DKC – Chapter 479

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Chapter 479 – A matter of life and death (6)

If Su Luo was awake, very likely, she would be amazed again.

Could it be that the little divine dragon also had all the elemental attributes?

Just from what he had shown, he already had the fire, water and lightning attribute, now, added to it, was the ice attribute…worthy to be called mother earth’s most partial to and favorite darling. This kind of gifted talent was simply in defiance of the natural order.

But in the final analysis, the little divine dragon was merely a fifth rank and had just recently left the infant phase, his strength wasn’t that strong. Also, within this cave of flames, the temperature was still somewhat threatening to him, what’s even more was that he needed to divert some attention to protecting Su Luo.

Therefore, not long after, the little divine dragon was unable to hold on. He was hanging out his little pink tongue while panting for breath.

Really tired, from birth until now, he hadn’t been this tired. The little divine dragon’s pair of eyes was puffy and full of tears. With a pitiful and wretched expression, he went to rub against Su Luo.

Why was it that the little master still hadn’t woken up? His water supply was almost depleted…

He also couldn’t enter that mystical place, unable to drink the spring water to replenish his strength…What to do, what to do? The little divine dragon was so anxious that his tail shook back and forth. He ran around Su Luo in circles non-stop.

Right away, he saw his little master’s skin turning scarlet red again. The little divine dragon had no other way, no matter how parched he was, he still condensed out a trace of white, frosty mist to envelop the little master.

Just like this, while the little divine dragon was enduring the threat from the flames on the ground, at the same time, he was still puffing out the frosty air within his body to protect Su Luo. Very quickly, the originally moist-from-water, adorable little divine dragon started to wither, looking ill as he curled up into a little ball and lay on his stomach by Su Luo’s side, staring at her.

What to do….the little divine dragon’s consciousness was starting to become fuzzy, when suddenly, a noise came from the surroundings, as if something had fallen down.

However, very sleepy, really want to sleep…the little divine dragon gradually closed his eyes.

Speaking of Nangong Liuyun.

Like a shooting star, he flew in, his speed was so fast as to be astonishing.

He had just entered when Nangong Liuyun had a kind of bad premonition.

The temperature outside was already quite high, but the temperature inside was astonishing, it was more than ten times hotter than outside.

Now, there were boiling, raging flames all around, soaring to engulf everything, even Nangong Liuyun had a feeling of skin being peeled from flesh, let alone how Su Luo would feel.

Nangong Liuyun had a deeply worried expression, as he loudly yelled in all directions: “Luo Luo——Luo girl——Luo Luo——”

Each yell was louder than the one before, each yell was more worried than before.

If Luo girl really had fallen into the cave of flames, in such a long time, only heaven would know what could have happened…

Nangong Liuyun’s fist was clenched tightly, that kind of consequences, he simply didn’t even dare to think about.

All around, the flames soared to the sky, the fumes lingered on, resulting in low visibility. Nangong Liuyun shouted until his mouth and tongue were dry, yet still didn’t obtain any response.

His heart was somewhat complicated.

How much he wished that Li Aotian was just scheming against him, and how he hoped that Su girl was not inside this cave of flames.

Nangong Liuyun hadn’t walked out for more than a few steps, when suddenly, his foot kicked something. It had also gave a tiny ‘awoo, awoo’ barking sound and firmly tried to bite Nangong Liuyun’s calf.

Nangong Liuyun’s reaction was extremely fast, without waiting for it to bite down, he had already lifted it up.

“Little puppy?!” Nangong Liuyun’s expression immediately was overjoyed. He used a lot of strength to shake the little thing: “Quick, wake up, quickly wake up, where is your master?”

This was Luo girl’s spirit pet, since it was here, then Luo girl was certainly not far away.

The little divine dragon weakly half-squinted his eyes in concentration, his little paw pointed to the floor…

The pitiful little divine dragon, after Nangong Liuyun was done using him, was tossed aside, falling to the ground. The little thing miserably covered his little butt that was sore from the fall, shouting ‘awoo, awoo’ towards Nangong Liuyun’s back, its eyes were glistening with even more tears.

Where would Nangong Liuyun still have the time to attend to it?

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