DKC – Chapter 515

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Chapter 515 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (4)

Now, Su Qing’s complexion had become extremely ugly!

But also, faintly, she had a kind of awfully bad premonition. This kind of feeling was similar to that day when the panther had gone crazy, and sent the entire Su Manor into turmoil and wrecking it.

Sure enough!

After seeing the Lindworm heavily fall on the ground and creating a giant hole, the little divine dragon was still unsatisfied.

One could only see his lovable chin arrogantly raised, little paw pointed at the Lindworm, as if getting angry, but also grumbling something for some time that humans could not understand.

The Lindworm’s body shuddered with extreme alarm. With great difficulty, it climbed out from that deep hole. Immediately after, it got so frightened that its claws became unstable and with a ‘bang’ sound, it fell back down again.

That clumsy appearance, it looked extremely hapless and wretched.

The little divine dragon was in a rage, directly spraying out a dragon’s breath to deal with that Lindworm that dropped back into the hole——


When that mouthful of continuously long-lasting dragon breath puffed out, Su Luo immediately wanted to cover her face.

She had a deep understanding of the little divine dragon, this guy’s favorite thing to do was to spit out flames. Now that he had been infuriated to this extent, he definitely wanted to shoot fire.

But the unfortunate thing was……. He was not as capable as his strong desires, what element he would puff out, he himself simply could not control it. Just like an infant, unable to control when he would poop and pee.

Presently, one could only see a water arrow spraying towards the face of the LIndworm, until its entire body and head was sprayed with water.

The little divine dragon looked at his own masterpiece and was immediately stunned silly, momentarily, he stood there blankly. His huge, clear, limpid, monochrome eyes were full of bewilderment, not knowing how to deal with the aftermath…Clearly, he had wanted to spit out fire!

Within the dragon race, fire represented anger, water represented appeasement.

The little divine dragon originally wanted to use fire to punish, but he carelessly sprayed out water …. The little divine dragon suddenly felt like crying, he turned around and charged into Su Luo’s embrace, his little butt twisting this way and turning that way. He seemed very upset, extremely embarrassed, and was also feeling very wronged. He was at a loss, not knowing what to do.

Everyone below the stage, including the three esteemed judges, and also Su Qing, were unwaveringly staring at the little puppy whose little buttocks kept twisting and turning.

This ………….. what was going on?

Was it that the world had changed too fast? Or had they become entirely outdated?

Since when had a little puppy’s strength unexpectedly become more capable than a Landworm?

What the f*ck! The little puppy simply didn’t even need to attack. He only needed to stand on his master’s shoulder, gesture with his little paw, point randomly, his little mouth roaring out loud for a time, then that matchless Lindworm just automatically dropped down?

However, they still hadn’t finished releasing their emotions.

After the Lindworm’s entire body was sprayed with water, its anxious and frightened state changed. One could only see him take a leap and fly out of the deep hole.

“Xiaoxiao —— GO!” Su Qing’s heart stopped feeling discouraged. Seeing the Lindworm jump out, she immediately commanded in a loud voice for it to quickly go up and tear Su Luo apart.

But, the originally obedient Lindworm didn’t even take notice of her, instead tremblingly and tottering, it walked over to Su Luo, its eyes filled with matchless respect.

“Go! Go! Xiaoxiao, quickly bite her to death!” The uneasy feeling in Su Qing’s heart’s increased in intensity. She concentrated all of her intent in her brain, using her mental spiritual strength to loudly command the Lindworm.

The Lindworm was jolted, its sober black eyes blurring for a split second. It shook its head, discovered that its mind was a bit heavy.

It stared fixedly at Su Luo, its originally tranquil eyes slowly showing a vicious and ruthless expression once again, abnormally ferocious and murderous-looking.

At this moment, the Lindworm’s two front claws dug into the ground, one after another, as if in the next moment, it would pounce towards Su Luo, tearing her to pieces.

The Lindworm was now unable to distinguish between friend and foe, giving birth to a restraining fear in people’s heart.

Su Luo’s eyes flashed a cold stare. Yet, before she could move, the little divine dragon had already discovered something fishy with the Lindworm.

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