DKC – Chapter 403

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Chapter 403 – Amethyst Fish Palace (25)

“It can’t be the real Amethyst Crystal Fish!” Lan Xuan also came over immediately after, with a mystified expression across his entire face.

“This…seems to be the real Amethyst Crystal Fish.” Anye Ming examined it for quite a while, before unhurriedly arriving at a conclusion. Afterwards, he looked at Su Luo with a complex expression.

“What ‘seems like it’? Of course it is the real one.” Nangong Liuyun cast them a glance, showing his dissatisfaction with their doubt.

It seemed as if Beichen Ying thought of something, immediately, he was extremely happy: “Well, as it turns out, you already knew earlier that the real Amethyst Crystal Fish was in sister-in-law’s hands. Therefore, secure in your knowledge, you then went to extort the crown prince, isn’t it so?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Nangong Liuyun calmly and as if it should rightfully be so, raised an eyebrow.

“The two of you…” Beichen Ying, full of a righteous sense of justice, criticized: “One used Amethyst Thorned fish to defraud one thousand five hundred green-colored crystals stones from the crown prince before, and the other one used the Amethyst Crystal Fish to defraud another one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones from the crown prince. You guys, you guys are still really… if not from the same family, then won’t enter the same family’s door (1). A match made in heaven and truly a pair of super two-faced people!”

Nangong Liuyun expressed that Beichen Ying’s last sentence touched deeply his desires, therefore, with regards to his criticism, he accepted all of it. He also satisfiedly nodded his head: “What you said is very good.”

Lan Xuan again moved closer with misgivings across his entire face: “But how could the Amethyst Crystal Fish be in sister-in-law’s hands? Weren’t all the good stone rooms snatched away by everyone else? Weren’t you guys the last ones to arrive?”

Beichen Ying, Anye Ming, one by one, also expressed their puzzlement.

Nangong Liuyun, with one hand hugging Su Luo’s slender shoulder, raised an eyebrow with self-satisfaction: “Again, so what?”

‘Again, so what?’ Beichen Ying stammered while saying: “That means it was practically impossible for you guys to obtain the Amethyst Crystal Fish ah——”From previous years, the good room numbers were all written down by everyone ah.

Nangong Liuyun faintly smiled, pointed to Su Luo: “Impossible or not, ask my family’s little Luo Luo.”

“Hiss——” Beichen Ying, the three of them, inhaled a breath of cold air: “This Amethyst Crystal Fish…was obtained by sister-in-law?”

Nangong Liuyun was more proud than if he had gotten it himself. Very smugly, he raised his chin to croon: “That is only natural, also not seeing whose it is.”

Su Luo crossly rolled her eyes at him: “Regardless of whose it is, it is still not your family’s wife.”

Beichen Ying and the three of them, with a ‘pfft’ sound, let out their laughter.

Nangong Liuyun peevishly pinched the tip of Su Luo’s nose: “This girl, will anything happen if you don’t undermine me? Just like this, won’t give this king some face.”

Beichen Ying and the three of them really held Su Luo in esteem, simply admiring her to the point of prostrating themselves in adulation.

Like Nangong, this kind of man, there were a countless number of women who, after bathing clean, would line up waiting to sleep with him. Whatever looks he wanted in a woman, how could he not have?

However, contrary to reason, he just hanged himself on Su Luo’s tree to die, and not only was he perfectly happy to do so, he was still complacent about it.

Really didn’t know what to say to him that would be good. This really made them, his childhood friends, fume with rage between gritted teeth.

Su Luo pushed Nangong Liuyun away: “Don’t disturb me, I’m doing something serious here.”

Once this was said, everyone became silent. With a burning pair of eyes, they stared at that little purple fish in Su Luo’s palm. They were waiting for it to tell them the correct path to take.

Su Luo closed her pair of eyes tightly, and carefully placated the purple fish full of spirit.

The little purple fish seemed to have been lonely for a long time, with great difficulty, a master with an aura that it was very fond of appeared, and suddenly, it was extremely excited. It talked non-stop…

Su Luo’s mind was forced to accept innumerable bits of information, a lot of it was very ancient news….

All the information spun around making her dizzy, it was quite a while before the excited little purple fish stopped. In the moment it took a break, Su Luo took advantage of the gap to ask which path they ought to take.



1) If not from the same family, then won’t enter the same family’s door: This is an Chinese idiom that is used to describe a pair of very compatible couples. A similar but more general English saying is that birds of a feather flock together.

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