DKC – Chapter 408

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Chapter 408 – Secret collection room (4)

Lan Xuan now finally came to a realization, with both eyes opened wide like huge copper bells. He stammered his sentences because of feeling that it was too incredulous: “Too obscure!!! As it turns out, the so-called obtaining the Amethyst Crystal Fish enables a person to smoothly pass through the routes is real! It was actually in this manner! We are truly foolish through and through, to still go as far as to come to blows with this huge foolish tiger!”

Obviously, as long as they had shown the Amethyst Crystal Fish, then it would have been fine. However, they actually chose the most idiotic, most primitive and most barbaric way.

Lan Xuan touched the wound on his chest, a moment ago, it still didn’t hurt, now, after knowing the truth, he felt it was extremely painful. It hurt so much that he almost passed out.

Momentarily, the surrounding mood was somewhat complicated. Everyone was all speechlessly glaring at that fierce black tiger who was holding the Amethyst Crystal Fish. Each and every one of them was fuming with rage between gritted teeth, but had no way to vent their anger.

Su Luo coughed clearly twice to break this awkward atmosphere: “Okay, okay, isn’t this because of inexperience? Fall into the moat and you’ll be wiser next time. Next time, we’ll know it.”

Lan Xuan silently cast her a glance…he touched his wounded chest again, as a person who hadn’t been kicked into the wall, how could she understand his complicated state of mind right now?

Su Luo very kindly patted his shoulder: “You should think of the good side, if it was not for the Amethyst Crystal Fish appearing just in time, this chest of yours also would not be kicked only once.”

Lan Xuan: “….”

Su Luo’s attention returned to the body of the fierce black tiger. She very cautiously walked up to the front of it a step.

Even though the fighting had already subsided, the Amethyst Crystal Fish was still in the fierce black tiger’s hand. How could she get it back without sending in an army and not being met with bloodshed? It was very obvious that this slow-witted tiger had some kind of a peculiar, complicated feeling towards the Amethyst Crystal Fish.

Su Luo was only able to take one step forward before Nangong Liuyun, with one tug, pulled her behind him. He still didn’t forget to send her a quick glare: “Want to court death?”

Su Luo’s mouth deflated a little, slyly, she secretly thought: this stingy male, perhaps his temper still hadn’t cooled yet, right?

Su Luo squeezed out a smiling expression that carried a touch of cajoling: “Don’t be so nervous, the Amethyst Crystal Fish has already acknowledged me as its master. How could that foolish tiger attack me? You should feel at ease.”

Saying this, Su Luo pushed Nangong Liuyun away and took a step forward again.

Just at this time, this unstable situation suddenly changed!

One could only see that huge foolish tiger return to his senses from his state of excitement. That pair of naturally cold eyes imposingly shot towards Su Luo’s location.

Afterwards, its huge body sprung towards Su Luo, pouncing over to her!

“Careful!” Nangong Liuyun’s complexion changed slightly.

“Sister-in-law, be careful!” Beichen Ying and them rapidly gathered together to form a wall in front of Su Luo. They steadily protected Su Luo who was now behind them.

However, that huge foolish tiger’s speed did not decrease, and still as before, pounced ferociously towards Su Luo. Its two front claws were sharp as a dagger that glittered like frost and snow, with a threatening murderous aura.

The pair of claws danced in the wind, ‘swish, swish, swish’, the three sounds resounded in succession.

Beichen Ying, Lan Xuan, Anye Ming, the three of them were separately flipped flying by this huge foolish tiger. Afterwards, each and every one of them smashed into the wall, grimacing from the pain.

Nangong Liuyun’s expression condensed into frost, he concentrated all the spirit force from his body and striked at the huge foolish tiger with all his strength.

Yet, the huge foolish tiger only opened its mouth like a bloody, sacrificial bowl towards Nangong Liuyun’s hand——

Just at this critical moment, Su Luo, in one move, pushed Nangong Liuyun away!

If not, Nangong Liuyun’s right arm would have simply been swallowed by the huge foolish tiger.

One could only see a flash of white light, and Su Luo’s palm was already gripping that spirit pinball. Just when she was, with no holds barred, prepared to use that spirit pinball on the huge foolish tiger’s body, when who would have thought——

The huge foolish tiger, with one move, had stopped Su Luo with a bear hug!

Its huge head rubbed back and forth against her shoulder and its huge moist tongue licked her face and pasted her face with saliva. In the end it left behind an area full of sticky saliva——

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