DKC – Chapter 464

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Chapter 464 – Fleeing on the uninhabited island (5)

Sure enough, once the mommy brown bear saw her own family’s young being taken away by a person, at once, she became furious!

“Quickly run!” Su Luo yelled loudly. She picked up the little divine dragon and the little bear to put them into her space, released her legs, and ran back towards the road she came from.

Li Aotian was there!

Wherefore would the mommy bear still care about the sweet water on the ground, she opened up her heavy four legs and rushed towards Su Luo’s back with flying speed.

The brown bear was still in the midst of using her strong force, so speed-wise, she still wasn’t considered very fast. Therefore, under the circumstances of Su Luo taking the first opportunity to quickly flee a step ahead, wanting to catch up to her was very difficult.

But her speed was still faster than Su Luo had planned on, following the passing of time, the distance between the two continuously pulled closer.

Su Luo couldn’t help but secretly complain bitterly in her heart.

Before, she wished that Li Aotian would never catch up to her, but now, she longed for Li Aotian to appear in front of her like an immortal god in the next moment, that would be great.

Along with the distance being constantly pulled closer, Su Luo practically could feel the heat from the roar the mommy brown bear sprayed at her.

Ten meters…

Five meters…

Three meters…

The distance between the two had already gotten close to the limit.

At any moment, the mommy brown bear would suddenly jump up to quickly pounce at Su Luo——

Just at this critical moment!

Li Aotian descended like an immortal god, his tall and straight figure appeared on the broad road up ahead. He had both hands crossed in front of his chest, standing there calmly as if waiting for Su Luo to walk right into his trap.

Su Luo’s heart was immediately overjoyed.

Not afraid you were here, only afraid you weren’t here!

She rushed towards Li Aotian, at the same time, she happily yelled in a loud voice: “Boss, didn’t you want to eat a young brown bear? I returned after catching one for you, take it!”

While speaking, Su Luo tossed that very small infant brown bear towards Li Aotian’s chest.

Li Aotian subconsciously caught it, but at the same time, he frowned.

What rubbish was this loathsome girl saying? Who was the boss? Really funny.

However, an infant brown bear…Li Aotian’s eye immediately began to shine.

It was said that an infant brown bear was surprisingly effective when used to restore someone’s appearance, now that his appearance was completely ruined, what he needed the most was an infant brown bear.

The loathsome girl actually did a good deed.

Li Aotian steadily caught the infant brown bear, however, before waiting for him to settle it after the catch, a majestic, formidable, huge brown bear immediately rushed forward from Su Luo’s back, ruthlessly pouncing towards Li Aotian!

Li Aotian temporarily hadn’t noticed that his face was slashed by the sharp claws of the bear’s forepaw, leaving behind a deep, bloody scar.

Li Aotian’s heart was immediately startled.

His heart couldn’t help but rain out curses.

He should have known earlier that the loathsome girl would have bad intentions, as it turned out, she had planned this opportunity to cause him trouble.

But now, his face was injured, and hatred was already created. Li Aotian knew perfectly well that this was Su Luo’s plan, yet still, he was honor-bound to throw himself into the trap.

This was exactly what Su Luo had overtly plotted.

The brown bear’s heart was already set on Li Aotian being the master schemer. It was him that wanted to eat her darling baby, she hated Li Aotian to the bone.

Li Aotian’s face was ruined, so he had been in a rage from earlier, how could he easily let this huge, foolish bear go?

Consequently a man and a beast, just like this, became tangled up in a fight together.

Momentarily, they were caught up in an irresolvable fight.

Li Aotian was a seventh rank expert.

The huge brown bear was a seventh rank magical beast.

There was hardly any difference in strength between the two, therefore, for a short while, the outcome of the battle between them was hard to determine.

Su Luo had originally planned on escaping.

But now, she merely hid in the jungle, very carefully observing the fighting match.

Neighbors who couldn’t agree would lose out to a third party, she didn’t know whether she would have this good fortune.

Li Aotian was extremely sly.

In fact, considering their true strength, he was unable to compare to the natural-born spirit strength of the huge brown bear.

But his luck was good, in his hand, he had an infant brown bear. Whenever the huge bear was about to use a killing strike, he would always cleverly present the little brown bear in front of him.

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