DKC – Chapter 1524

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Chapter 1524 – The last battle (4)

Of course it looked as if Li Aoqiong had seen a ghost!

How could he have imagined, his pure as jade, saint like woman, pure and spotless younger sister was actually laying on the broad street, stark naked. Letting any passerby, rogue and bully to point at her.

Just now, he had spit out a thick spittle ah!

Li Aoqiong’s heart was lifted up by an inexhaustible amount of rage. If he was to vent his rage now, then he would definitely completely behead everyone at the scene.

“Eldest Young Master?” The subordinate saw Li Aoqiong standing there, staring blankly and shuddering from head to toe. Each and every one of them looked at each other, what was going on?

At this moment, Li Aoqiong’s mind was completely empty, it was quite a while before he gradually returned to his senses.

“Whose family’s miss is this ah? In broad daylight, lying stark naked on the broad street. What does she want to do ah?”

“Who knows? Look at her body and appearance, last night she must have battled very fiercely. Hehehe.” This person gave a vulgar laughter.

“Huh, are my eyes mistaken? There are words on that dudou!” This person was nicely surprised.

“Let me look, the words on this dudou.” This person stroked his chin, saying he wanted to look at the words, in fact, he really wanted to take the opportunity to lift up the dudou. Let everyone have a look at how beautiful of a face that such a delicate jade like body belonged to.

If they knew that the miss in front of their eyes whose jade like body laid in disarray was the Jade Lake’s fairy they had worshipped as a goddess before, maybe they would all go insane.

Gold thread was used to embroider on the scarlet dudou. It was dazzling under the bright sunlight, giving off bright rays of light.

Watching as this person’s hand was about to touch Li Yaoyao’s face.

At this moment, Li Yaoyao’s whole person was scared stupid.

She simply didn’t even dare to move, she was stiff from head to toe like the preoccupied elm tree.

She was frantically crying in her heart, hating, feeling sick, but the her in reality didn’t have an inch of clothing. Her body was a mess, with a countless number of people standing around looking at her. Recalling last night’s, that extremely ugly and dirty face, Li Yaoyao really wanted to vomit!

What to do? If the dudou was lifted up, everyone would see this face of hers…At this moment, Li Yaoyao wished she could rush against a stone and kill herself on the spot.

Just at this moment a long arm reached out, and lifted up that vulgar male who was approaching Li Yaoyao. With a toss in passing, it tossed that person heavily onto a roof far away. Soon after, that person tumbled to the ground.

That person passed out from the pain.

However, before he fainted, three shining words were engraved in his mind: Li Yaoyao.

Li Aoqiong’s face was taut like condensed frost. His expression was cold, ruthless and overcast.

His arm moved and he had already taken off his outer robe.

Li Aoqiong endured the rage and humiliation in his heart and directly enveloped Li Yaoyao’s body in that robe. At the same time, he glowered until his eyes were round and ordered his subordinates: “Don’t obstruct public morals, take her away!”

At this moment, Li Aoqiong took on the role of a policeman.

“Then… not going to look for Eldest Miss?” This subordinate was still confused, actually daring to ask this now, based on an old script.

Li Aoqiong swiped a glance at him, that gaze was extremely sharp, like an unsheathed cold sword shining with cold light.

“You dare to defy orders?” Li Aoqiong lifted up this still confused subordinate by the sleeves. His appearance was malevolent like a ferocious beast that was about to act out violently!

Everyone didn’t understand why Eldest Young Master’s appearance would be ashen in a split second. Or why his attitude would chance so much in an instant.

“No, don’t dare….” That subordinate was simply scared stiff by Li Aoqiong’s murderous gaze. He foolishly shook his head, then shook his head.

“Get lost!” Li Aoqiong very fiercely and heavily tossed him to the ground.


Author’s note:

Everyone must feel that this treatment was too cruel to Li Yaoyao right? Did you all forget that if it weren’t for Luo Luo’s good luck, she would have died a hundred times already alright? You guys are really kind-hearted young ladies ah. Then should I change it?

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  1. eruel says:

    Thanks for your hardwork!!

  2. MarkofWisdom says:

    So did the underlings recognize her or not? I had thought the dudou flipped up or was removed and that’s how the Li guy recognized her, and the underlings were the same. The rumors will definitely spread from that guy who was thrown

  3. Belkar says:

    Thank you!

  4. its not cruel enough

  5. Maki says:

    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. k1ru says:

    No don’t change it. While I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy, doesn’t mean that Lu girl wouldn’t. And .. Li Yaoyao still hadn’t stopped her campaign against our Lu Lu … Thank you for the hard work!

  7. eclechan says:

    Umu autor, no le deseo tal cosa a mi peor enemigo…. solo que debiste de dejar primero que su hermano mayor terminara, luego las chicas la encontrarían y la tirarian a la calle, sin que ella se enterara de la identidad de ellas, así… odiaría a su hermano mayor por lo primero y por lo segundo también, oh eso es tan cruel de mi parte… aunque habría pedido una muerte dolorosa por veneno antes que esto.

  8. asuraofsnow says:

    say what?!!!!! ever heard you got to be greater than the haters. even if I f****** hate my mortal enemy. I would feel DISGRACE if they fell that low.

    at least let a normal man do her. Hell I am even fine if a bulldog do her.

    • Shanzu says:

      Mhm I was fine with her Senior Brother, since she was throwing herself at him anyway, what did she expect 😛 But a disgusting beggar was too much.

  9. Still says:

    Whether a person is wrong or right, good or evil, this person doesn’t not deserve to be raped.

  10. Justthis says:

    Who in hell thought this is too cold a treatment for LYY? Lol I’d even say this was too light. Then again Su Luo is right, if they killed her they’d be in trouble. I’m just gonna wait till when DFX is killed and the hope LYY is also killed because this one villain has been dragging on for much too long.

  11. Crissy says:

    No. Don’t change. Thank you!

  12. stc says:

    While I don’t agree with what they did. I mostly just made such comments for talking pieces. They’re fictional characters so what happens to them hurts no one drastically in real life. I wouldn’t want to see the content of the story changed. At the most a warning for the more sensitive. Too be honest I just felt it was overkill to let her get raped and then still plan to kill her.

  13. Kia says:

    nope dont change it! i was mad a little stone for interrupting it before, this made her suffer much more which is ok with me

  14. Shadow says:

    She deserves more cruel punishment like hanging her at a street then let anyone **** her!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    She deserves everything and more for bieng arrogant and stupid.she thinks she can use everyone around her and get always with it

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