DKC – Chapter 518

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Chapter 518 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (7)

Su Luo immediately remembered!

She took out the jade piece given to her by the little divine dragon’s dad from her space, and tossed it high up towards the little divine dragon.

When the little divine dragon got the jade piece, excitedly and in a lively manner, he swept it past the Lindworm’s nose.

This jade piece had the scent of daddy divine dragon. Other people might not sense it, but as a member of the dragon race, how could the Lindworm not know?

With only one scan, the Lindworm was immediately stunned. One could only see a frightened expression flash across its eyes. It continuously retreated back, with its mouth issuing scared, whimpering sounds. There was no need to say it, but it was now thoroughly incited by the little divine dragon.

“Aooo, Aooo, Aooo——” In a flash, the Lindworm’s huge body was filled with an explosive strength, abruptly, it pounced towards Su Qing!

This action simply stunned everyone until their chin dropped down.

Originally, they thought it was merely the wishful thinking of the little puppy, after all, how could there really be a house pet that would rebel against their owner?

But, this little puppy was actually able to accomplish it!

He really made the Lindworm go and attack its former master!

At this moment, Su Qing was burning with fury and gnashing her teeth in hate, wishing she could split Su Luo into eight, huge pieces! She was itching to choke this living little puppy that specialized in getting her spirit pets to rebel to death.

Seeing the Lindworm having already completely defected, watching as its huge claws was just about to wave down.

Su Qing’s heart burst with alarm as she turned around and immediately ran!

“Woooo——” Beneath the stage, there was another burst of simultaneous gasp of surprise.

Today, their horizons were really broadened. This was the first time they saw a little puppy attack a Lindworm. Also, this was the first time they saw a spirit pet chase to kill its own master.

Every single person had their eyes wide open, curious, excited, rejoicing in other’s misfortune and also nervously staring fixedly at Su Qing running up ahead. They expressed the highest consternation and respect for her bad luck.

Presently, why would Su Qing still care about how others view her? The most important thing for her right now was to run for her life!

Behind her, the little divine dragon, in a lively manner and excitedly, sat on top of the Lindworm’s head, brandishing his little paw and continuously ordering the Lindworm to increase its speed, to speed up.

In front, Su Qing had already taken out all her hidden trump cards, and increased her speed to the fastest she could. Yet, the distance between the two continued to pull closer, getting closer.

“Howl——” The Lindworm furiously roared, immediately rushing up with a flying tackle and pushing Su Qing down from the back.

But, the little divine dragon’s speed was even faster than the Lindworm’s.

When the Lindworm pushed Su Qing down, the little divine dragon had already jumped on Su Qing’s shoulder and smashed a heavy fist towards Su Qing.

Su Qing was punched until her vision blurred and she felt faint.

Now, Su Luo was the one who didn’t have a role in this play and only served as a spectator.

One could see her holding her chin with one hand and full of interest, smiling happily while watching everything. It was just as if she was watching a marvelous play that had nothing to do with her.

“Su Luo, quickly order your spirit pet to f*ck off! You cheated!” Su Qing’s furious voice snarled from a nearby place.

Su Luo faintly smiled: “Cheating? Where have I cheated? Wasn’t it you who said that spirit pets could fight? I learned this completely from you.”

That’s right, in the beginning, Su Luo really did raise this issue, but at that time, Su Qing, with the glory of the Lindworm, overruled her objection flatedly.

Now, Su Qing’s heart was regretful until her intestines were green, wishing she could swallow back the words she said before!

If she were to fight alone, in terms of strength, she was much stronger than Su Luo. The odds of her winning was also greater.

But now, Su Luo had become an observer, whereas she was besieged by two spirit pets. What was this regarded as!

“Order your spirit pet to return! Quickly order it to return!” Su Qing was beaten up by the little divine dragon until her vision was blurred and she felt faint. She could only seal herself in ice, exposing only her mouth that was speaking.

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