DKC – Chapter 157

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Chapter 157 – Secrets revealed (9)

After much deliberation, Su Wan eventually decided to trust Liu Ruohua. She firmly believed that Su Luo was just lucky. She must have came back during the short time when Su Wan went looking for Su Zian. Then she pretended that she had been in the room copying the sacred sculptures.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose with ice-cold murderous intent.

Liu Ruohua, apparently you had not died? Once you returned to the capital you actually dared to gossip? It seems that last time I didn’t kill you really let you off cheaply.

Right now Su Zian’s trust already started to lean towards Su Luo. He glared at Su Wan and furiously with a cold, severe tone said. “Preposterous! Other people may not know, but how could you not know about your little sister’s broken body? Yet this is the type of lie you dare to even speak; it seems like the servant girl’s words were right. You deliberately directed this against your little fourth sister.”

Su Luo appeared as if having been wronged, both eyes were hazed over with a watery mist, seemingly lovely and pitiful. “Third older sister, why are you acting this way against me? This way, how would it benefit you? If you were to say I had offended the Jade Lake’s Fairy. Then, then go invite the Jade Lake’s Fairy over. You could then ask her, if I Su Luo did anything to offend her. No, you should actually ask the Jade Lake’s Fairy if she has ever even seen me, Su Luo.”

Su Luo’s open and candid appearance faced her opposition.

That is because Su Luo understands, based on Su Wan’s status, how could she be capable of inviting the Jade Lake’s Fairy to come?

Su Wan was so furious that her eyes almost rolled out. “Is the Jade Lake’s Fairy someone you want to see can see?! Who knows where she is right now?!”

Su Luo with a deadpan tone smoothly added. “Since the Jade Lake’s Fairy is not someone that we are able to see, first not mentioning me being locked in, even considering just my status and aptitude, where could I have seen her? And how could I have offended her?”

“You——” Su Wan was trapped by her own words and was interrogated by Su Luo until even a hundred mouths would not be able to dispute what had been said.

Yes, since the Jade Lake’s Fairy was not someone who could merely be seen on a whim, then based on Su Luo’s qualifications and status, how could she even see the Jade Lake’s Fairy. And then how could she have offended her? Su Zian’s mind was increasingly at ease and believed that Su Luo was innocent. He also felt that Su Wan was causing trouble without reason.

Fortunately Su Wan’s mind was not stupid. She rapidly recalled what Liu Ruohua said. In the end at this time she would not needlessly conceal anything. She coldly smiled. “Naturally you would not see her, but with His Highness Prince Jin present then naturally you would have seen the Jade Lake’s Fairy!”

“How did this even get linked with His Highness Prince Jin?” Su Zian’s brows knotted.

First it was the Jade Lake’s Fairy; now it was His Highness Prince Jin. These people were all huge Buddha-like figures and his tiny little general’s manor simply could not afford to offend any of them.

“Daddy you ask her. You ask her if she went to the Sunset Mountain Range with His Highness Prince Jin? Humph, Su Luo don’t even think about denying, Liu Ruohua actually saw everything.”

Su Zian’s expression fluctuated, and he bewilderedly looked at Su Luo. Even if it was hard to believe, however…. if it was real…

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into a faint smile. her eyes were as clear and peaceful as the wind. “ His Highness Prince Jin? Ha, ha, third elder sister, honorable father. What kind of person is His Highness Prince Jin? He is an immortal being from the ninth layer of heavens, incomparably noble. One glance of him from the common people makes them feel as if they had committed blasphemy. Do you guys really think that he would fancy me a good-for-nothing idiot?”

Even though what Su Luo said were the facts, however Su Wan still firmly refuted. “Probably…probably because His Highness Prince Jin suddenly was in a good mood?”

“Okay, His Highness Prince Jin was in a good mood, let’s assume that was the case. In that case, may I ask how could I have made a trip from here to Sunset Mountain Range and back in a period of only one month?”

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