DKC – Chapter 669

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Chapter 669 – At the time when leaving (1)

Su Luo stood up and tidied her dress, only after this did she leave. Before leaving, she instructed the servants: “Madam Su had been kicked by the master, and her injuries are very serious. This Miss will go invite Apothecary Leng.”

At the moment, Madam Su was provoked by Su Luo’s words, but her entire body was already unable to move, she was even unable to speak.

Her two eyes became perfectly round as she rigidly glared at Su Luo. Her eyes were filled with hatred.

However, Su Luo merely smiled indifferently, apathetically glanced at Madam Su and Su Jingyu, then turned and left without any reluctance.

This matter, she didn’t regret one bit of it.

If someone was to be blamed, then blame Madam Su and Su Jingyu, who were fine until they insisted on thinking of this plan against her.

From the start, Su Jingyu pretended to have been seriously injured. It was to the degree that Su Zian nearly tied her up to send her to beg the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Apothecary Leng’s appearance completely destroyed their plans. Furthermore, after one plan had failed, they hatched another plan. And that was to feed Su Jingyu poison, while only the Jade Lake’s Li family had the antidote. As a result, Su Zian would still tie Su Luo up to go and beg for forgiveness from the Jade Lake’s fairy.

However, nobody had expected that at the last moment, Su Luo was able to bring out a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water. In addition, it was even High Grade Celestial Spirit Water, and the medicine’s efficiency was extremely good. Thus, the Jade Lake’s fairy and Madam Su’s plans failed miserably again.

But, how could Su Luo let herself suffer a loss in vain? This entire matter was already within her own plans.

Thus, Su Luo disguised herself as the black-clothed person. Because her mouth was covered by black cloth and Su Luo could meticulously imitate the Jade Lake’s fairy’s tone of voice, as a result, Madam Su was unable to recognize that it was her.

Also, as a result, Su Luo was able to successfully frame the Jade Lake’s fairy as the criminal who poisoned them.

Because before, that time, it really was the Jade Lake’s fairy who had poisoned Su Jingyu. As a result, it’s as if the Jade Lake’s fairy had poured yellow mud on the crotch of her trousers, even if it’s not shit, it’s still shit. She could only accept this accusation.

Not only was this able to make Su Jingyu lay paralyzed in bed, but it also made Su Zian reject Madam Su. In the end, it also successfully framed the Jade Lake’s fairy. Su Luo called this gaining three advantages in one move.

From her perspective, Madam Su was already no longer a threat, and Su Jingyu had also become a cripple.

Looking at this huge Su Manor, penetrated by a cold and cheerless atmosphere, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved into a bitter smile.

She had no intention of harming anyone. But in the end, due to all these people in Su Manor moving against her, they had dug their own graves, truly very amusing.

First it was Su Wan, then Su Qing, now it was Su Jingyu and Madam Su……. hopefully Su Xi and Su Zian would be able to recognize reality, and won’t come to frame her again, otherwise…….

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into a faint smile, her figure quickly disappearing from the place where she stood.

Leng Manor.

Outside, at the gates of Leng Manor.

Apothecary Leng had angrily flung his sleeves and returned to his manor. Leng Manor’s gate closed heavily with a ‘BANG’ sound.

The door shut out Su Xi and Su Zian who were right behind, chasing after him.

The steward guarded the gate and angrily glared at them: “A good dog does not obstruct the road, quickly leave, leave! Leng Manor does not welcome you!”

His master rarely dropped his prestige to go and give these influential families examinations. Who would have known that they would be this indiscriminating. They actually dared to make a fool out of their master, truly too hateful!

The steward closed the door with a loud ‘bang’ sound, locking Su Zian and Su Xi outside the gate.

Su Zian became extremely anxious.

With one hand, he pressed down Su Xi’s head: “Kneel down, quickly kneel down and admit our mistake to Apothecary Leng! Quickly!”

He hoped that Apothecary Leng would reconsider on Su Xi’s behalf to be lenient and properly treat Jingyu’s illness. Otherwise his son would truly be wasted!

Su Xi was heavily pressed down to the ground, because of the violent force, her knees immediately gave a burst of intense pain.

“Daddy…..” Su Xi tasted pain, her eye sockets were full of tears.

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