DKC – Chapter 731

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Chapter 731 – Su Luo’s Death (1)

Everyone below had a huge exclamation mark pinned to their foreheads as they stared incredulously at Apothecary Leng.

“This is absolutely impossible!” After Li Aoqiong heard the announced results, he immediately jumped out.

Following Li Aoqiong’s example, everyone issued their own disbelief in succession.

“How can this be possible? Isn’t the Su family’s girl an Elementary Apothecary?”

“How can Su Luo get full marks? How can she be comparable to the Jade Lake’s fairy?”

“There must be a mistake somewhere! Definitely a mistake!”

“Even if you kill me, I still won’t believe it. Su Luo actually got full marks? Don’t tell me she started to learn Apothecary theory and knowledge while in the womb?”

“In the past, wasn’t she a starry-eyed, infatuated, good-for-nothing idiot? How is it that all of a sudden, she has now… become one of those extremely gifted geniuses?”

For a moment, the entire throne room became extremely chaotic. It was a scene of whispering, spirited discussions and noisy arguments.

Because, this fact was really too astonishing! Even the emperor was dumbfounded at this moment, stupidly staring at Su Luo, as his entire person sat there like a clay statue.

This is the legendary idiotic and incompetent Su Luo? This is the Su Luo who was stubbornly despised by the crown prince, then had the engagement cancelled? This is Su Zian’s embarrassment of a daughter birthed by a concubine?

This was just the so-called amateurs watching a spectacle, while the experts saw the truth. Apothecary Leng was the one who was genuinely shocked to a stand still!

In fact, on the surface, Apothecary Leng looked solemn and calm. In fact, his heart was even more shocked than these outright amateurs!

Because, ten days ago, all of those books were actually taken from him. Such a thick pile, there were no less than a hundred volumes… Additionally- Additionally, the most important thing was that inside consisted of Elementary Apothecary theory books, Intermediate Apothecary theory books, Advanced Apothecary theory books… This girl couldn’t really have become a self-made genius from ten days of study, could she?!!!

That girl was able to answer all of the test questions. Then, clearly, she really did learn and memorize it all by heart.

But, so many volumes… It took him a full ten years to memorize and fully understand all of them. Oh, heavens. Comparing one person with another will really cause people to die from anger.

At this time, inside Apothecary Leng’s heart, Su Luo was totally an evildoer!

Regardless of other reasons, only this point of innate gift, Apothecary Leng’s mind was decided. No matter what, he would get his master to accept Su Luo as a disciple.

After all, such a gifted talent like this was rarely seen on this continent.

Not only Apothecary Leng, Beichen Ying and the others, at this time, were all looking at Su Luo with foolishly blank expressions. They simply did not know how to react.

Beichen Ying’s reaction was the most instinctive.

“Sister-in-law, quickly pinch me!” He felt like he was dreaming.

Dared to look down on her? Su Luo humphed twice. She then seized Beichen Ying’s arm and pinched it.

“Ouch, it hurts, it hurts!” Beichen Ying’s performance was extremely exaggerated in nature.

“Now, you believe it, right?” Su Luo had her hands crossed over her arms, looking immensely proud as she cast sidelong glances at him.

“I believe it, I believe it. Sister-in-law is truly awesome! You’re this!” Beichen Ying flatteringly gave a thumbs-up.

“This is more like it.” Su Luo nodded her head in satisfaction.

At this time, Beichen Ying and the others, the three of them, looked at each other in dismay.

In the end, it was Beichen Ying who issued a line that summed up their feelings: “No matter who we doubt, we cannot doubt Sister-in-Law. Hold whoever in contempt, cannot hold Su Luo in contempt ah…”

Thinking about before, counting the numerous past events.

Each time, everyone held Su Luo in contempt. And the result was that each time, Su Luo would turn defeat into victory. Every kind of feeling, Beichen Ying and them were already used to it.

Lan Xuan and Anye Ming hurriedly nodded: This was the truth.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly.

In fact, this time, it really was coincidental. It seemed as if even heaven itself was intentionally standing on her side.

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