DKC – Chapter 224

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Chapter 224 – Playing tricks on the pretty-­­boy (12)

However, taking into consideration of his instinct for security; his little paws had tightly grabbed onto Su Luo’s lapel, afraid of being discarded.

“Your little puppy actually seems pretty good.” Liu Chengfeng discarded that useless source stone, he was not going to cut anymore. With both hands behind his back, he leisurely walked over to Su Luo’s side. He arrogantly looked down while sizing up the little divine dragon in her lap, “Tell me, how much is this little thing, this lord wants to buy it.”

Wanted to buy the little divine dragon? The corner of Su Luo’s mouth slowly split at the seams into an arc. She shot a pondering gaze at Liu Chengfeng.

Was the little divine dragon something a person who wanted to buy could buy ah? I’m afraid that even if the Prime Minister worked for one hundred lifetimes as a Prime Minister, he still wouldn’t be able to collect enough money to buy a single hair on the little divine dragon.

Su Luo lightly said: “Not selling.”

“Loathsome girl! Our family’s young master wanting to buy your puppy is considered him favoring you! How dare you fail to appreciate his kindness!” Didn’t know from where that doglike lackey came out once again. He arrogantly pointed at Su Luo’s nose and cursed.

All of a sudden, white-colored rays of light appeared in front of their eyes, then a bloody mist sprayed out——

“Ahhh——!!!” That doglike lakey saw his own right hand neatly severed at the wrist, at the moment, he still hadn’t reacted to it. As soon as his reaction caught up. the pain immediately made him screech out loud like a slaughtered pig. His pain made him run around the courtyard haphazardly.

“You, you, you——”Liu Chengfeng didn’t expect that this loathsome girl would be this vicious. Before she even said anything, she would strike and had already attacked. He loudly roared with anger, saying: “How can a woman like you be so malicious! Too vile!”

“What? Young master Liu also wants this miss to cut off his repulsive tongue?” Su Luo unhurriedly gestured towards the dagger covered in dripping blood. She shot Liu Chengfeng an indifferent glance.

This woman…Liu Chengfeng’s heart trembled a little, but his face had an expression of enduring this while he angrily said: “Since you know who I am, then very good. You dared to injure someone from the Liu family, then wait for the Liu family’s retaliation! People from the Liu family will absolutely not be bullied like this in vain!”

Su Luo looked down at him and smiled: “You keep saying using the Liu family name to retaliate. Liu Chengfeng, are you still a little kid who would go home to ask the older generation for help?”

She actually dared to look down on him! Liu Chengfeng was almost choked half to death by Su Luo’s last half of her sentence. He furiously said: “Good, very good, you are very good! If you have the guts, then report your real name!”

When Su Luo came to the raw materials marketplace, she was afraid of things that would emerge that she couldn’t gain control of. Therefore, she intentionally made over herself to look only thirty percent like her real appearance. It was assured that even if Su Xi stood in front of her, she may not necessarily recognize her.

She currently came here concealing her real appearance, why would she report her real name? Was this Liu Chengfeng’s brain burned until he was confused?

Just at this moment suddenly, the little divine dragon in Su Luo’s lap woke up.

He opened his misty eyes, those sleepy eyes drowsily looked at Su Luo. His right little paw was rubbing at his eye socket. That face had am innocent and bewildered expression which was really too adorable for people to ignore.

Su Luo, when faced with his expression, her heart immediately went soft. Such an adorable little thing, really didn’t want him to grow up.

Liu Chengfeng saw that Su Luo’s attention was now attracted to the puppy, completely ignoring the Prime Minister’s son in front of her. Suddenly, he flew into a rage over this humiliation. His hand grabbed towards the little divine dragon and coldly said: “Since it’s like this, then this puppy will be considered your offer of apology. Now, he belongs to me!”


Tired of living?

Before Su Luo could take action, one could only see the hand reaching towards the little divine dragon suddenly blow out a bloody mist. Afterwards, were the desperate cries of an utterly discomfited Liu Chengfeng: “Aaahhhhhh——”

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