DKC – Chapter 404

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Chapter 404 – Amethyst Fish Palace (26)

The little purple fish, not without some scorn, swept a glance at Su Luo, and in passing, pointed to the road in the middle, that was to say, the fifth path: “Naturally it’s there, does it even need to be said?”

Okay, the Su Luo being looked down upon opened her eyes. Her gaze encountered a group of male eyes that were full of hope.

Su Luo lifted her hand very much like a queen: “Follow me!”

Consequently, a party of four youngsters, every one of them young masters from influential aristocratic families, where if their names were spoken outside could make the ground of Eastern Ling Empire shake three times. All of them now, in a humble little brother manner, slavishly followed behind Su Luo, giving a ‘yes Ma’am’ following blindly appearance.

Beichen Ying very quickly moved closer: “Sister-in-law, was this Amethyst Crystal Fish really found by you?”

“Then who else?” Su Luo irritatedly looked at him once.

“How did you finally find it?” Beichen Ying was extremely curious.

They rushed ahead so fast, everyone of them had gotten hold of a good room, so why didn’t they get as good a treatment as her?

Su Luo’s explanation, in his ears, made him even more depressed.

“Just like that we walked in and got it.” Su Luo very innocently said: “Oh, that’s right, at that time, the Jade Lake’s Fairy was just dithering in front of the door. After she abandoned it, then we were able to enter that room.”

Beichen Ying felt somewhat dizzy for a moment.

This luck was great to what extent, that she could snatch the treasure from the hand of a rival in love without batting an eyelid?

“Then, after going in, just what magical beast hindered the path?” Beichen Ying somewhat curiously asked.

His luck was really surprisingly different.

At that time when he entered, there was a sabertooth tiger guarding the door. The deeper he went, the more sabertooth tigers there were. If it weren’t for his martial arts being tolerable enough that he could get by, very likely today, he would be finished in there. In addition, the even more miserable thing was, not to speak of treasures, he didn’t even get a hair.

Lan Xuan standing on the side fiercely nodded his head, and with a pitiful appearance: “The magical beast guarding the Amethyst Crystal Fish ought to be very terrible right?”

The stone room he entered was a little better than the one Little Shadow entered. At least, there was some broken copper and scrap iron. However, the magical beasts could be counted in piles. Killing them took him more than ten trips of going back and forth before he was able to clean up all the monsters. Thus, he was able to protect his life to come out.

Su Luo’s expression was somewhat innocent: “Magical beasts? What magical beasts? We simply did not see even a hair of a magical beast. Nangong, what do you say?”

Finished, Su Luo very kind-heartedly sought confirmation from Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun raised an eyebrow and smiled: “Silly girl, before they were running that fast, it was because they wanted to find a few magical beasts to temper their skills.”

So it turned out to be like that.

Su Luo very obediently nodded her head and said to Beichen Ying. “Following along this walk with us, it is unlikely to come across any magical beasts. However, if you still want to temper your skills, then change to another road, okay?”

Beichen Ying wanted to cry but had no tears.

Why would he want to temper his skills? Those magical beasts were all very awe-inspiring, okay?

Beichen Ying pulled at Su Luo’s sleeves: “Sister-in-law, don’t abandon me…”

Nangong Liuyun picked him up, throwing him aside just like tossing a cleaning rag: “Move a little further away.”

“Why!” Being cast aside, Beichen Ying expressed was very unconvinced.

“The air you spit out is too smelly, it will fumigate my family’s little Luo Luo too much.” Nangong Liuyun randomly found a reason to fob him off.

Beichen Ying pointed at Nangong Liuyun, practically glaring at him somewhat speechlessly!


A man caught in the snare of love was simply too shameless! With the opposite sex, he didn’t even have any humanity left!

Nangong Liuyun didn’t even pay any goddamn attention to him, he only enquired after little Luo Luo’s well-being and a bunch of other nonsense. This kind of disparity in treatment, seeing it simply made Beichen Ying jealous to death.

Su Luo rolled her eyes at Nangong: “We have arrived at the place, prepare to fight.”

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