DKC – Chapter 700

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Chapter 700 – The grieving Li family (7)

“Hahahahaha, it hurts so much I could die, quickly save me.” Beichen Ying laughed until even tears came out, “You guys go quickly, continue spreading it. This time, spread around about the Jade Lake’s Palace Master’s wife’s lover!”

Watching the servants go after accepting his order, Beichen Ying finished laughing and slowly wiped away the wet spot made by the tears.

Only after Beichen Ying took a few deep breaths did he calm down.

That day, Li Aoqiong chased them until they looked disheveled and downtrodden, especially Luoluo, who almost died by his hands. This sort of hatred, how could he not take revenge?

The moment he thought of that day’s scene where Su Luo’s neck was being gripped so forcefully, a hint of malicious ruthlessness flashed across Beichen Ying’s usually sunshine-filled handsome face.

Those rumours were completely planned and executed by Beichen Ying and his group of people, Su Luo did not actually participate in it.

When she woke up, she found that the rumors outside were already like this.

However, the Jade Lake’s Palace wasn’t entirely without countermeasures. At least, with the Jade Lake’s fairy taking action, these rumours were suppressed very quickly.

The news of Grandmaster Rong Yun arriving at the imperial capital was actually released by Li Yaoyao.

At the same time of releasing this piece of news, she also spread around the matter of Grandmaster Rong Yun about to take Li Yaoyao as a disciple being the most important and high-profile point.

Li Yaoyao was deeply well-versed in the weaknesses of gossipping rumours.

Gossiped rumours had a time of effectiveness and if there was something that had even more explosive interest, then the previous rumour would be drowned out.

So, when the news about Grandmaster Rong Yun wanting to accept Li Yaoyao as a disciple spread, the entire imperial capital was stunned.

It was not just the entire imperial capital, even the entire Eastern Ling and the entire continent’s strong experts were all simultaneously stunned.

Grandmaster Rong Yun, until now, only had Leng Yan as his only disciple.

If Jade Lake’s fairy paid her respects to Grandmaster Rong Yun as a disciple, then Jade Lake’s Palace’s ranking among the ten largest aristocratic families would inevitably lean near the front once more.

For a period of time, almost all eyes were focused on Eastern Ling Empire’s imperial capital, taking note of every movement there.

Rather, during these few days, the depressing atmosphere that the Jade Lake’s Li family had a few days before became the total opposite – a lively and prosperous scene decorated with lanterns and coloured banners.

Jade Lake’s Li family was in high energy, while inside the Su home, it was quiet.

Inside the study.

Su Zian was sitting upright at the side of the desk, his brows furrowed.

He looked at the envelope in his hands. His complexion was suddenly dark and gloomy, clouded with uncertainty.

In fact, this letter had already reached his hands a few days ago. At the time, the one who had delivered the letter was a Jade Lake’s inner disciple.

Their attitude had been just as arrogant and disdainful as before.

However, at the time, after the letter was delivered, the imperial capital very quickly surged up with crazy rumors about Jade Lake’s Li family’s scandal.

At the time, Su Zian could not help but rejoice in someone else’s misfortune in his heart. So, he naturally shelved this letter into a corner.

However, a millennium old aristocratic family proved itself to be a millennium old aristocratic family. Their inside information was deep, definitely not a family that could be taken down by something small-scale done once or twice.

The moment Li Yaoyao pays respects to Grandmaster Rong Yun as his disciple, under this sky, who would dare to gossip indiscriminately about them?

So, Su Zian, who began to feel even more pressure, pulled out the letter from the deepest parts of the drawer and brought it out once more.

The content of this letter was very simple. There were only a few strokes, very simply, a single line.

Have Su Luo banished from the Su Manor!

Yes, it was just these simple eight words.

However, these eight words landed Su Zian in a profoundly difficult situation.

If it had been half a year ago, when this letter from the Jade Lake’s Li family had arrived without even being said, Su Zian would comply with the request. He wouldn’t even be a little bit hesitant and sad about it.

However, now, the situation was not so simple.

Firstly, not even mentioning how in this past half a year, Su Luo, that smelly girl’s, strength had advanced by leaps and bounds. Just speaking of her relationship with His Highness Prince Jin.

Just this point alone, he could not bear to let her go.

However, if he did not obey Jade Lake’s Li family… A hint of haze flashed across Su Zian’s eyes.

What to do? Just exactly what should he do that would be the best choice for him and for Su Manor?

Su Zian sank into deep tangled thoughts.

This day, Grandmaster Rong Yan complied with Emperor Jing’s invitation for him to enter the palace.

And astonishingly, accompanying by his side happened to be the Jade Lake’s fairy.

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