DKC – Chapter 705

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Chapter 705 – The matter of accepting a disciple (5)

He started to call her Luoluo again? A mocking sneer flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. However, her face remained calm and she pretended to be at a loss: “Daddy, you never asked, oh.”

Su Zian was choked off and immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation: “Your mother and brother are already ill in that kind of condition. However, after seeing them like that, you never thought of asking for help from Apothecary Leng? How could you be this heartless?”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a shallow sneer: “I am heartless? Then, can I ask Daddy what was the reason why they became like this? This is called you reap what you sow. The amount of salt that Daddy has eaten is more than the amount of rice that I have eaten, naturally, you should understand.”

Su Luo was not even a bit polite to him.

“You—— you this loathsome girl!” Su Zian’s heart was extremely angry.

Actually, just now, when he heard Apothecary Leng’s words, he had great expectations for Su Luo. However, he didn’t know why when he saw her, his anger would immediately rise upwards, to the extent that now, he was put in an awkward situation.

Apothecary Leng sent a ferocious glare at Su Zian: “You dare to curse at my friend? You truly have guts! Su Zian, do you wish to die!”

Su Zian’s eyes opened really wide.

Apothecary Leng, who always had an eccentric temperament, would actually stick up for Su Luo? Moreover, he actually disregarded his status and scolded him……wasn’t this too many facts being overturned?

Su Xi was even more furious, secretly biting her gums.

Why is this little slut’s luck so good!

First, she was protected by His Highness Prince Jin. Now that His Highness Prince Jin had left, there was Apothecary Leng who stuck up for her! This was simply too maddening!

Su Luo’s indifferent gaze swept past their faces.

Looks like Su Manor, this wolves den, it’s better that she avoid it as soon as possible. So as not to find herself having more punishments to suffer through.

Thinking this far, Su Luo smiled shallowly: “Apothecary Leng is already here. If Father has something to say, then please say it to Apothecary Leng yourself, why drag me into it?”

However, Apothecary Leng simply did not give Su Zian the chance to speak. He pulled Su Luo, and turned around to immediately walk away: “Little great aunt, time is already getting short, why are you still paying attention to the messes of these people?”

Su Luo laughed: “What matter could be so urgent?”

“You have a big chance to become my junior apprentice sister. If you were delayed by these people, then it will be too late for regrets in this lifetime.” After saying this, Apothecary Leng completely ignored the roomful of people and pulled Su Luo to quickly leave.

As a result, Su Zian could only stare helplessly as Apothecary Leng took Su Luo away.

Hate secretly filled Su Xi’s heart. Her mouth loudly cursed: “Grandmaster Rong Yun would take an interest in her? She has the capabilities to replace the Jade Lake’s fairy? Stop daydreaming! If that slut can really become his disciple then, I……I will swallow this chair!”

Su Zian glanced back and glared at Su Xi very fiercely. Those watching eyes filled with a deep, dark cold light made Su Xi frantic……..

“Daddy…..” She tried to act like a spoiled child, normally, this trick would be very effective.

However, Su Zian turned his hand and just slapped her: “Disappointing thing!”

Obviously, the person Apothecary Leng had a preference for wasn’t her. However, she still had the face to tacitly agree to it in front of him, to the extent that he produced such a big disgraceful scene!

If she had said it a bit earlier, he would have treated Su Luo a lot better earlier, and things would not have become as terrible as it was now.

Su Xi was suddenly slapped stupid by that hit.

She covered her inflamed right cheek, crying full of being wronged. Her face was full of disbelief as she muttered to herself. “Daddy you hit me, you actually hit me……”

“Loathsome girl! Your brother and your mother had become like this, everything’s your fault!” Su Zian had unresolved wrath.

Su Zian currently had pent-up frustration received from Apothecary Leng and Su Luo, that currently had nowhere to vent. By chance Su Xi approached, then she could only become his punching bag.

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  1. Chicken says:

    Oh yes, tacitly agreeing with that outright denial and confusion

  2. Nanika says:

    Su zian is abusing his child!!! That’s child abuse!!! I call for capital punishment!!!

    • ardent_wombat says:

      It wasn’t always called child abuse you know. In the time period this is framed in I think it would instead be called family matters.

  3. Phantomhive17 says:

    Pfffft– Lmao, so he doesn’t care. So what if his wife and son is in danger? If his sife and son did some mistake he would probably be the one to kill ’em. Lol, some big shots logic.

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    How in all the fantasy in this world has that dude-bro/alcoholic abusive/back bending man gotten his position as a freaking leader in the army with or without the help of the Su family Apothecary?

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    Poor Su Xi…NOT. Don’t really mind if that idiotic Su Zian slap her a bit more. Well I’m excited on how Su Luo will be chosen to become the disciple…well I hope she does get chosen. 😆
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  6. Eunie says:

    Poor Su Xi…NOT. Don’t really mind if that idiotic Su Zian slap her a bit more. Well I’m excited on how Su Luo will be chosen to become the disciple…well I hope she does get chosen. 😆
    Thanks for the awesome chapter!l 😊😁

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