DKC – Chapter 459

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Chapter 459 – Meeting one’s foe (11)

Without waiting for Su Luo to find a path to flee for her life, Li Aotian already stood in front of her.

Su Luo’s heart was suddenly startled and subconsciously she sent the little divine dragon back into her space.

Li Aotian, seeing Su Luo in front of him, his eyes burst out with a scathing, murderous aura.

“Loathsome girl, you actually have some skills. Under the pressure of my pursuit, you can actually still last a day and a night.” Li Aotian’s cold and gloomy gaze stared at Su Luo.

Su Luo’s heart restrained her fear, while her face was calm and collected without a single ripple. She gave a shallow smile: “Did you like that dead tree?”

As much as possible, Su Luo stalled for time, her head thinking deeply of ways to escape.

Just mentioning this, Li Aotian’s eyes burst into a raging flame: “Loathsome girl! You court death!”

Su Luo smiled indifferently: “ You think you could really kill me?”

“Then just try it, see whether I can or can not strike you, loathsome girl, dead with one palm. To save the effort that you will go out again to cause calamity in the human world.” Li Aotian had the appearance of a champion that worked on behalf of the heavens.

While talking, he also condensed his spirit power, just wishing to hack towards Su Luo’s head!

“Hold it!” Su Luo raised her hand with a smile that was not quite a smile as she raised an eyebrow to look at him: “Could it be that you don’t have even a little bit of interest in those secret books I took from the Amethyst Fish Palace?”

Li Aotian’s palm immediately stiffened on the spot.

He couldn’t help but to want to slap his own head.

These few days, his mind was all placed on killing this loathsome girl for revenge. He absolutely forgot that in the Amethyst Fish Palace, this loathsome girl’s luck had been so good as to burst. In one breath, she had seized a lot of secret books.

Those secret books were rarely seen, even the Jade Lake’s Palace would drool over them.

If he could bring back a few secret books, in all likelihood, the family would value him even more.

Li Aotian thought up to here, immediately, his expression became frosty. Towering above her, he glared at Su Luo: “Loathsome girl, quickly hand over the secret books!”

How could Su Luo possibly just hand over the secret books?

Without a doubt, as long as she handed over the secret books, immediately after, he would hack her to death.

Su Luo’s face looked somewhat embarrassed, her long, shapely eyebrows wrinkled: “But….the secret books were hidden away by me.”

“Where did you hide it?!” In any case, this loathsome girl was already an object in his pocket, killing her earlier or later, both would end up with her being dead.

Su Luo fearfully watched him, with her expression carrying a slight nervousness: “If I were to hand over the secret books, are you going to let me go?”

Li Aotian’s expression paused, a murderous intent flashed through his eyes, but he only sneered: “Not kill you? This, I could consider.”

Merely consider and nothing more.

Of course, Su Luo realized his desire to kill her wouldn’t die.

They were now in a state where if one didn’t die, then the enmity wouldn’t be extinguished. If it was not her dead, then it was him.

Although she deeply understood this situation, Su Luo’s expression was still feigning innocence and sincerity.

Seeing Li Aotian saying this, she seemed to believe him immediately: “Okay, as long as you let me go, I will bring you to find the secret books!”

Li Aotian looked her up and down once, his eyebrows knotted tightly: “Don’t even consider some damnable clever plan!”

“Wherefore would I have some crafty plan?” Su Luo had an innocent expression on her face while spreading her hands open.

Li Aotian thought about it but was still not reassured: “This won’t do, you, loathsome girl, have too many cunning ideas, simply impossible to guard against.”

He just finished speaking when he took out a rope and placed both of Su Luo’s hands behind her back. He bound her hands directly and efficiently.

One look at that rope, and Su Luo immediately became happy.

This item was something she saw not long ago.

She remembered that at that time in Sunset Mountain Range, Er Huang had been afraid she would escape, so she had bound her, attempting to escort her to Jade Lake’s Palace.

However, it was very unfortunate that on the way there, Er Huang was gotten rid of by the little divine dragon’s dad.

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