DKC – Chapter 156

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Chapter 156 – Secrets revealed (8)

Su Luo lifted her eyes up and looked at them. She then put down her brush and got up.

Su Zian’s complexion in a split second became unsightly. His cold gaze swept past Su Wan in a quick glance. He turned his head toward Su Luo, frowned, and then opened his mouth to speak. “These last few days, you have remained here, never leaving once?”

Su Luo’s expression was composed. Without any indignation or heat she faced her father and with a rather puzzled expression said. “Daddy, wasn’t it you who commanded that this daughter was forbidden to go out? How could this daughter go anywhere?”’

Such a simple sentence, but it caused Su Zian to choke until his complexion changed.

This daughter’s words were ordinary, but why did they feel as sharp as a sword? Moreover, the sentence struck at the most crucial points, cutting people off until they had nothing left to say?

Su Zian felt somewhat awkward.

Right now, Su Wan had landed in a quandary.

Privately in Su Wan’s heart, she had believed Liu Ruohua because Liu Ruohua had no reason to deceive her. Furthermore, Liu Ruohua previously had not known that Su Luo had escaped from her forced confinement. Therefore, Liu Ruohua’s words had a certain amount of authenticity.

However, in actuality, Su Wan had no choice but to suspect that the reason she couldn’t find Su Luo in her courtyard before was because Su Luo and Liu Ruohua had arranged to set her up. They had made her jump into a trap.

Currently, Su Wan’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. It was suddenly bright then dark for a while, it was as if she was unable to make a firm resolution on her feelings.

Su Zian originally had thought that this daughter would say something and save him from embarrassment. However, he had never thought that Su Wan would be so useless. He lightly coughed and deliberately frowned. While staring at Su Luo,he said, “You truly have never left this place?”

“These past days, daughter has continuously copied the sacred scriptures. I have spent countless hours meticulously copying every page. Granted, even if I could go out, this daughter wouldn’t have the time to.” Su Luo said this very innocently, her dark pair of eyes were like limpid, watery mist. She looked at her cheap old man with an expression of having been wronged.

Sure enough, Su Zian was again deceived by such behavior. His expression eased and he asked another question. “What about that Jade Lake’s Fairy? You really have never offended her?”

Su Luo feigned innocence and asked, “The Jade Lake’s Fairy? Did she come to the capital? Such a pity. All along, this daughter had been locked up in her courtyard, couldn’t even take a single step outside. Otherwise, I could have secretly run over catch a glimpse of her. I heard that the Jade Lake’s Fairy is very beautiful!”

“Cough, cough, cough.” Su Zian felt that his face had started to turn red.

Su Luo obviously had never even seen the Jade Lake’s Fairy, how could she offend someone she had never seen? Besides, the Jade Lake’s Fairy was at Sinking Sunset Peak which was hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from here. How could Su Luo in such a short time have run over to see the Jade Lake’s Fairy and then even offend her?

Simply absurd!

That huge pile of sacred scriptures, without a month of two of labor, how could it have been transcribed? Look at this girl, she had even lost some weight.

His thinking had been too muddled. He had actually one-sidedly believed only Su Wan’s words and in a rage had run over to interrogate Su Luo.

Once he recalled this, Su Zian felt an unprecedented shame towards Su Luo. In contrast, he felt an unprecedented disgust in regards to Su Wan. This Su Wan, recently she had become more and more outrageous. It seemed that letting her out of her courtyard had been the wrong decision.

“That being so…” Su Zian just wanted to let this spectacle pass and pretend as if it had never happened.

However, how could Su Wan let Su Luo go. “Father, where there’s smoke, there’s fire! This daughter is telling the truth. This news was not relayed to this daughter by a stranger, but by Prime Minister Liu’s family’s third Miss Liu Ruohua. From her own mouth, this daughter heard that Liu Ruohua came across fourth younger sister at the Sunset Mountain Range!”

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