DKC – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – To tell you a secret (2)

Su Luo’s pair of eyes were like water, but her speech held icy-coldness. It seemed as if she could see through everything. As she gazed at the sky outside of the window, she smiled faintly. “I don’t know, but I do know that I like myself the most.”

“Girl, I also like you the most too.” Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix-like eyes narrowed slightly. His eyes resembled clear ocean water on their surface, but a half smile seemed filled with half truths like the murky depths below.

“Then wouldn’t you be suffering a huge loss?” Su Luo’s words secretly held a double meaning.

“This king never invests in a losing business.” Nangong Liuyun’s smiled like a sly fox that had been cultivating for a millennium. Phoenix eyes narrowed again, and his entire person give off an indolent impression. “Don’t believe me? Hmm… How about we make a bet then?

“Not betting!” It certainly would be another case of the winner is king and the loser warms the bed. Su Luo was not going to play the fool again.

Just then, a fit of noisy quarrelling could be heard coming from the first floor lobby.

Numerous soldiers had encircled the entire restaurant and formed a densely packed, impenetrable formation such that not even a fly could escape.

After the senior provincial official Zhao found out the news about his son’s death, his entire body almost collapsed. He secured a pike to his back, then straddling the back of a horse, he sped over to the restaurant at a whirlwind’s speed.

Just when Liu Weiming and his companions were discussing when they should take their leave, the troops Official Zhao brought just happen to conveniently arrive to detain them at the door.

Both sides were at a standoff, as neither was willing to yield.

Liu Ruohua carried the weight of young master Zhao’s murder such that even her death could not wipe out the crimes.* Official Zhao’s heart was already set on getting revenge for his son!

He obstinately clung to one course of action; today he must fetch Liu Ruohua’s head which sat on top of her neck… Even the fact that her father was the Prime Minister could not change Official Zhao’s original intentions.

But how could Liu Weiming and his companions agree to this? Each and everyone of them was from one of the large and influential families of the imperial court. The elders’ governmental positions of everyone of their families, when presented, were all higher than Official Zhao’s.

Thus, both sides started to battle it out.

Official Zhao could not be compared to his useless, spineless-coward of a son. He was after all a formidable fifth ranked martial artist. Just one masterful feint from his lance would be very difficult for even a few people to withstand.

In the end, because of this domineering strength, Liu Ruohua’s party finished having suffered a crushing defeat.

Official Zhao’s long pike rested on top of Liu Ruohua’s shoulder, as its sharp tip murderously glittered like frost and snow.

Official Zhao’s grim appearance was similar to a demon’s that had come from Hell. His face was covered with a dense aura of death as he ominously said, “ kill yourself or be killed, pick one.”

At this time, Liu Ruohua’s blood from her severed wrist had already stopped flowing. Her face was ashen-white like a piece of white paper, and she could barely even stand upright. However, she was not even a bit panicked. Coldly smiling, she said, “you, but an insignificant official, dare to threaten this young lady? Believe it or not, in no time at all, this young lady will have you in shackles and thrown in jail!”

Official Zhao’s expression remained somber, and his whole persons was ice-cold and violently ruthless. “Will you kill yourself or do you want to be killed?”

His expression was terribly frightening. It could even be compared to a devil that had fought its way out of a blood-soaked arena of purgatory, frigidly cold without a trace of emotions.

Official Zhao had spent his whole life obsessed with practice and cultivation, thus he had neglected to discipline his son, leading to this tragic event. Consequently he blamed himself. Still to shield his pride from own shortcomings, he absolutely would not let the murderer of his son escape.

Even if she was a woman, even if she was the Prime Minister’s daughter!

Liu Ruohua saw the merciless killing intent on Official Zhao’s face, and a trace of fear flared from her heart. But she calmly remained unyielding and maintained a cold expression “You want to kill me? Have you asked his highness Prince Jin, yet?”

His highness Prince Jin? Suddenly a thread of shocked terror appeared on Official Zhao’s face, who had been caught up in the frenzied circumstances.

His highness Prince Jin was absolutely a stunning existence in the hearts of martial artist.

Since the beginning of the continent’s history, his innate skill was counted as number two. At less than twenty years of age, he had already advanced to the sixth rank. Rumor has it that he was already at the peak of the six rank, and not far from entering the threshold of the seventh rank.

Such a genius who wouldn’t worship? Moreover, who would dared to be his enemy?

“His highness Prince Jin?” Official Zhao frowned, repeating the last sentence. Was it because his useless son committed an offense against his highness Prince Jin, that had provoked his death?


*death could not wipe out the crimes – dreadful crimes that rankled even after the perpetrator is dead.

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