DKC – Chapter 460

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Chapter 460 – Fleeing on the uninhabited island (1)

Su Luo remembered the rope at that time was red in color, and also remembered what Er Huang said at that time. It was a restraining spirit rope specifically used to bind a criminal without any spirit power.


Su Luo discovered that the rope tying her now was a slightly deeper color than the one from that time. She used spirit power, wanting to untie it, but discovered that the more spirit power she used, the deeper the red rope would sink into her flesh. It was so painful she grimaced.

Li Aotian arrogantly swept a glance at Su Luo, laughing grimly, he said: “ A naive, loathsome girl, who haven’t seen the world, this is a restraining immortal rope. Even an immortal tied by this won’t be able to escape. I will watch how you try to escape this time!”

Li Aotian’s gaze swept towards both of Su Luo’s legs.

If the loathsome girl still wanted to escape, he didn’t mind breaking both of her legs.

Su Luo frowned slightly.

It seemed that this red rope, compared to Er Huang’s rope at that time, would be considered the upgraded version.

Also, it was not too surprising, stuff that was suitable to be taken out by the second young master of Jade Lake’s Palace, how could the item’s rank be equal to ones carried by a servant girl. In this instance, it was of much higher grade.

Su Luo couldn’t help but to sigh inwardly in her heart.

Even though she had temporarily preserved her life, however, she was tied up like this. Both of her legs and hands were tied up by the restraining immortal rope, even if she wanted to escape, it would be difficult.

Li Aotian coldly glared at her: “Quickly lead the way in the front, if we don’t find the secret books by tonight, then I will chop off one of your hands!”

Look at that, so easily, he would cut off a person’s limbs. What a violent man.

Su Luo faintly sighed again.

Being rushed by Li Aotian to walk forward, Su Luo was urgently communicating with the little divine dragon in her head.

“What kind of powerful magical beast is on this uninhabited island?” Su Luo asked, full of hope.

The little dragon, with his little head crooked at an angle, pondered for a moment, afterwards, he shook his head.

He truly couldn’t sense anything…

Su Luo again changed to another method: “Then, is there a place to hide treasures?”

Once he heard treasure, the little divine dragon immediately started to get excited.

“Awoo,awoo,awoo——” There was, there was, there was!

Once she mentioned cleaning up treasure, the little divine dragon was so excited he nearly jumped up.

Su Luo thought to herself, places where treasures were hidden definitely would have all kinds of traps and pitfalls.

Thinking this way, Su Luo’s heart was slightly relieved.

Along the way, Li Aotian continuously made sarcastic remarks to Su Luo, using the slightest pretext to berate her.

“In the end, where is it hidden? If you dare to deceive me, humph!” Li Aotain snorted out a cold sound from his nose.

Su Luo happily sent him a gratuitous glance: “When I was running away in a panic, I didn’t have time to choose the route, how could I remember everything that clearly?”

“Loathsome girl, you dare to toy with me!” Li Aotian’s expression was getting angry, his eyes were steaming with the desire to commit murder.

“How could I dare to toy with you, the Jade Lake Palace’s second young master.” Su Luo cast him a glance, snorting twice: “The rope is bound so tightly, how could I walk away so quickly.”

Li Aotian cast cold, sidelong glances at her: “The rope binding you could cut off both of your arms, you choose yourself.”

Su Luo’s expression was indignant, yet she had no other choice but to remain silent.

She was aware that Li Aotian hated her nearly to the point of wanting to cut her into eight chunks. If she didn’t have the secret books to attract him, it was for sure he would have already made his move.

Su Luo’s expression assumed a feeling of being fearful and helpless, but she was communicating with the little divine dragon non-stop in her mind.

Following the direction he pointed to, bit by bit, they got closer to the target area.

The color of the sky gradually darkened.

The two of them were still walking in the jungle.

Very quickly, nightfall arrived, a few remnant stars hung in the desolate sky.

Li Aotian’s footsteps suddenly halted, he coldly and furiously shouted at Su Luo: “Why have we still not arrived? Loathsome girl, are you toying with me?”

Su Luo gave a cold snort: “It’s up ahead, we are almost there.”

“Do you believe it or not that I will immediately kill you!: Li Aotian’s patience was extremely limited.

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