DKC – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (1)

Countless magical beasts rushed toward them in a violent surge with an imposing manner and a scathing murderous killing intent!

Two feet simply could not hope to outrun four-legged magical beasts; and even if they managed to outrun it also doesn’t necessarily mean they would come out unscathed.

The depths of Nangong Liuyun’s eyes contained a thick chill. He picked up Su Luo and whirled his body around, flying towards the nearby small wooden house on top of a tree.

Liu Ruohua and her companions imitated Nangong Liuyun one after another. Everyone of them used both their hands and feet together to quickly climb up the millennium old ancient trees. They tightly hugged the tree branches, hopping that they could escape this wave of magical beasts.

Jade Lake’s fairy turned her body around and looked toward Nangong Liuyun with a detached expression. She saw his silhouette carrying Su Luo in his arms. Her elegant and vibrantly beautiful eyes seem to be covered in a layer of watery mist, nobody understood the meaning hidden in the depth of her eyes that were as pitch-black as ink.

Her face lacked expression, and her red lips slightly opened into an arc, evoking a trace of an impassive smile. Her jade arms clenched at her thin, misty green, full-length, muslin gown that swept the floor as if it was leaving behind a trail of running water. Immediately, the light muslin danced in the breeze like fireworks that become faintly discernible before fading into nothingness.

The Jade Lake’s fairy whirled and immediately flew away in a graceful and naturally relaxed manner.

Around a dozen maidservants by her side were shrouded in icy-cold expressions as they coldly launched their gazes at Su Luo. Soon after, they too, followed her and flew away.

Su Luo’s thin eyebrows hesitantly knitted. Her intuition told her that this Jade Lake’s fairy smile was somewhat… mysterious?

Sure enough, just when she had flown a short distance away, numerous vultures suddenly surrounded them in a circle.

The vulture king seem to be fixated on the Jade Lake’s fairy, and each maneuver was filled with malicious ruthlessness.

The vulture king was a seventh ranked magical beast. It was also a flying type magical beast; compared to similarly ranked land type magical beast, it was even more difficult to handle.

At this time, Jade Lake’s fairy’s circumstances appeared to be extremely dangerous.

The vulture king was in hot pursuit of the Jade Lake’s fairy, as it followed tightly behind her. It seemed that the Jade Lake’s fairy was about to lose her life under the sharp claws of the vulture king——

Nangong Liuyun’s star shaped eyes held a complicated light, and his expression fluctuated between brightness and darkness, while being profoundly mysterious.

Suddenly, he hugged Su Luo to him, and left a passionate kiss on her bright and clean jade like forehead. His serious expression condensed into an austere stare directed toward Su Luo. “Be good. Just stay here and wait for me. Don’t go anywhere else.”

Before the words completely left his mouth, and without waiting for Su Luo’s reply, his body had already elevated to midair. Fast as lightning, he rushed toward the place where the Jade Lake’s fairy was.

“Nangong Liuyun you keep on saying that you like me, but when all’s said and done, in your heart she is still more important.”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose into a faint and bitter laugh such that even she did not realize. A poignant and acerbic meaning was mixed within her bitter laughter.

Now Su Luo finally understood why the Jade Lake’s fairy was smiling before with such a hidden meaning.

This woman, her appearance and martial arts, were both viewed as at the top. In addition, her sophisticated shrewdness and scheming was also very deep. And on top of that her extraordinary family background… Gods were truly generous in their treatment of her, providing her with a gifted advantage.

As expected, this kind of talented person was really Nangong Liuyun’s perfect match. How could she, Su Luo, the unfavored, good-for-nothing, common woman from a Great General’s Manor be considered as something?

Su Luo coldly smiled, set aside all her negative mood and started to size up the small tree house.

The small tree house was very clean, roughly about ten square meters of space. Inside the tree house, besides the woven mat spread on the floor there was nothing else.

Su Luo motionlessly and quietly sat in the small tree house.

Perhaps it was because of the loneliness of a person being isolated in the way she was, but Su Luo’s thoughts had a strong feeling of disappointment.

In her previous life, she had been a renown assassin, who was the cause of the sentencing and the obliteration of numerous people. The vast majority of the people were just a mark to her.

But ever since having arrived in this world, she frequently felt as though she was being thwarted by the gods.

Here she was, only a member of the ordinary people. She could rely on her previous incarnation’s skills to defeat a first ranked Su Wan. However, if she were to genuinely battle it out with the second ranked Su Xi, she may not necessarily be able to win.

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