DKC – Chapter 463

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Chapter 463 – Fleeing on the uninhabited island (4)

She didn’t know how long she had been running in the forest, the sky was indistinct and hazy.

In the east, a reddish sun slowly rose, little by little breaking through the darkness of dawn.

The light of daybreak penetrated through the sky, with large areas of orange and reddish clouds.

The fifth day had passed, today was already the sixth day that Nangong Liuyun had mentioned before.

Su Luo somewhat helplessly forced out a bitter smile.

These two days and two nights of fleeing had been really hair-raising, with dangers springing up all around, and every time, she would be hovering on the verge of life or death. If it was not for her being quick-witted, she didn’t know how many times she would have already died.

Now, it was already the sixth day, one more day, in another day, Nangong Liuyun’s martial arts would be completely restored. Then, she would not have to flee all over the place like she was doing right now.

Su Luo raised her head to look at the gorgeous red clouds in the sky. She fished out the little divine dragon, rubbing his head, she said: “Quickly, go ahead to lead the way, we don’t have much time.”

The little divine dragon knowingly replied with two barking sounds, as his little body traveled rapidly through the forest. His speed was so fast as to pass by in an instant.

Su Luo followed behind his body, when it was necessary, she would use spirit dance steps to flee on top of the trees.

Because this way, with Li Aotian wanting to pursue her, maybe she could increase her level. Su Luo didn’t demand that she defeat him, just as long as she could endure until Nangong Liuyun came out of closed door cultivation would be good enough.

The sun in the east gradually moved overhead in the sky.

Now, it was already noon.

All of a sudden, the little divine dragon pointed towards a hidden cave up ahead. He turned his little head and barked directly at Su Luo.

“Awoo, awoo, awoo——” Detour, detour! There is a magical beast! There is a magical beast!

“Magical beast?” Su Luo was immediately astonished.

Before, she found it very strange that there wasn’t even a single magical beast on this uninhabited island. She didn’t expect for there to actually be one on the island.

“Awoo, awoo, awoo!” There is an infant beast! There is an infant beast!

Joyful, excited rays of light clearly flashed through the little divine dragon’s large, monochromatic eyes. He was itching to rush in immediately to try and find the young magical beast to play with.

“How could there be a magical beast here?” Su Luo felt this was somewhat sudden.

After all, this island didn’t seem to have a single magical beast, then unexpectedly, a magical beast appearing here, moreover, it even had a young offspring?

“Is this magical beast difficult to deal with?”

“Awoo, awoo, awoo——”” Seventh rank! Seventh rank magical beast!

The little divine dragon excitedly gestured while speaking and nodded his head fiercely at Su Lou.

Seventh rank magical beast!

Su Luo’s heart was suddenly startled, there was actually a seventh rank magical beast on this uninhabited island?

She was just about to carry the little divine dragon and take a detour when suddenly, a lightbulb lit up in her mind.

Seventh rank magical beast…Li Aotian was also seventh rank ah…hey, hey!

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a smirk of hatching an evil scheme, as she leaned into the little divine dragon’s ear and muttered a few sentences in a low tone.

The little divine dragon evidently was very interested in this kind of risky adventure, his little head nodding repeatedly. In the blink of an eye, his little body disappeared before Su Luo’s eyes.

Su Luo used the Celestial Spirit Water and sprinkled it in a corner gap in the distance, to draw the mother magical beast away. At the same time, this allowed the little divine dragon to go in with flying speed, pick up an infant beast, then run.

After the preparations were completed, Su Luo lay on her stomach behind an ancient tree not far away. Then, she saw a huge brown bear sniffing its nose, looking for an objective.

Very quickly, it found the Celestial Spirit Water on the ground.

What Su Luo carried out was just too cunning, she had spilled the large majority of the water on the ground, only leaving a little in the cup.

The brown bear readily drank that little mouthful of Celestial Spirit Water in the cup in one gulp, very quickly, it was attracted to a stop by this mystical flavor. Like it had taken drugs, it was unable to let go ever again.

The infant beast in the cave yelled ‘awoo, awoo’. It ignored the infant and only bowed down its head and buried it into the ground, sniffing here and there. It swallowed the weeds that carried some soil into its mouth.

The little divine dragon had already taken out that infant beast, and ran to in front of Su Luo. Before he could take credit for his achievement, that little infant bear gave sharp screeching sounds of ‘awoo, awoo’.

Su Luo secretly said in her heart: “Oh no!”

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