DKC – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – To tell you a secret (1)

Su Luo saw, these people were not strangers, but Liu Ruohua’s schoolmates.

Su Luo’s facial expression remained as steady as a statue, and with a relaxed manner, she unhurriedly withdraws her hands from Nangong Liuyun’s palms. She looked nonchalantly towards Nangong Liuyun only to be meet with his dark, unwelcoming expression.

“Who wounded Ruohua? Quickly get your ass out here——” Liu Weiming loudly shouted. However when he saw Nangong Liuyun, his throat suddenly seized up as if being choked by someone. His looked as if they would pop out of their sockets from staring too hard. In the end, he swallowed the last part of the sentence and was unable to make another sound.

J-J-Jin, his highness, Prince Jin….How could it be him?

Nangong Liuyun leisurely leaned on the wooden chair. From his extremely stern, noble, and handsome face an expression of toying with someone slowly emerged. A nefarious and demonically alluring smile appeared as his gaze became dense and overcast with ice that could penetrate into the very bone marrow of the people who saw it. “This king caused the injuries. What about it?”

He was currently issuing a kind of incomparable imposing manner, like a giant taking one step and making the earth tremble and mountains shake. Such an insufferably arrogant manner and unrestrained ego.

Liu Wei was suffering from shock and terror. He had never thought that he would actually encounter his highness Prince Jin here. Moreover, just a moment ago he had gone so far as to loudly insult his highness. He was really… truly damned!

As he considered all these factors, his forehead became covered with sweat, flowing down drop by drop. His face was so ashen-white that it was frightening to behold.

Nangong Liuyun looked disdainfully out of the corner of his eyes, his gaze shone with cold electric light. “Anything else?”

At this very moment, he seem like a giant with a head that carried the sky and feet on the ground. High beyond belief, while at the same time,possessing a seemingly regal grandeur.

How could Liu Weiming dare to sputter even half a word more? His rigid face nevertheless squeezed out a smile, the depth of his eyes full of alarm, eagerly answered. “No, nothing your highness please don’t mind me and enjoy your meal… take your time….”

In front of Prince Jin, he was scared to even exhale audibly. He lowered his eyelids, very quickly bowed and retreat out of the room. He also very mindfully closed the door after himself.

Behind him there were people who did not recognize Prince Jin. They still hot-bloodedly wanted to rush in but were restrained by Liu Weiming’s firm death grip.

Because Liu Weiming quite clearly understood, if the action was taken by Prince Jin, then he was afraid that Liu Ruohua’s wrist was severed in vain. Even if her own father personally sought out redress, he would also return without success.

Besides, having offended his highness Prince Jin but to only lose one arm. That should be considered getting off lightly, no? Liu Ruohua had no other choice than to take this as a lesson in demanding too much good fortune for oneself.

Out of all the people she could have offended… against all expectations! Who told her to go and rile up the living version of the Hell King, Yama, his highness Prince Jin?

Seeing Liu Weiming straight away retreat out with deference, Su Luo was somewhat surprised.

She knows that Prince Jin’s reputation was quite great. It had even, at some times, appeared to be quite scary. However, she could never have believed that he would actually be terrifying to such a degree.

The other side had their wrist chopped off and was so afraid that they couldn’t even breath heavily, so where would they find the courage to dare to demand justice?

Was Nangong Liuyun’s reputation always this frightful? Su Luo, with one hand supporting her bright and cleanly tapered chin, curiously looked at Nangong Liuyun from top to bottom. She carefully took his measure, as if it was the first time that she meet him.

“You want to look at me that much? Want a more in-depth look?” Nangong Liuyun laugh was really infuriating. He pulled Su Luo’s hand to touch inside the cloth covering his chest.

No… it was the exact same. Not even a tiny bit terrifying. Su Luo subconsciously shooked her head.

“Are you shocked,” said Nangong Liuyun as he ruminatively rubbed her head.

He knew what she was thinking about. His tender and gentle side was only displayed in front of her, so how could she ever possibly imagine his savage side in front of others.

“In the end which side your is real self? Su Luo’s face held a quiet, content, and untroubled smiling expression, like the dewy pear blossom: refreshingly clean and alluringly beautiful.

“Which side do you like?” Nangong’s thin, pink lips, with a quisitive demeanor raised somewhat slightly. A serious expression flashed past the depths of his eyes, so fast that normal men and women wouldn’t have been able to catch it.

This question was very difficult to answer. Regardless of which side you picked to answer, both included the word like. Nangong Liuyun, this cunning old fox, would be so bold as to use innocent words as a trap for her to jump into.

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    Also, I just know this is an author issue, not a translation problem, but what the heck is a bright jaw? Does her pointy chin glow? Why the endlessly flowery descriptions of every body part? Why repeat them one or twice per chapter for each body part? Did they get paid by the word. I am glad the pace picks up later, because if it carried on at this rate we’d need another generation to finish getting anywhere past the glowing chins and the calm, laughing, angry, indifferent (all at the same time) eyes like clear mountain lakes in the crispy winter soothing spring blazing summery autumnal haze of sunshine….
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