DKC – Chapter 703

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Chapter 703 – The matter of accepting a disciple (3)

However, before the servants could leave, Su Xi, who was dressed up properly like a new person, appeared in the hall.

“Daddy, you called for me?” Su Xi walked up and intimately wrapped her hands around Su Zian’s arm.

“Xi’er, come over to pay your respects to Apothecary Leng. Just now, Apothecary Leng was looking for you.” Su Zian pulled Su Xi along to greet Apothecary Leng.

“Xi’er is very mischievous and not thoughtful, could it be that Apothecary Leng likes this…..” Su Zian said while smiling.

Su Xi was pulled along by Su Zian and was just about to kneel in front of Apothecary Leng; but, Apothecary Leng suddenly stood up.

“Su Zian, are you playing tricks on this apothecary?” Apothecary Leng was displeased as he glared at Su Zian.

“Eh?” Su Zian was very puzzled. What was wrong with Apothecary Leng? What did he do wrong?

“Why would this apothecary be fond of this girl? Where did this come from? You must explain it to this apothecary clearly!” Apothecary Leng’s attitude was always eccentric and irascible, towards people who were unpleasant to his eyes, he would never show mercy or give them face.

“This……” Su Zian’s expression was bewildered.

Wasn’t this what you, as an elder, had said yourself earlier? This elder had praised that Xi’er was good with every word and forbade me from bullying her. Why was he going back on his words now?

Su Zian’s heart was extremely puzzled, however, he could not say it so bluntly with these words. As a result, he could only timidly say: “Elder, the person you wanted to see……. isn’t Xi’er?”

“What Xi’er, Dong’er (1), this apothecary doesn’t know any of them!!” Apothecary Leng had his hands folded behind his back, then arrogantly and childishly turned his head away.

The corner of Su Zian’s mouth immediately had a suffering expression, but he also became more doubtful: In the end, where did it go wrong?

When Su Xi heard Apothecary Leng’s words, she immediately became unhappy.

What Xi’er, Dong’er? Wasn’t Apothecary Leng treating her just like any stray cat or dog? How could he be so disrespectful to her?

Su Xi scowled and coldly said: “Apothecary Leng, how could you say it like that!”

Su Zian hurriedly covered Su Xi’s mouth!

This loathsome girl had truly dared to say it!

Who was Apothecary Leng, he was an Elite Apothecary oh! Ever since Grandmaster Rong Yun had arrived, everybody had found out Apothecary Leng’s other identity, which was Grandmaster Rong Yun’s first disciple.

Su Xi, this girl, actually dared to contradict him, did she not want to live?

The corner of Apothecary Leng’s mouth had a taunting sneer: “This is that whatever Xi’er? Tsk, tsk, tsk, how can this apothecary think highly of her? Su Zian, are your eyes decorations or is your brain an ornament?”


The servants outside simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air.

Apothecary Leng was truly egotistical and sharp, his poisonous tongue could cause a person’s death.

Their family’s Master was the Great General that protects the nation, when was he ever pointed at and cursed in the face by others?

Speaking of Su Zian right now, his heart was angry as well as furious. But, he could only endure it silently as he squeezed out a rigid smile at the corner of his mouth: “Then, if it is like this, Apothecary Leng has identified the wrong person. Our Su Manor does not have the person you are looking for.”

Su Zian rigidly clenched his fists, proving that his anger inside was rolling over and over.

Apothecary Leng pointed at Su Zian with one hand, appearing to be very resentful of Su Zian for not meeting his expectations: “This apothecary just knows that you do not have good eyesight, and especially reminded you of this. However, I never expected that it’s not that you don’t have eyesight, rather, you are totally blind!”

“Apothecary Leng, our Su Manor truly does not have……” Su Zian also had a temper, and also, his temper was not good. But, in front of Apothecary Leng, he could only continue to endure.

“Bullshit! Isn’t Su Luo your daughter? Isn’t she in your manor? You would dare to go so far as to lie in front of this apothecary’s face! Su Zian, you have big guts!” Apothecary Leng glared at him.

Su Luo???

Su Zian suddenly became motionless as if struck by lightning.



1) Xi’er, Dong’er: This is a play on Su Xi’s given name Xi (溪), which in Chinese, is pronounced the same as the word for West. Dong is 东 the Chinese for East. So Apothecary Leng is saying ‘what East child West child’.

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