DKC – Chapter 553

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Chapter 533 – Operation to divide the loot (16)

“Sister-in law…….I was wrong…….” Beichen Ying miserably pulled at Su Luo’s sleeves, plantiviely and mournfully gazing at her anxiously, his tone sincere.

Su Luo appeared very magnanimous, patting his head: “Where were you wrong? So generously gifting me these crystal stones, I don’t even have enough time to be happy, how could I blame you?”

Beichen Ying was simply about to cry.

Sister-in-law was truly too evil, clearly knowing that he begrudged losing those crystal stones, she would poke him where it hurt the most.

“Sister-in-law…….” Lan Xuan pulled at Su Luo’s other sleeve, aggrieved and miserably gazing at her. He wanted crystal stones boo hoo, boo hoo~

Su Luo pityingly returned Lan Xuan’s gaze: “So pitiful, last time, using Amethyst Thorned fish to gamble and losing miserably…..this time again….alas, how can your luck be this bad? Truly unable to help even if I wanted to.”

Su Luo spread out her hands, expressing her own helplessness.

But her heart was so happy as to do flips in heaven.

Because both these times, they worked for her for free, losing to her both times. Just thinking about it, Su Luo felt that it was fun.

Mentioning these heart-breaking past events, Lan Xuan could only feel his chest ache dully.

He regretted it, he regretted it so much that his intestines were green.

Last time, because he and Anye underestimated her, the Amethyst Thorned fish that would originally have been in their hands were all given to her. But, he forgot the past pains once the wound had healed, and this time, again committed the same mistake.

Ah ah ahhhh——very vexing okay?

Su Luo kind-heartedly patted Youngster Lan’s head, meaningfully sighing: “A fox must not let the same trap capture him twice. A donkey also will absolutely not fall down at the same place twice. You tell me, how am I supposed to comfort you after you committed the same mistake twice?”

Hearing Su Luo’s words, Lan Xuan hurt even more inside.

However, the most exciting thing that would stir people’s hearts was gradually playing right now.

Just when Su Luo was playing with Lan Xuan and the others, Wang Zhongkui, in a single breath, cut ten pieces of source stones. In these ten pieces three pieces of green crystal stones and a piece of cyan crystal stone appeared.

Immediately, Li Aoqiong and Wang Zhongkui’s hearts were full of confidence, contemptuously looking down on Su Luo.

“Loathsome girl, there will always be a point when good luck get exhausted, this time, you cut and see, see if you are still able to cut out crystal stones!”

Su Luo indifferently smiled: “Don’t know if you guys are deaf or not, I have already said it a few times, every source stone inside my chest here all contains a crystal stone.”

Su Luo, without thinking, chose four pieces of source stones and handed them over to the stone-cutting master. The result of cutting them truly hit the two people in the mouth.

“Two pieces of green crystal stones and two pieces of cyan crystal stones?!” After knowing the results, Wang Zhongkui’s figure swayed, almost unable to stand properly!

He had originally thought he would win for sure, originally, he thought that Su Luo, at most, could cut out a single piece of green crystal stone, however——

His head was so dizzy…….Wang Zhongkui covered his forehead, used strength to shake his head, feeling that this was an unreal dream. But when he opened his eyes, the scenario still was as before.

Could it be…….. Could it be truly as that loathsome girl said, that inside that huge chest of hers were source stones that all contained crystal stones?

Everybody knew, Su Luo’s source stones that were cut open up to now, not a single piece was empty, they all had crystal stones inside them.

Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan, these two people, silently looked at each other, then silently turned around their body.

Regarding this kind of success, they truly could not bear to see.

Painstakingly fighting against the Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea, coming out from the water and going into the fire. In the end, because of a momentary slip, with both hands, the fruits of their victory were offered to others, this was simply too heartbreaking.

Wang Zhongkui cut open fourteen source stones.

Among them, the first time’s luck was the best, cutting out a cyan-colored crystal stone; the second time’s luck was not so good, among the four pieces that were cut open, there was only one yellow-colored crystal stone.

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