DKC – Chapter 406

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Chapter 406 – Secret collection room (2)

Nangong Liuyun’s mood was clearly very good, his smiling expression seemed a little foolish.

He hugged Su Luo tightly, before releasing after quite a while, and then returned that red sandalwood case once again to Su Luo’s hand. He hooked her nose with his finger, beaming with joy and said: “That I could get you to be concerned and care about me, how could this little danger count as anything?”

Saying this, he released Su Luo, turned around and left.

“Nangong——” Su Luo called out to stop him, and Nangong Liuyun halted his footsteps. Su Luo yelled seriously to his back: “You must be careful! You are not allowed to return injured!”

“Okay.” Nangong Liuyun’s back was to her, the corner of his mouth was plastered in an extremely joyful, pampering and light smile. His eyes were demonically charming and alluring, to the point of enticing all living things.

He finished speaking, and leading the three of them including Beichen Ying, left with quick strides.

Very shortly, the furious roars of a magical beast and fighting sounds could be heard coming from up ahead.

Su Luo thought about it and then followed after them.

How could Su Luo really stay here and wait to be saved?

If she really didn’t have the strength to defend herself, going there would cause trouble for them. Then, she naturally would listen obediently and wait here for the results, so as not to create difficulties for her own team.

However now, she had a spirit pinball in her hand, a spirit pinball condensed by a peak seventh rank expert before death with astonishingly formidable power. Very likely, its strength was even greater than Nangong Liuyun’s.

If it was like this, how could she obediently and foolishly stay in the original place while letting her companions go risk life and limb on her behalf?

Su Luo used her hand to tightly grip onto that spirit pinball. Exhibiting her spirit dance steps, she quietly swept towards the place up front.

Since obtaining the Liu family’s spirit dance steps, nobody in Liu family could cultivate it, on the contrary, Su Luo conveniently got it cheaply. If Liu family’s Elder Ancestor found out, maybe he would be infuriated to the point of vomiting out blood again.

Not very long later, Su Luo arrived at the place where both parties were fighting.

This was not like the narrow passageway from before, rather, it was nearly a hundred square meters of open space. The lighting all around was very bright.

Fighting against Nangong Liuyun’s group was a fierce, black-colored tiger.

The fierce black tiger looked exceptionally ferocious. Its hair was suffused with a faint luster with a malevolent appearance, its front fangs were sharp, and that robust, powerful body, at one glance, you could tell it was full of attack power.

Nangong Liuyun and them stood separately in each of the four directions, forming a square shape. They simply besieged it while it was standing in the middle.

Nangong Liuyun was the main fighter with the most laborious task of attracting all of the black fierce tiger’s hatred, which was part of an obvious plan. He received all of its attacks.

Matching up to an eighth rank magical beast, the him at seventh rank actually wasn’t even a bit frantic. The techniques he used were steady and firm, he continued throwing moves at it non-stop.

The three of them including Beichen Ying, constantly mounted sneak attacks on the black fierce tiger. They were using assassination technique, attempting to cause it a fatal injury stealthily.

Both sides fought very fiercely and bitterly, as if depending on a lottery ticket, all except for Nangong Liuyun that is.

Beichen Ying was even more miserable, it seemed as if the fierce black tiger had fixed its attention on him. Even though he ran away very quickly, the clothing on his body was nearly torn to shreds by the fierce tiger’s sharp claws. Only a few strands of tattered clothing hung on his body, making him look more bedraggled than a beggar.

His flawless cheeks also had a few lines of blood from being torn by those sharp claws. It looked terribly sinister.

The fierce black tiger was not a fool, very quickly, it was able to see through Nangong Liuyun’s strategy. It took the risk of being stabbed and kicked its leg to the left, towards Lan Xuan, kicking him ruthlessly into the wall. Then, it stuck close to the wall and jumped to the floor.

Lan Xuan covered his chest and repeatedly coughed. He couldn’t suppress it and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood, only then did his vigor slowly return.

After the fierce black tiger kick Lan Xuan away, again it slapped its paw towards Beichen Ying on its right.

With regards to these few little fleas that constantly jumped up and down, the fierce black tiger felt it was pestered beyond endurance. First, it should get rid of these creatures,then concentrate its mind on the opponent that was most difficult to deal with.

That huge claw gave off formidable power, carrying with it an inexhaustible strength.

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