DKC – Chapter 759

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Chapter 759 – News of Su Luo’s Death (7)

Didn’t die! Hahaha! Su Luo didn’t die!!! Beichen Ying felt that in this split second, he had also come back to life!

He could not contain himself anymore and pulled Su Luo into a bear hug. His arms were holding on so tightly, he nearly squeezed out all the air from inside Su Luo’s lungs.

The strength of his arms was very powerful and he had pulled Su Luo in so suddenly. As a result, the completely unguarded Su Luo had her entire face knocked against his chest.

“It hurts.” Su Luo cried out painfully.

He was certainly proving himself to be the close childhood friend who had gone through thick and thin and grown up together with Nangong. Even the strength used when hugging a person was just as heavy-handed.

In the past life, this sort of brotherly embrace was really common. Therefore, Su Luo completely did not have thoughts in another direction. She just thought that Beichen Ying’s action was from being emotionally-moved.

“I’m about to be suffocated to death by you. Beichen Ying, hurry up and release me.” Su Luo covered her nose and hurriedly pushed Beichen Ying away, then massaged her own nose.

Only then did Beichen Ying realize how rashly he had acted. However, seeing that Su Luo did not take it to heart, he also let it pass by going through the motions.

He looked at Su Luo from top to bottom. That gaze was like a probing wire, when Su Luo saw it, she became upset.

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Su Luo’s distinctly clear eyes looked at Beichen Ying.

Was she mistaken? A trace of moisture actually flashed across this child’s eyes?

“I just knew you’d be fine! I just knew it was a rumour that Li Yaoyao invented! Sister-in-law, it’s simply great that you’re fine!” Beichen Ying bit his lower lip, his facial muscles trembling somewhat emotionally. But, he perked up and smiled, revealing his cute canine teeth and also his cute little dimples.

“Li Yaoyao had gone out so quickly? What rumour did she start?” Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, a touch of conjecture flashing across her eyes.

“She said you are dead!” Beichen Ying, extremely angry over the injustice, smashed a fist against the wall, then gave a cold snort, “This woman is simply too vile! She deceived all of the nearly a thousand people waiting outside. Even Grandmaster Rong Yun believed what she said!”

“Therefore, you just ran in here?” Su Luo unhappily glared at him, “Too impatient.”

“If something really had happened to you, I… How would I explain it to Nangong? When he was leaving, he was serious about the matter as he handed you over into our care!” Beichen Ying raised his neck, attempting to find justifications for why he lost control.

Su Luo laughed a little, pulled him down to sit on the side: “But speaking of this, it could be regarded that Li Yaoyao really didn’t tell a lie. After all, she really did think I had died.”

The moment Beichen Ying heard this, he suddenly stood back up.

“Okay, okay. Stop being so flustered. Am I not fine right now?” Su Luo smilingly pulled him to sit down again.

With regards to Beichen Ying, this adorable, sunny big boy, she always had this feeling of looking after a younger brother.

“In the end, just what happened, exactly?” Beichen Ying’s deeply concerned gaze stared unblinkingly at Su Luo, deeply afraid of missing a single trace of her mood on her face.

Su Luo thought for a bit, then she spoke of the matter once through, from the start until the end. It’s just that the matter concerning her space and Celestial Spirit Water, she brushed by it without mentioning it.

“Pffttt!” When Su Luo got to the part where Li Yaoyao got pulled away by the demon boss to be stripped naked, Beichen Ying couldn’t bear it anymore and immediately let out a ‘pffttt’ laughing sound.

He was so amused, he beat the ground with his fist as he laughed heartily: “Too amusing, simply too amusing. Oh, that’s right, did she actually get stripped naked?”

She just knew, regardless of whether it was a big boy or a big man, their interest would forever be on this point.

Su Luo spread out her hands in annoyance: “She still had a piece of undergarment covering the chest and abdomen left. It could also be regarded that Li Yaoyao had endured the humiliation as part of an important mission, then escaped at the crucial moment.”

“What a pity.” Beichen Ying shook his head, not without some regret, “Then afterwards? How did she end up spreading the news of your death?”

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