DKC – Chapter 476

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Chapter 476 – A matter of life and death (3)

His current expression was grave,stern and indifferent, with both eyes glaring darkly at Li Aotian as if he was a dead person.

“Where is Luo girl?”

Nangong Liuyun had both hands behind his back, the depths of his eyes were as cold as a millennium old glacier, and also like ten thousand years old snow that would never melt. With only one look, it could freeze someone in place so that he was trembling in fear.

Li Aotian was stunned, looking at the Nangong Liuyun in front of him as if he almost wasn’t able to recognize him.

The current Nangong Liuyun, compared to before when they met at the cave entrance, and compared to any previous time, his imposing manner was many times stronger. It was just as if his entire person’s quality had broken out and transformed.

It was said that once one arrived at the fourth rank, it was a dividing line.

Rank five to seven was another dividing line.

After the eighth rank, the whole body would break out and transform, thus truly entering the list of the continent’s strongest experts.

In front of Li Aotian’s eye, regardless of imposing manner or expression, he gave others a feeling of being profoundly mysterious, causing them to tremble. This aura was just like his father’s.

“Nangong Liuyun, you, you’ve reached the eighth rank?”

Because Li Aotian was too shocked, even his normally nimble speech stuttered a bit.

Nangong Liuyun indifferently swept him a glance, nodded his head slightly, and immediately asked again: “Hand over Luo girl, and I’ll spare your life.”

“That is impossible!!!” Li Aotian roared in an incredibly loud voice.

The last time he had seen Nangong Liuyun was half a year ago, and at that time, he was still at the peak of sixth rank. Just before, when they met, he had leaped to the seventh rank, and that was still acceptable.

But now, no more than a few days had passed, and he had actually advanced another rank!

Within half a year, he had consecutively jumped two ranks. Moreover, he actually rose from the sixth rank to the eighth rank, these kind of difficult levels that other people exhausted their entire lives without being able to step across, he had actually directly leaped over; how could this let other people live?

Li Aotian had originally believed that before, when he didn’t die after having been struck by the spirit pinball, but instead was promoted a level, was already considered very fortunate. But compared to Nangong, he wasn’t anything at all.

“That’s impossible! I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!” Li Aotian hugged his head, rocking back and forth. No matter what, he still would not believe that Nangong Liuyun’s cultivation speed was this fast.

Nangong Liuyun frowned, a cloudy, baleful expression flashing through his eyes, with a threatening cold, aura, he said: “Li Aotian, reply to this king’s words!”

His Highness Prince Jin’s patience was usually shorter than the length of a fingernail, the only exception being with a certain person.

Hearing Nangong Liuyun asking this, Li Aotian immediately stared blankly, and suddenly, he started laughing wildly out loud again.

He laughed frantically and insolently, very pleased with himself: “Nangong Liuyun, you want to know the whereabouts of that loathsome girl? Ha ha ha, I will never tell you in this lifetime, go look for her yourself!”

Li Aotian’s had just finished speaking, then he turned around, wishing to leave quickly.

However, not even waiting for him to leave, Nangong Liuyun’s body was already in front of Li Aotian, blocking him.

“Along this entire road, was it you who was chasing to kill her?” When Nangong Liuyun opened his eyes to find that Luo girl wasn’t there, and there were traces of a fight at the cave entrance, On the spot, his heart became frenetic.

Relying on his cool-headed brain, and fine, detailed insight, he searched the entire route here. He was actually accurate to perfection in his analysis.

Li Aotian gave a cold laugh: “If it was me who was chasing to kill her, what about it? Don’t tell me that she shouldn’t die?”

Li Aotian pointed at his face that had been disfigured by Su Luo’s spirit pinball, that human not yet human, demon, yet not a demon’s appearance. Looking at that, who wouldn’t feel nauseous?

“She deserves to die!” Li Aotian’s neck was tough and unyielding, his eye was filled with a cruel and vicious appearance.

Nangong Liuyun looked at him unmoving, the expression on his face was as tranquil as water. Suddenly, his hands were as quick as lightning as they grabbed hold of Li Aotian’s neck and lifted him up high.

In front of Nangong Liuyun, Li Aotian discovered that he had absolutely no strength to resist. He unceasingly struggled as if on his deathbed, but discovered it was to no avail.

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  1. MK_Mew Mew says:

    8th rank already O.o Woah, that was fast! But it is good that he’s now way stronger than LA *^* I wanna see ow he’s going to get revenge for SL, however, I also wanna see how he gives SL LA as a present so that she can get the revenge herself >__<

  2. Midori says:

    ooh, nangong liuyun rose a level? great! ah, su luo, are you ok?!

  3. Vivi says:

    What miracle is SL going to pull out of her ass this time? Perhaps the stone that sucked up her blood will be of use now. Surprise surprise! If I had luck like hers, I’d sell my house and go straight to Las Vegas.

  4. zskyfish says:

    So he did rise up a level, just like the other time. Seems like rising up quickly is at least partly related to terrible things happening. Also the other time they healed him with all the precious crystals and this time the Spirit Water may have helped but probably would not have the same effect on someone else. But he is always a little too late. He will probably take all the credit later for saving her after she evaded for days to allow him to cultivate properly.
    Why doesn’t Su Luo rise up a level in the middle of these trials? After what she has been through she should jump to 4th level given a little time to rest.

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