DKC – Chapter 547

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Chapter 547 – Operation to divide the loot (10)

The little divine dragon mumbled to himself, his dragon’s breath blowing out fog that could swallow the cloud…

All of a sudden, Su Luo felt her brain go blank. When she opened her eyes again, she actually felt extremely mystical.

Because now, everything her eyes could see were, one after another, little red dots… front of her eyes were a pile of source stones, some were marked with a little red dot and some were not.

Also, those that were marked by the little red dot were divided into ones with deep or shallow colors.

“Awoo awoo——” Master, hurry, hurry, hurry, I want all the ones with little red dots! There is not much time left!

Considering that the little divine dragon was usually unreliable, Su Luo did not know when this mystical function would be withdrawn, therefore, her hands moved extremely fast.

As a result, Su Luo gave the masses what was truly called “fast, fierce, accurate”, what was truly called ‘fast hands’.

One could only see that her hands were moving as quick as lightning, grabbing a piece of source stone and just throwing it into the chest, both hands moving simultaneously.

One could only see the flickering of a shadow, and the source stones inside the chest, as seen by the naked eye, increased explosively.

Looking at Su Luo right now, she seemed like the mothers at the supermarket, fighting over discounted goods , that was what was called nimble movements with a savage expression!

Clack clack clack, piece by piece, source stones were all tossed into the chest at Su Luo’s side.

Wang Zhongkui, on the opposite side, was praised as the New King of Crystal Stones, yet when choose source stones, he ultimately leaned on observing its surface. Therefore, his speed in choosing source stones was not that fast.

However, Su Luo…….compared to Wang Zhongkui, her behavior was simply no different from those illiterates who had no idea how to gamble on source stones.

It was because from others’ point of view, she was basically directly grabbing source stones from the table and throwing them inside the chest. Immediately throwing it after grabbing one, without the slightest hesitation and not even bothering to look.

To the audience, she looked like a complete amateur, a complete bandit, and her actions were completely idiotic!

It was because no matter how many green crystal stones you grabbed, it could not be compared to a single cyan crystal stone the other had. Even more so, it couldn’t compare to a single blue crystal stone, so, no matter how many more you grabbed, it was useless.

Had this game become one of quantity and not a game of quality?

Seeing Su Luo grabbing source stones like this, Li Aoqiong sneered, disdainfully shaking his head.

First, she stupidly stared blankly, next, was this kind of blindly and ignorantly grabbing. She was simply stupid!

She was merely an unsophisticated village girl who had not seen the world, not even deserving of carrying Yaoyao’s shoes. Nangong Liuyun, this time, had truly become blind. Beichen Ying and the others were also blind!

Li Aoqiong not only looked down on Su Luo, this time, he even completely looked down on Nangong Liuyun, Beichen Ying and the others.

Seeing Su Luo’s appearance of frantically grabbing at source stones, Beichen Ying was simply about to cry when looking at this.

He was actually doubting, when he invited her to come and compete, was he excessively mistaken?

Lan Xuan was even more inhuman than Beichen Ying. Beichen Ying, in any case, still watched Su Luo attentively. Lan Xuan, however, had already turned his back with an expression of wishing to cry but having no tears, he simply could not bear to see it.

Anye Ming looked at Su Luo’s bandit-like manner, also smiled bitterly and shook his head, repeatedly sighing.

It’s over, over, over, this time’s looting of every bandit treasure, at least ninety percent would belong to Li Aoqiong.

Crystal stones did not actually matter, give it away then it was given away, the crucial point was that losing the crystal stones to him, and would also be mocked at by him. This was simply unbearable!

Only Nangong Liuyun, from start to finish, had a smile at the corner of his mouth. He looked at her with eyes that were tender and soft as water, unblinkingly only gazing at his Luo girl.

What about having a bandit’s manner? Even if his Luo girl acted with a bandit’s behavior, then she was still the most adorable and gifted among all the bandits. He just loved to look at her.

Spending a thousand green crystal stones to look at her solo performance, Nangon Liuyun felt there was nothing more worthy than this.

Seeing Nangong Liuyun’s this kind of expressions and conduct, Beichen Ying muttered to himself: “Hopeless, hopeless, this guy is simply incurable….. ‘tenderness leads to many a hero’s burial’, the ancestors were honest and did deceive me.”

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  2. Candied Skull says:

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    • RoflCat says:

      I think he decides to stop considering ‘will she or won’t she do something awesome’ and just enjoy everything she does.

      If she does something awesome, great, time to praise her.
      If she fails, oh well, time to console her.

      He probably stop making any assumption on ‘how’ to do things, because not only will it cause him to doubt her (something unforgivable given his personality), chances are the awesome thing she does will NOT be what was expected anyway.

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    Kinda surprised that they didn’t notice Su Luo and Meng Meng’s “merging”

    You would think she would let out a different aura??

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    Im shocked at all the arrogance of Chinese worrior…
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