DKC – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 – To save people from calamity (4)

“What do you mean, ‘how’s it going to be dealt with’?” Su Luo tilted up her fair, delicate, small, palm sized face and her pair of beautiful, vivid, moving eyes.

“Not easy to deceive, eh,” Nangong Liuyun’s slim, white, glossy forefinger curled toward her exquisite nose.

If it were concerning other women, he, Nangong Liuyun, just had to know how many women he wanted, and he would get that many. With a simply motion of his fingers, he could have countless young ladies voluntarily delivering themselves to his door. Only this girl, without exception, would not be taken in by his deception.

But this way was even better, as it further aroused his determination to chase after her. He must get her.

Su Luo irritatedly threw him a glance.

Honestly speaking, Nangong Liuyun had an extraordinarily beautiful and youthful appearance.

A pitch-black and profound set of pretty, arrogant eyes. He had bright eyes and white teeth, one distinctly light, thin pair of lips, which seemed as if they were plumped from the taste of cinnabar. There was also his highest quality of languid, devilish charm. He had a seemingly unsurpassed grace and bearing, priceless beauty, and was both leisurely and romantic.

“Then carefully watch the play, and don’t let your mind randomly wander off.” Su Luo with a somewhat reluctant expression shot him a cold stare. She then turned her face away from him, thus she did not see the wry smile that flashed through the depths of his eyes .

At this point in time, the fight in the lobby had long gone past its climax. And only now, it had came to an end.

Those people who chose to become bodyguards, generally did not have a high level of martial arts skill, so this very fight had already been predetermined to be Zhao family’s defeat.

Even though they had many men and great strength when swarming with these numbers, but how can they hope to last against these little geniuses from the Imperial school: that had came out to improve through experience?

Very quickly, the bodyguards from Zhao family had all been decapitated. One could call them so dead that they could never die again.

At this time, the blood flowed through the lobby like a river, from the mess of about a dozen fallen corpse. The tragic sight was simply a spectacle too horrible to endure.

Miss Liu ran over, pulled up the pair of kinsfolk that were crying so hard that they could no longer stand on their own. Wearing an excited expression, she said. “ Rest assured, in the future nobody will dare to bully you guys! Quickly, stop kneeling and stand up. Get up!”

Miss Liu on one side believed she had conferred her kindness to these people; and on the other side, her meaningful gaze had not forgotten to aim itself towards the second floor where Su Luo was.

Her expression was noticed by Su Luo right away, but Su Luo did not say anything. She only used the corner of her eyes to glance at Nangong Liuyun.

Looks like it’s another disaster that will come out because of this evildoer Nangong Liuyun.

It went without saying, sometimes the accuracy of a woman’s intuition was really scary.

Miss Liu saw the two kinsfolk from before, blankly kneeling in the original place with a numb expression. She can’t help stomping her foot! “I told you not to keep kneeling. Rooting out the strong to give people peace is the duty of us martial artist. You guys don’t have to be so grateful towards me.”

“Pah——” Su Luo could not hold back any longer, as she had almost spitting out a mouthful of water.

It turned out, this Miss Liu actually thought that those people kneeling and refusing to get up were because they were too grateful for her actions. However, they really didn’t know of a good way to tell her the truth.

“Who?” Miss Liu’s ears were sharp, and hearing the sound of ridicule, thump, thump, thump, she ran up. Her eyes directly locked onto Su Luo. “Was it you, before, who was laughing at me?”

However, by the time she saw Su Luo’s face, her eyes opened really wide, as if extremely shocked.

“You, you are….” Miss Liu simply could not believe it.

“Do I know you? “ Su Luo innocently blinked her eyes. Her clear and attractively beautiful eyes seemed to show traces of being perplexed.

Miss Liu seeing the Su Luo infront of her eyes, only saw swathes of three che* length white misty muslin gown tailing on the floor, and her face without a touch of cosmetics. Frankly, even by adding cosmetics, one would still be unable to cover up her absolutely stunning complexion, which was like an otherworldly fairy floating on top of the earth.

No, not possible.

This person was definitely not Su Xi’s good-for-nothing fourth elder sister. It must be a person that resembles her. Besides just based off on that idiot Su Luo, how could she have the qualifications to sit by the side of his highness Prince Jin?

That’s right, in fact when Miss Liu saw the Dragon Scaled Horse outside the doorway, she already recognized his highness Prince Jin who was perfect beyond compare. It was actually the case, that in order to give his highness Prince Jin an ideal impression, she had quite uncharacteristically acted to help that pair of kinsfolk.

She believed, that this kindness from her will definitely grow into a favorable impression in his highness Prince Jin’s heart. Afterwards…..she would have pretended as if she accidently encountered his highness Prince Jin. She believes she can only rely on this method to get close to the male god of her heart.

Also as a result, when Su Luo let out a derisive laugh; she was able to seize the opportunity, directly dashing to arrive on the second floor.


*che word for Chinese foot is equivalent to ⅓ of a meter

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