DKC – Chapter 232

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Chapter 232 – Speechless on the spot (5)

What was he doing following after her here?

Was he still thinking to forcefully buy the cyan-colored crystal stone from her hand? Su Luo thought about it and shook her head in denial. At least within the Chen residence, Liu Chengfeng wouldn’t dare to brazenly mess around.

Then, what was his purpose in following her now?

Su Luo’s gaze swept towards the little divine dragon who was rolling and bouncing around on top of the source stones. Suddenly, her gaze turned to frost, that’s right, he might have guessed at a clue and ran over to add more pressure to her. Since it was like this, then wouldn’t it be better to…

Su Luo’s mouth evoked into a sinister sneer: Liu Chengfeng, ah, Liu Chengfeng, since you were unwilling to give up and still wanted to play, then this Miss will toy with you to death.

Su Luo feigned a very serious examining manner. She looked at the source stone that weighed over hundreds of kilograms in front of her inch by inch. Then, she rubbed and tapped it, suddenly, a happy surprised look appeared on her face.

However, it seemed as if she was also afraid of people seeing her expression, so she exerted her will to purse her lips instead. It looked as if she was trying to control her own excited expression.

After a moment, she furtively lifted her head and her eyes circled around. After she found that nobody took notice of her, she then softly released a breath.

The scenario mentioned above, all of it entered Liu Chengfeng’s gaze.

Su Luo took out an ink stick and was just about to write on top of the source stone. However all of a sudden, a hand extended over from the side. Quickly, he wrote down his last name on that over hundreds of kilograms source stone.

Old Chen’s rule was that whoever wrote their name first on top of the source stone, that source stone would then belong to that person.

Su Luo turned her head and looked. She discovered that the person who came was actually Liu Chengfeng. She couldn’t help being agitated and indignantly roared: “What’s the matter with you? Where did you come from? It was obviously me who settled on this one first. When other people look at stone materials, bystanders are not allowed to interfere. Such a simple rule and you couldn’t even understand?”

Who knew, Liu Chengfeng only swept her a cold and quick glance then arrogantly said: “This source stone, this lord had already settled on it earlier. Only due to urgently leaving to cut stones, that’s why it was temporarily set aside. As to saying who was earlier, then I was also before you.

“You——” Su Luo seemed to have not been very lightly angered. Her little face was flushed from anger, with an attitude of itching to rush over to choke the opponent to death.

“ ‘You’, what ‘you’? If you have the ability, then you should have acted faster. Your actions were so slow, who are you trying to blame?” Liu Chengfeng contemptibly rolled his eyes at Su Luo. He only excitedly directed his lackeys to carry away that source stone.

“Good, good, good, I’ll let you have this lump of stone. However, you can clearly see that this lump of source stone is three thousand gold coins. Don’t you regret it!” Su Luo seemed to be very indignant. She stomped her feet and very unhappily walked away.

Three thousand gold coins? Only now had Liu Chengfeng clearly seen the marked price on top, suddenly, he felt his heart jump.

Such an expensive source stone?

However, it didn’t matter, since that loathsome girl wanted to buy this source stone so badly, then that proved that a crystal stone was inside this source stone. It was surely like this! That loathsome girl must be bluffing, she probably wanted him to transfer the source stone to her.

Liu Chengfeng only coldly snorted. He wasn’t going to fall for it.

After that.

Su Luo concentrated her attention as before, she carefully and meticulously tapped the stones. Afterwards, every time when she was just about to choose a stone, Liu Chengfeng would seize the opportunity and snatch it away.

Finally, Su Luo exploded in anger: “Liu Chengfeng, what is the meaning of this?!”

Liu Chengfeng triumphantly said: “These source stones are not your family’s. If this lord wants to buy, he will buy. What does it have to do with you?”

“Okay, okay, okay! Then you can buy all of these, hope you don’t go bankrupt!” Su Luo panted with rage and stomped her feet.

Seeing Su Luo was infuriated until she was hopping mad, Liu Chengfeng’s mood increasingly soared up. What if inside those source stones there were no crystal stones? If that were so, how could this loathsome girl be infuriated to this point. It was obvious that this loathsome girl was flying into a rage out of humiliation.

Liu Chengfeng calmly waved his fan and blindly followed Su Luo’s actions behind her back.

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