdrew his gaze after one glance and turned to look at that painting on the wall.

Time passed, bit by bit.

The night became deeper and deeper.

Unconsciously, Su Luo had kneeled there for more than an hour.

Su Luo continued to maintain the proper back straight kneeling position.

At this moment, her gaze moved back and forth between Beautiful Teacher and the beauty in the painting. Puzzlement flashed through her eyes.

What was wrong with Beautiful Teacher?

He made her kneel down but then ignored her. He only continuously stared fixedly at the painting on the wall.

She admitted that the beauty in the painting was an incomparable beauty under the heavens, but that was only a painting ah…

“Master…: Su Luo gave a yawn, which interrupted her speech.

She had kneeled until her legs were numb. In the end, what was Master thinking?

Only now did Rong Yun return to his senses.

It seemed as if he had just seen Su Luo, his eyes wrinkled slightly, then he said coldly: “Just such a short time and you cannot bear to kneel anymore?”

Su Luo secretly snorted in her heart.

It was not because she was unable to kneel anymore, but the point was that she did not know who she was kneeling to.

Wasn’t this just kneeling for a person for no reason?

It’s not as if she was Duan Yu (1)who would kneel and kowtow whenever he saw a beautiful, fairy-like older sister.

At last, Rong Yun sighed slightly: “You can get up.”

“Oh.” Su Luo obediently rose and even in passing, rubbed her knees that were somewhat numb.

“Accompany your teacher in drinking a cup of wine.” Rong Yun’s voice was faint, carrying a trace of frustration and disappointment.

Su Luo’s senses were sharp. She could detect there was something different about Beautiful Teacher’s mood. She couldn’t help but take a quick glance again at that painting with the peerless beauty.

When all was said and done, who was this mysterious female?

Who could affect the immortal-like, without desire, not-seeking-anything Beautiful Teacher to this degree?

“Is she Master’s wife?” Su Luo’s mouth was faster than her brain and directly asked.

Only after the question left her mouth did she return to her senses. She had inadvertently asked the thoughts in her heart.

Hearing Su Luo’s words, Rong Yun’s expression was clearly jolted.

His sharp pitch-black eyes flashed with a complicated radiance. He stared at Su Luo without blinking.

Master’s eyes were too clear, too bright. As bright as a sharp blade directly piercing though a person’s heart.

So bright that nearly all the darkness would have no place in front of him and would vanish.

However, this time, his eyes had a peculiar expression.

“Say what you just said once more.” Rong Yun indifferently lowered his head to pour himself some wine.

His slender white fingers held tightly to the jade bottle. The sake was poured into the amber cup. The faint fragrance of wine prevaded through the air in the small study.

Could it be that Teacher didn’t hear what she said clearly? Su Luo had some doubts from the bottom of her heart.

However, Teacher gave a command that she dared not defy. Therefore, Su Luo obediently repeated it once again: “She is Master’s wife.”

That’s right, this time, Su Luo used a declaring tone.

Based on her exquisite sensitivity and having watched too many melodramatic tales in the modern times, Su Luo had faintly guessed a bit of this story.


1) Duan Yu is a character from Jing Yong a famous writer of martial arts novels. Most of his novels have been made into TV dramas and movies. Duan Yu is a character from his book Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, simply put he was a prince who likes beautiful women. Here is the Wiki page if you are interested in learning more.

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