DKC – Chapter 168

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Chapter 168 – The final craziness (10)

“Doesn’t the third Miss know martial arts? Why is she still in there?” The fire inside wasn’t that huge, why was it that the third Miss still hadn’t come out? Captain Li felt this was incomprehensible.

“I don’t know, anyway, there’s no time to deal with such matters, hurry and go save her!” La Mei was so worried that both of her eyes were red.

If something were to happen to the third Miss and nothing had happened to the servants; the Great General would definitely use military punishment to beat them to death.

Yet, at this moment inside the bedroom, it was a tangled and rushed mess.

Because the large fire burned away traces of the toxic sleeping gas, therefore Su Wan very quickly awoke from the drug’s effect. She discovered that her entire body ached. It was so painful that she almost cried out.

She bitterly laughed secretly in her heart. She never thought that she could have such an erotic dream. Moreover, such a domineering erotic dream.

However, the subsequent rubbing movement thoroughly sobered her up.

Afterwards. she abruptly became clear-headed!

This was not a dream, but was reality. Moreover, it was still taking place!

“Ahhh——” Su Wan suddenly shrieked loudly. She immediately smashed her fist towards the black-clothed man.

The black-clothed man had temporarily lowered his guard and was pounded until his head bleed. Because of this, he also became clear-headed in an instant.

Su Wan and the black-clothed man looked at each other in dismay.

This was not the first time they had met, so with just a glance, they recognized each other.


“You, you, you, why is it that you are here?” Both of Su Wan’s hands covered her chest, wanting to wail loudly. She wanted to scream loudly at the sky, but discovered that apart from leaking out a line of tears, she could do nothing else.

The her right now had lost her head from fear, almost to the point of falling apart.

She, she actually….Oh heavens! Who could come and tell her, what kind of situation was this? How could it turn out like this!

The black-clothed man’s mind slowly recalled the scenes starting from last night.

He took on the task to harm Su Manor’s fourth Miss, but who would have thought that he would be captured by her. Afterwards….what happened afterwards?

Just when the black-clothed man was holding his head in pain trying to remember, Su Wan severely swung at him with the palm of her hand. “You idiot! Bastard! Hoodlum! I spent money for you to rape Su Luo, why did you come and find me!? I already told you I am the Su family’s third Miss, the third Miss!”

Su Wan was about to collapse and was on the verge of passing out.

The black-clothed man originally thought to retort back, but he discovered that it was best he didn’t retort back….

At the doorway, when everyone heard Su Wan’s sharp cries of fear, they were all terrified until their complexion went pale.

La Mei’s shouting and continuous banging on the door became even more urgent. “Miss! Miss! Are you alright? Quickly come out!”

Patrol Captain Li used his body to bang against the door unceasingly.

The not-so-solid door issued a sound of being rammed. Tottering on the verge of collapse, it was as if in the next second, it would broke apart from the ramming.

A trace of terror flashed across Su Wan’s heart. She was itching to choke the black-clothed man to death, but right now…

Su Wan saw the continuously spreading fire. A thread of alarm flashed across her head and she loudly yelled. “Quickly get out. You, quickly get the f*ck out! Run for it!”

If the people knocked down the door, came in and saw them like this, then the consequences… Just thinking about it, Su Wan became extremely dismayed.

“But…” The black-clothed man saw the scarlet fingernail scratches left on his naked body and also became anxious immediately afterwards.

“Where’re the clothes!” Su Wan anxiously shouted. However, no matter how much she looked, even when she checked under the bed, she still couldn’t find a single stitch of clothing.

Moreover, the matter more insulting than there being no clothes, was that she couldn’t even find any embroidered bed sheets!

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