DKC – Chapter 738

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Chapter 738 – Su Luo’s Death (8)

Hearing Su Luo’s hidden mockery, a cold light flashed through the Jade Lake’s fairy’s eyes.

Although she had not personally seen it, she had however heard her older brother mention that Su Luo’s spirit pet had toyed with Second Uncle until he was running around in circles.

Even though she was already at the peak of the sixth rank, her strength was still too far away from that little bastard’s!

Thinking this, the Jade Lake’s fairy snorted a few times and she swept a cold glance over
Su Luo once again.

She had a trump card in her hands but now was not the right time.

Su Luo, I’ll let you live for just a few more days.

The Jade Lake’s fairy played with the Fire Source Stones in her hand by tossing them around and looked disdainfully at Su Luo. Instead, her sleeve danced in the air as she quickly flew away.

Su Luo secretly wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

Fortunately, she left after falling for her bluff. If they were truly to fight, without the help of the little divine dragon, the odds of her winning would be zero.

However… the Jade Lake’s fairy had played with two Fire Source Stones, flipping them in her hands. And now she still hadn’t found a single one.

Worthy of being the Jade Lake’s fairy that had the entire map of this place. This was like taking advantage of a divine opportunity.

Just when Su Luo was silently cursing her.

Suddenly, she noticed that the surroundings were eerily quiet, an uneasy premonition appeared in her heart.

Su Luo condensed all the spirit energy in her body, forming it to automatically defend, while at the same time her gaze guardedly inspected her surroundings.

“Thump, thump, thump——”

An orderly sound came from up front.

Su Luo raised her head to look. She discovered that a dense group of demon soldiers wielding weapons was directly rushing towards her!

So many demon soldiers…

Su Luo’s heart jolted powerfully. She turned around and was just about to run back.

However, now there were also thump, thump, thump sounds of footsteps coming from behind her.

The bad premonition in Su Luo’s heart grew even more intense. She took a glance backward and what she saw made her thoroughly depressed.

She discovered that behind her, there was another huge group of demon soldiers rushing toward her.

The two groups were at her front and back, surrounding her in the middle, forming a pincer attack.

Rendering the originally very narrow passageway blocked until it was sealed air-tight.

Su Luo visually estimated that when the two groups of demon soldiers were added together, there were at least hundreds of demon soldiers.

However, why were these demons soldiers looking to find her?

The image of that strange smile the Jade Lake’s fairy had before she left popped up in her mind and she suddenly understood.

This was definitely Li Yaoyao’s secret scheme.

Getting someone else to do her dirty work, she was really smart!

“Rustle, wham——” The demon soldiers from both sides, without distinguishing friend from foe, raised their weapons and struck towards Su Luo.

In front of the demon soldiers was a formidably strong demon king. By looking at them, the two demon kings’ strengths were at the fifth rank.

Without mentioning the demon soldiers, just the spit from every one of them would already drown her.

What to do?

Su Luo’s heart became deeply worried.

Based on her current strength, how could she defeat so many demon soldiers? She really didn’t know how Li Yaoyao had drawn them here!

Su Luo originally thought of shrinking her stature down to make her way under them.

However, seeing those demon soldiers crowding together like ants, she immediately give up on this idea.

She saw that the two groups of demon soldiers were about to descend on her in a pincer attack. Just at the moment when the swords they waved were about to chop down——

Su Luo quickly used her foot to push off from the ground and her figure shot forth like a fierce bullet!

Her two feet pushed off on the smooth walls, borrowing the strength to build her momentum. All of a sudden, she shot out further, going several tens of meters away!

These demon soldiers were all made out of spirit energy. Their actions seemed to have been pre-programmed, without sufficient flexibility.

As a result, only after Su Luo had jumped out a hundred meters away did they realize that the person was no longer there.


The two demon kings brandished their glittering long swords and charged fiercely toward Su Luo.

Other than being a bit slow and inflexible, the strength of these demon soldiers were all pretty good. Their speed was even weirder.

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